Sunday, July 18, 2010

ckparis and vintage chanel avec burberry platforms

hey all, how is your weekend going?
who saw inception?
what's your totem?

moi? paparazzi pix on the 'vator with major yellow hues.
yellow is the third chakra and controls the solar plexus area of your body.
yellow is associated with wisdom, optimism and self confidence.

btw, have you all checked out alcide herveaux on true blood?
watch it tonight.

see you on the astral plane.


Prêt à Porter P said...

Inception was fantastic!

Charleston said...

great x

Albert said...

Nice shot......bangs a bit long. Lol

Albert said...

Looks like an ad for Goldfinger the 007 flick.

Anonymous said...

awesome photo!

Sedamar Esaki said...

Great shot my dear!


william said...

alcide is my absolute fave on true blood. what a man what a man what a man.