Tuesday, August 27, 2013

ckparis and vintage dior lock and key necklace

hey all, what's going on? hanging out with my latest vintage find, a dior lock and key silver chain moment. any one know which exact season and year this necklace is from. 199?....
anyway, non sequitur and all, but true blood was amaazing this season. season finale last sunday...  withdrawal already. 
i would say season six was the perfect season.
see you on the astral plane.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

ckparis and the 2square chronicles part 3

 hey all, ckparis here with the next Q and A installment with 2square.
 the j boys are still in Portugal as this goes to print, but they are headed on the road in the not too distant future. stay tuned for the future adventures of 2square as reported by ckparis, overseas foreign correspondent reporter for 2square.
oh, and if you have a specific question for 2square, comment below or email me.

Q   ckparis:  What's the next stop on your European street art tour after Portugal?
A:  Justin: That's tricky, we have some projects we are working on if we drive soon. We will hit some more cities on the way east. 
      Jeremiah: We really don't know, we are waiting on some things to develop. However, we do know that we are heading east real soon. We have got some big projects lined up.

Q   ckparis:  Justin, what's the latest update on your relationship with your woman/muse from Portugal?
A:   I have seen her 2 times. It's funny she loaned us her apartment and we've been here almost a month leaving for a few days to Comporta for a shoot/painting. We stayed in 2 different places here that were magical. Think 130 year old cottages in a town by the ocean. So far our stay has been top notch, treated great and experienced the city and met a variety of people. We feel at home. I'm wandering some. My muse is absent, but i have many muses around the world that move my can. I'm enjoying my time here and our 2square murals are going all over the place. We have tons of ideas for upcoming murals that we can't wait to find places for. There are no romantic interests. I'm focused on my arts and the results are great. 
 Q    ckparis:  Jeremiah, what's the status with the girl you met and fell in love with in Miami?
 A:  Well… I miss her food she cooked. Her messages everyday for sure. I miss her spoiling and I miss her voice. I could really feel she loved me. That's a special thing to feel. I thought I would talk to her more, but we are both working hard. She is working on very big projects of her own, as well as I am. We are giving space and letting each other grow. It's a beautiful thing regardless of any outcome.

 Q    ckparis:  What is your favorite snack food?  sweet or salty or both?
 A:   Justin: I love sweet things. I really enjoy chocolate. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip. I just got some today :)
        Jeremiah: I love to snack. sour patches mmmmm . potato chips are my sin.

 Q   ckparis:  Boxers or briefs? Or commando?
 A:  Jeremiah: Ha! you're asking all the right questions, ha! It depends on the fabric of the pants. It all calls for different situations.
       Justin: Nothing or boxer briefs, it depends on my mood. You keep your form with boxer briefs. I feel more comfortable and a little sexy.
Q    ckparis:  You mentioned that when you have money, it would surprise and impress others with what you would do with it. Possibilities? 
 A:  Justin: We would love to go to some places around the world that will change us. Do things to help humanity on a bigger scale. Paint walls at orphanages or walls in refugee camps, sides of huts in outlandish countries, maybe bring food, clothes we design, nice things, medical attention. Have people we respect travel with us, friends and colleges do joint ventures. Start collectives in cities to help young traveling artists around the world.
       Jeremiah: Giving back is a must. A lot of people have helped us, and treated us very good. We can't wait to gift those people. We talk about it often. We are going to grow our company and brand, and venture down a lot of avenues.
 Q     ckparis:   What projects are next on the horizon for 2square besides street art?
 A:    Justin: We are working on a a number of avenues I'm drawing in 4 sketchbooks and starting 2 that will be difficult. A small book called Lefty attention 2 detail drawn with my left and a children's type of story I'm writing in my head now. At various cities we have meets with some awesome people later to be revealed. We are in an evolution and new renaissance in our career and we intend to push ourselves to depths you have yet to see. Ummmmmm, we are doing a book together in which we are picking out writings and poems we've done over time and telling side stories about what was going on in our lives  and what it means to us in our words. It's crazy going back and reading your old stuff after you've evolved. Anyone that knows me would tell you my writing has come far from where it started and I really enjoy doing it. So, think this with pictures behind the scenes, art whatever, presented in a beautiful little box. We have a ton of ideas and they will present themselves in due time.
        Jeremiah: Too many to list, just stay tuned in.

Q      ckparis:     Have you ever encountered a ghost, entity or spirit guide from the fourth dimension?
A:     Justin: I don't know about that, but I've had some crazy experiences they changed me. I'm more in tune with the world and people's energies. That has always been a keen instinct. Reading people,  I'm a reader. Jeremiah would agree with that.
         Jeremiah: Yes. Does God count? I have a sacred relationship with the most high. He reveals things to me in the many different ways and forms. I believe this strongly because I have seen and felt it. I've experienced the power and love thru God.

photo credit for portugal pix: 2square
photo credit for miami pix: erwin georgi

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

ckpais and isabel marant manly black suede fringe boots

salutations.  gotta love black boots. gotta love isabel marant boots.
these are isabel marant black suede fringe boots from fall/winter 2011.
oh yeah, and that's wynwood in the background. right next to panther coffee. it will spoil you for life. starbucks who?
see you on the astral plane.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

ckparis and the 2square chronicles part 2

salutations . the j boys of 2square have finally crossed the pond after a slight delay. no worries, they've got about three months left before Art Basel and their return to the banana republic city of Miami in the southern most portion of the U.S., affectionately referred to as "the 'nana".
hot off the internet rails of communication with ckparis, the 2square U.S. foreign correspondent, is 2square's latest Q and A session. and this one is the real deal, everything you wanted to know about 2square...

