Tuesday, April 29, 2008

cupcakes? where are you?

camille's cupcakes...yummy

ok, how do i link to the cupcake pix? i am making progress. please help. chocolate cupcakes...


The Divinitus said...

1. go to cupcakes page,
2. right-click cupcake image to see its 'Properties'
3. click 'Properties', so you will see its url
4. copy the entire url (http://........) - be sure you grabbed all of it, sometimes is very long....

next step:

5. go to your Blogger account as always
6. start new (or modify old) post
7. click "compose" and paste your copied url to "Or add an image from the web" field.


chauss said...

thank you divinitus! i will try this. you are the best!

The Divinitus said...