Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ckparis and krelwear miami

  hey all, how are you?
why do i have a such a fascination with having conversations with objects from another world?
hmmmm.... #alien #astral plane #fourth dimension #whatever
i have on a krel quickie couture black (whatothercolor) shredded knit mini skirt and one of my favorite aden gavilane skull pieces in the top pix.
middle pix is le lapin armand. his french mommy, karelle levy, gave me custody of armand who i immediately tricked out with a krelwear bracelet and buttons.
bottom pix is me avec a krelwear custom knit hat chatting up a bodacious model in the krelwear studio on lincoln road.
see you on the astral plane
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xo chauss
p.s you can get your own krelwear quickie couture made this weekend in the hamptons. if you are gonna be on the the east end of long island this weekend, contact me for details.


Habitat Parisien said...

We liked your post a lot!!

ODYSSEY said...

You always post such fun photos!

ihaveadog said...

Great post!! And you look great too!!