Q ckparis: How did you pick the tag 2square?
A jeremiah: It means so many things to each of us, but I'd say 2square is the opposite of what we are. It's a mind game. Some people say "2 square equals 4. In fact, those are your real squares.

A justin: The name was one of the first we thought of and it worked. We are anything but normal and square, we have no box. That's why we put ourselves inside it. I guess it's a joke. There are several meanings this is one.

Q ckparis: I understand you are starting a 4 month tour in Europe. what is your first stop and why? Friends, lovers and/or work?
A jeremiah: Portugal.  It's one of our favorite countries in Europe. We have connections here who are helping us to get walls to paint and a vehicle to travel  in thru Europe.

A justin:  We are in Lisbon, Portugal right now. As of this interview, we have painted 2 murals and we head to our next city tomorrow. We love Portugal and during our last street art tour I fell in love with a girl here. We've had a strange relationship, she's visited me in Miami, and now we are back. I didn't come here expecting anything because I could tell things had changed. She was one of my first real strong muses. We have a strong network here and that helped with our decision. We have a week or so left in this country before we push off to the next.

Q ckparis: Are you coming back to Miami for Art Basel?
A jeremiah: For sure! Miami in December is the best place to be in the world. We don't miss Art Basel. We've got big walls to paint.

A justin: We fly back November 7th and we intend to take back what belongs to us and paintpaintpaint.

Q ckparis :What is your favorite color to work with? why?
A jeremiah: I have a fascination with black,white and grey. It comes from my long love affair with black and white photography. Aaaaand because its cheap. I can mix 2 of my favorite colors, and have a range of in betweens. The lack of money depicts how many colors I can buy. However, I'm doing more color in my work now. I'm always moving, I'm always changing.  My style changes a little with each project.

A justin: I don't know that I have a favorite color to work with. Sometimes it's easier to keep it simple with black. When you paint murals everyday like us, it gets very expensive, imagine not having a job, but painting 6 days of the week. On a light day, I would spend $30 on paint, but that's not the norm. Luckily,  we have worked hard and now we are being sought out and paid.

Q ckparis:What has been your most memorable experience down here in the 305?
A jeremiah: I can't answer that with just one thing. It's been a very fun ride to say the least.  I'm very proud of my time in Miami. I fell in love with a girl  with whom I have many great memories, and who taught me a lot. I painted some of the best paintings of my career and I've met some people that have impacted my life forever. People are very open in Miami, and that's hard to forget.

A justin: I can't limit my time to one memory. There were many occasions that stick out to me. I feel like we took our time in Wynwood and worked wisely at an accelerated pace. It was a hard chapter for us to end Wynwood became it was our home. We fell in love with the city and people. We worked in the hottest of temperatures when others weren't on the streets, in the rain, in the dark, we poured our love into the walls and city. I know when we go back nothing will be the same, but this is something you learn from traveling. Time moves on, as does life and people. I hope that one day the people of Miami can look back and see what we accomplished. We had our time, the time of 2square and no one can ever take that away. Now whomever tries to fill our shoes will have to work very hard. 
 Q ckparis: It's august 2018, where are you?  (not a typo!) 
 A jeremiah:  I could be globe trotting still, could be co-managing our brand. Maybe I'm in architecture school, maybe I'm living in a secluded area of nature married to my piano. Maybe I'm on a book signing tour. I never plan too far ahead. I just try to make the best decision in the moment and trust that those actions will lead me down the right path of the future.
A justin: I would like to be traveling but we will have expanded our duo to a small tribe. We have a number of goals and ideas, but more than anything we want to share some of our travels with friends and some family. I'm not worried about money because I know there will be plenty of opportunities to make tons. I think it's what we do with the money when we have it that will surprise and impress others. 

Q ckparis: jeremiah, how do you take your coffee?
A jeremiah: I like it dark and not tasty. I try not to drink a lot of coffee. I prefer tea.

Q ckparis: et tu, justin? how do you take yours?
A justin: I generally have a little sugar and milk. Traveling you get adjusted to not necessarily having everything your way. I can drink just about any type of coffee and be okay. I'm not much of a complainer.

stay tuned kids,  the 2square chronicles 2 be continued with 2square overseas and it's gonna get personal....

photo credit for  good bye miami pix nicolas guillen
photo credit for portugal pix 2square

p.s.  August 9th is jeremiah's birthday so give him a shout out. and while you are at it, wish justin a belated birthday. his birthday was August 2nd. leos... hmmm...