Tuesday, March 26, 2013

ckparis and rodolphe menudier

bonjour, these are my rodolphe menudier black leather stilettos avec tetes de mort.
i got these at the rodolphe menudier store in paris. i think the  paris store is no longer there, but i have a good eye picking stuff i can wear forever.
le vernis is chanel mimosa.
have a FABULOUS day.
see you on the astral plane.

p.s. i have a new instagram by popular demand. ok, you asked for it, so now follow me. i will follow you back if you leave me a comment that you read my blog.
instagram: ckparischauss

twitter is the same @ckparischauss and you can follow by hittting the blue bird button the right side of this blog.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ckparis and vintage YSL n/k/a Saint Laurent

hey all, a quick paparazzi shot of me in a vintage YSL n/k/a Saint Laurent t shirt decorated with a serpent and a heart.
sometimes (always) i find the most eclectic and delightful items in my own abyss of a closet.
make it a FABULOUS day.
see you on the astral plane.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ckparis, alaia boots and givenchy distressed patent nightingale

hey all, you know about the chauss time tested cost per use rule. some of my favorite things: givenchy large distressed black patent nightingale avec the the usual chauss-elets, shelter serra, luis morais and gavilane antique black beads.
usual basics and over the knee alaia black shearling platform boots.
have a FABULOUS day.
oh, and by popular request, i started an instagram. follow me ckparischauss on instagram and @ckparischauss on twitter.
see you on the astral plane.



Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ckparis and krelwear miami beach studio

  • hey all, what's going on? i'm hanging out at the new KRELwear studio on lincoln road in miami beach.
  • i starting chatting up one of the mannequins who was wearing a custom knit couture dress by KRELwear.
  • if you are down in this tropical paradise, you must drop in to see Krel and get a quickie couture. tell her ckparis sent you.
  • i am wearing first season thomas wylde scarf and leather jacket lined with skulls, dior moto boots, and a shelter serra watch-esque wanna be.
  • make it a FABULOUS day.
  • see you on the astral plane.