Friday, April 8, 2011

ckparis and japan leather bracelet

hey all, what are you doing?
tell me...
spending hours and hours on the third.
getting a turbo education on how to find docs, type, save, save as, etc.
thanks, branden for the fashion related analogies. ;)

anyway, i have on my cort leather japan bracelet.
it is naked leather that will darken with time and wear.
the snap has been painted red to signify japan.
all the profits go the the red cross for japan.
eric heins has already raised $30,000 for japan relief from the sale of these bracelets.
i love the philosophy behind these bracelets:

"As time goes by and the bracelets are worn, the paint will chip and ding away. It's is not only a way for the bracelets to age in an even more unique manner, like the chipping and rusting of an old farm truck, but it signifies the healing of a country that's been torn up beyond words. The hope is that by the time all of the paint has chipped off of every tiny crater of the button, and the leather band has aged to a deep, dark brown, the hands of so many helpers will have helped Japan and its people to the point that they can comfortably live their lives again. It's not meant to be a super emotional, heavy thing- just another way to add significance."
above quoted from cort leather japan journal

btw, just read last day to order these japan bracelets is sunday, april 10 so
order here

see you on the astral plane.


Prêt à Porter P said...

Interesting bracelet.

Anonymous said...

Love this picture! Your hair looks amazing, your nails, the bracelet! I love it all!

Couture Carrie said...

Hi gorgeous!
Love the bracelet!


yiqin; said...

i like your bangles!!