Monday, September 13, 2010

ckparis and krelwear discglo

hey all, how are you?
this was going to be a shoe and boot post, but my photographer was not in the mood.
can you guess what i got?

krelwear discglo. voila.
as you can see, this stuff really does glow in the dark.
perfect for the club scene, n'est pas?

see you on the astral plane.


Cruz said...

Glow in the dark things are so cool! o0o0o can't wait to see what you got! New booties maybe?? ;)

chauss said...


Marina said...

Want to see youe shoes post!like how you glowing in the dark!

Marina said...

Want to see youe shoes post!like how you glowing in the dark!

Philippe Öhlund said...

Nice miss becquerel discogorilla radioactive glow, Chauss. :-)

You are so positively radiant.

Myself, after having had breakfast today, I went down to the Winston Churchill drinking and gambling bar at the corner.

I placed a few bets on this evenings Champions League football games.

As Olympique Lyonnais plays Schalke 04 here later today, the place is "infested" with Germans.

After having placed my bets I walked down the street, and eventually I ate a Banana Split Coco at La Saône river.

Then I went to the military supply store.

I went in there and someone who must have been the shop owner said to me: "Vous êtes certainement belge avec votre bête sourire!?".

I answered: "Non, je suis suédois, mais j'ai habité la Belgique pendant neuf ans de 2000 à 2009".

The man said: "Seulement un belge peut entrer ici avec un chapeau comme vous et des lunettes de soleil".

What do you answer to that?

I said: "Pourquoi les chiens font caca devant la porte?".

The man shook his head.

I said: "Parce que c'est marqué 'Poussez fort' ".

Our conversation was not very fruitful.

A lot of people here actually think I'm Belgian, mostly because of my accent...

yiqin; said...

LOL yes perfect <3

fanny said...

hey babe love the glowing outfit, what did you think you of the true blood finale?

chauss said...

i was dissapointed in the finale. no realcliff hangers.
it should have ended with eric and russel burning on the cement sidewalk for the cliff hangerlike the prior episode.
the season was really good, but not the finale.
xo chauss

fanny said...

i totally agree, though i'm glad eric still there ( i luuuurve him), a little expectation about the sidewalk situation would have been cooler

Natasha said...

Nice bikini:D

Philippe Öhlund said...

Chauss, I'm glad I made you smile. :-)

You don't need to rock to be a star.

Twitter is a funny medium.

But unless you're a celebrity, people there will only follow you if they are sure you'll follow back.

It's the same principle as with money and salesmen for example.

Sponsor or hire someone.

That person will make a profit, but in the end your profit will be bigger.

Everything has a backside, though.

It's time consuming to track people who have unfollowed you or who have stopped tweeting and to unfollow them.

But if you don't do that, you'll end up following people who haven't been tweeting for half a year or more or who have unfollowed you.

Initially, I would not follow anyone on Twitter who hasn't been tweeting for the last 24 hours, though.

And don't follow just anyone who has tweeted the last 24 hours.

Only follow the active followers of the best recruiters.

I guess companys work the same way.

First they have to hire people they believe can deliver.

Then, as time goes by, they will have fired at least those 80 percent, who didn't accomplish anything or had lost their initial motivation.

I understand it's necessary, but that is still something I personally prefer to live without.

albert said...

what do you mean the photographer is not in the mood?? lol.
that glow-n-dark stuff is very cool.