Monday, August 9, 2010

ckparis and vintage chanel 2.55

hello people.
how are you all doing?

in febuary 1955, coco chanel introduced the 2.55 bag.
the 2.55 has become a classic staple in the house of chanel.
coco was said to have included the inside pocket with a zipper to store love letters
and the outside pocket to be used for money.
the 2.55 has a double flap. the inside flap is embossed with double cc's
and closes with a snap. the outside flap closes with a turn lock clasp with cc's.

my vintage 2.55 is dark navy blue and was made in france.
the serial numbers place the bag from the very early 80's.
it's just mussed up enough not to look pristine.

see you on the astral plane.


Style Odyssey said...

gorgeous!! i was also admiring your blue nail polish: yummy.
i know exactly where you are in these pics, too! :)

Nita-Karoliina said...

your boots caught my eye! nice!

Prêt à Porter P said...

good choice!

ReallyRee said...

A bag I have always wanted!


Clem said...

Amazing Chanel ! I finished the two first books and started to download the first season of True Blood :D

Philippe Öhlund said...

Excellent Chauss! :-)

A bag is the very difference between us humans and for example spiders.

The Lord told us to have dominion over every living soul, see Genesis 1:28, and therefore we must be humble.

But my patience has limits.

Under the roof of my balcony outdoors, I have a spider.

It is a big insect and hairy.

He has two favorite spots, and from one of them he can watch me through the window when I'm inside.

I don't like that, especially since I sit with my back against the window due to my "peculiar" internet connection.

I call the spider "Dave", because he reminds me of David Letterman.

He is hairy and not like that bald dude Shaffer.

Well, this spider uses telepathy.

In his own eyes he's very big and he magnifies himself.

I am getting tired of his projected images to me of a big spider and other creeps.

In my eyes he's just a little unimportant insect, even if it's actually a big spider.

And I don't like spiders.

Anyway, I won't kill him because he's outside.

Usually, I also have the door to my balcony open during daytime to get some fresh air inside.

Yesterday he had disappeared...

But when I was going to bed, guess who was on my blanket!

It was the spider!

He saw me and started to run very fast.

I grabbed a slipper with which I intended to kill him.

I will not tolerate any insects indoors - and especially not on my bed!

Anyway, he got away.

I had been out and was tired and it was already early in the morning and I wanted to sleep.

I thought, I sleep now, tomorrow i will get him.

I didn't sleep very well last night...

When I woke up I opened the balcony door and sent a very strong telepathic image to Dave.

I told him that after I had taken my shower and dressed, I would go through every inch of my apartment with the vacuum cleaner and kill him if he would stay inside.

I told him telepathically to get out if he wanted to live.

Guess what!

When I had taken my shower he was outside, under the balcony roof again - and staring at me!!

Well, I cleaned up my studio because I thought that maybe he has a big family, or that there could be other spiders around.

Spiders usually also show up as couples.

But no, I didn't find a trace of another spider inside, so it was him the night before.

And now Dave is still outside.

Since it is dark outside, and that I have lit my lamp, he is probably watching me right now.

Sometimes i get his telepathic images to.

They are very simple and always the same: a big spider, nasty insects he's going to devour etc.

That spider must be a Priest in his spider kingdom.

The strong images he sends bear witness of a sharp mind, however simple the messages are, for such a little insect.

But I don't like the images he sends, because they are often like if he wants to scare me off and somewhat threatening.

Well, when I moved in here I actually killed a spider I found.

Maybe that was his wife or something?

I also saw on that spider it knew it was going to be killed, because it changed posture, and hanged limp, the seconds before I smashed it to death.

It had already read my mind...

It is easy to underestimate that which is small and seems insignificant.

On my mother's side in my family they used to be consulted when they had lost objects or when somebody had drowned in the Nile.

And they were found!

On my father's side in northern Sweden, some people were very strong and his grandfather could even lift up an iron stove with his teeth.

But it doesn't interest me to lift hundreds of kilos with my mouth.

But why do I live a life talking in telepathy with a spider?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!! And the bag is awesome!!! Lately I've been craving midnight blue bags!

Anonymous said...

so pretty! i love your bracelets also :) xx

InnyVinny said...


ihaveadog said...

LOVE IT! So chic and simple and elegant, unlike, of course, a big hairy spider!

Valerie said...

Hey Ck,

It's Valerie from C. Mad's...hope all with well you and we would love to see you in the store again!

check out my blog = )


Fashion Chalet said...

I'm an 8 regularly and got the 9 in Senso! :)


Valerie said...

hey CK,

ths is the MOST desirable 2.55 i've ever seen! the leather looks so smooth and vintage...the CC's on the inside...everything...too bad Chanel doesn't make them like that anymore. Hope to see very soon!

jenni said...

gorgeous bag! and nice blog too :)

Albert said...

I remember when you got that bag, it's a classic. So interesting about Coco.

iara said...

El bolso de mis sueños.

New blog! :