Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ckparis, selphyl the vampire filler and dr. julio gallo interview

back in 1513, ponce de leon was busy searching for the fountain of youth in st. augustine, florida.
since then, people have been researching how to reverse aging without having to drink a magic elixir.

ok, now enter the willing suspension of disbelief...
there is lots of literature and media about how
vampires do not age and how they "survive" on blood.
what if you could use your own blood to correct damage caused to the skin by aging and/or acne?
what if you could inject your own platelet rich plasma into your skin and have it create new collagen?

welcome to 2010, you can do just that.
selphyl. the real true blood cure.

fillers of various artificial substances have been around for years to treat wrinkles, scarring and the general effects caused by aging skin.

the concept of injecting the body with one's own blood platelets has been done for years to promote healing in the case of injuries.

what if there was a way you could "trick" your own body into creating new collagen
as a way to eliminate the effects of aging on the skin?
there is...

selphyl is a natural alternative to fillers like juvederm, restylane, perlane, radiesse, hydrelle or the latest synthentic filler du jour.

i love reading the european fashion magazines in english and french because europe gets stuff so much quicker than the U.S.
when i first read about selphyl, i immediately asked dr. gallo if there was any truth to your own blood platelets being used in place of synthetic fillers.
i quickly found out that dr. gallo was one of the very few doctors in the U.S. who was doing the procedure.

dr. julio gallo, md, facs, is the medical director of the miami institute located in the four seasons building on brickell avenue in miami. is one of the very first doctors in the U.S. to administer selphyl.

The following is my interview with Dr. Julio Gallo, MD FACS about Selphyl

CKPARIS: Dr. Gallo, what is Selphyl?

JG MD/FACS: Selphyl is a process by which we can harvest and concentrate platelets from your own blood. The platelet rich plasma is then injected into areas of concern in the face. Selphyl is more of a tissue regenerator rather than a filler such as the hyaluronic acids.

CKPARIS: Who is the best candidate for Selphyl?

JG MD/FACS: The best candidate for Selphyl is the 30-60 year old person with wrinkles, folds, volume deficits, perhaps scars and traumatic injuries.

CKPARIS: Is there any down time?

JG MD/FACS: The needle used to inject the Selphyl (platelet rich plasma or "PRP") is very small, but it is still a needle so if it goes through a little vein there can be a bruise. Otherwise, there is no preparation or post procedure care- maybe a little ice/cold compresses the evening of the procedure.

CKPARIS: So, would an out of town patient be able to come see you for a Selphyl treatment during a visit to Miami and still be able to enjoy south florida afterwards?

JG MD/FACS: As long as there is no bruising. If there is bruising, then the patient has to stay out of the sun until it resolves.

CKPARIS: How long lasting are the results?

JG MD/FACS: Still early in the use of PRP for aesthetic reasons, but probably about a year or more.

CKPARIS: Thank you, Dr. Gallo. I will be following up with you in the future. If this stuff really works... wow.

If any of you are serious about Selphyl, call Dr. Gallo and tell him CKPARIS sent you.
Below is the YouTube link to Dr. Gallo's CBS Selphyl presentation.

see you on the astral plane.



Prêt à Porter P said...

sounds interesting....

Belle Du Jour said...

okay, this is so cool! are you going to do it!??! x

chauss said...

stay tuned...

ihaveadog said...

oh sounds very cool and HBO ish can't wait to hear if you go for it!!!

Philippe Öhlund said...

Hmmmm, you surprise me Chauss! :-)

I never thought I would read a post like this one on your blog.

I thought you were only staggering around in your boots and sunglasses in the streets, chewing gums, and spitting at people. :-)


But I hope you will not turn into a vampire - again?

They talked about refills for 1000 bucks in that video...

And I wonder how big the market would be for a fashion blog for high heeled refilled reptilian vampires?


Style Odyssey said...

fascinating. i could be persuaded, at some point, to give it a try.

Philippe Öhlund said...

Dear Chauss,

I read your comment: "I love reading the european fashion magazines in english and french because europe gets stuff so much quicker than the U.S."

I'm absolutely in favor of free trade.

I remember going to the movie theaters in Sweden during the '70s.

Whether it was Star Wars or other films, we had to wait one year, before they came here, after they had had their premiere in the U.S.

We would all win on free trade.

I used to have a small MLM business and over 90 percent of my clients were in the U.S.

Then President Bush changed the laws, and since I was in Europe my downline was deleted.

Most people with small internet businesses in Europe were mad at Bush, because he made us lose money.

I don't like the democrats, but I hate conservative protectionism.

Free trade is a win-win situation for all.

I stay in Sweden over the marriage of Princess Victoria.

The constitutional monarchy is the reason why Sweden is a modern and prosperous country.

It has less to do with if the country is ruled by socialists or conservatives.

If France had remained a monarchy, France and Europe would have been much better off today.

WW1 and WW2 would also have been avoided.

Unfortunately a lot of people out there prefer republics, wars, and misery.

I am delighted to move to France soon, but I will have enormous difficulties to adapt and cope with the republic thing.

I hate all republics and I try to avoid them the best I can.

I remember when I saw the compte of Paris in Avignon many years ago.

How I wish France would become a constitutional monarchy again! :-)

The Swedish King has been King for a long time, just like the Swedish Kings before him.

Carl XVI Gustaf became King of Sweden in 1973 - I was 13 then - and he still rules.

It is only long and stable rulers, who can make their countries united and strong for thousands of years.

America is a great country, but I think all Presidents are ridiculous.

We have Prime Ministers who come and go every 5 - 10 years, but nothing can replace a Royal family, which have ruled for many centuries.

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