Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ckparis visits tear in the third dimension and espirito santo

hey all, how is your week going?

moi? yeah.
i am sooooo on my way to the fourth..............
in this pix, i am sitting in the most surreal restaurant. such a hollywood-like set.
the place is really cute and the chalk board has the same nonexistent specials written on them for months now.
i love to order the nonexistent half roast chicken just to have the perplexed waiter repeatedly tell me he doesnt have it today, (or any day) in his pseudo-european accent.
the food presentation is very artistic, but the food has no taste.
very strange.
the place is like a bit of a tear in the third dimension world, but doesn't quite make it to the fourth.
so the end result is this pretty place which could easily be a movie set scene.

i am playing around with my itsumi bag and have on a smoooshy white t in the restaurant pix.

oh, and for your viewing pleasure, i posted a pix of the espirito santo building on brickell ave.
h, did you see this one when you got lost on brickell?

the 'nana republic is just such a surreal place.
and yes, people really did dump carts of ripe bananas on the steps of city hall during the elian fiasco.

see you on the astral plane.


Alicia/InstantVintage said...

Wow. Bananas.

And I don't think I could do pretty food with no taste. =(

Have a great week, lovie.

Oh, and I directed a friend to your blog. He needs a good, positive word in his ear. =)

chauss said...

i was just leaving you a comment on your blog when i saw yours pop up!
love when that stuff happens.
yeah pretty food with no taste sums it up... great people watching and i like see the waiter get alll flustered...
(scorpio in me)

-h said...

so that restaurant is all looks then...
i dont remember if i saw that building. it's possible.

izzy said...

looking good! love the chanel on you, its a softer look :)

matt said...

this is such an awesome post, c!!!

Cruz said...

That restaurant sounds trippy, sometimes nice looking restaurants have shitty food because you pay for the ~atmosphere~. Love the attitude in your photo and cool building.

Sol said...

Thanks chausss :)
That place looks amazing!

chauss said...

h, come back down to the 'nana for coffee avev moi. :)

izzy, how was europe???

matt, where have you been hiding? i miss you!

cruz, i am the 'tude chic. :)

sol, so nice to hear from you.

May Kasahara said...

why do you always have the BEST white tees.

Ms. Butta-fly said...

hiya Chauss? How is everything with you? Thought I'd drop in check you out, the I saw the lovely Chanel bag. MMMMMM

Philippe Ohlund said...

I love your hat, Chauss! :-)

I'm busy moving in, registering etc, although I always have been a Swedish citizen.

I have to wait for another 10 days before I am registered in Sweden, to get my internet connection, TV cable, phones etc.

I would like to keep the same phone number locally, whether I live in Sweden, Belgium, France, Greece, or the U.S.

And why should I have all these different social security numbers?

I want to be able to use the same social security number, bank account number, phone number etc. whether I live in Sweden, Belgium, France, Greece, or in the U.S.

They should privatize the world!

Lara Natascha said...

love the bag <3

exchange links?

Michelle Yue said...

your bag is gorgeous. I'm sure everyone agrees with me when I say few women do not covet your wardrobe!