Saturday, September 18, 2010

ckparis and clem's chauss portrait

bon jour.
how are you all doing?

the above chauss pencil portrait was unexpectedly sent to me
by ma petite soeur, clem
who lives in france.
i had sent clem some goodies a while back and didn't realize she had my address.
merci beaucoup again, my little sister!
clem captured my signature sunglasses and hair.

it is amazing to me how many great people i have connected with thru blogging.
some i have met irl , some in a past life and some i look forward to meeting in the future.

thank you to my long term readers.
some of you i have met, others i correspond with regularly thru emails and/or phone calls and there is a bunch of you who read ckparis since its inception who i haven't been formally introduced to, so leave me a comment
or an email if you want to connect.
i really love hearing from my readers.

see you on the astral plane


Marina said...

This is truly amazing when you receive something unexpecting!Portrait is so good!
from Moscow with love

Anonymous said...

Awesome portrait!

style odyssey said...

that is very sweet, an unexpected surprise! it's a good likeness of the one and only chauss. xo

The Shopping Forecast said...

Blogging is a great way to meet people, isn't it? Love the sketch BTW.

albert said...

really beautiful, i thought how nice of clem to do that, but i thought how loving you are to her, what comes around.......
so at this time , i want you to know how much i appreciate your friendship.

chauss said...

thank you soo much.
so right back atcha!!!!
xo ck