Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ckparis, segafredo and burberry biker boots

hey all, how is your week going?
mine? ooooh, way too third...

anyway, caffeine is still my drug of choice. add a chocolate syrup happy face to the top of a soy milk cappuccino and i'm good to go.
i am hanging out at a segafredo's in the 'nana and being a lounge lizard avec my burberry biker boots.

if you need a quickie to calm jitters, read on:

easy 2 minute mini-meditation to calm nerves:
you all know now that the 7 major chakras have corresponding colors, right?
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple.

so, visualize drenching your entire body in each color one at a time. you can picture red and then become red. or, you can picture holding a crayon on your body and coloring in your entire outline.

repeat this with orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple.
just close your eyes and image each color drenching your entire being in sequence. this mini-meditation forces you to visualize color drenching and will automatically calm your nerves in a flash bc you are focusing on a completely different topic than the one you are nervous about.

me? when i am ready to flip out, i close my eyes and just say each color in sequence 3 or 4 times. my body automatically visualizes the color i have just thought about and relaxes.

and if you can't see colors with your eyes closed, don't worry, it will happen eventually with practice.
i promise.

see you on the astral plane.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

ckparis and burberry biker boots

hey all, how are you doing? tell me...

moi? kinda feeling an upcoming energy shift.
get ready guys.
i am hanging out in a krelwear black knit halter and headband, f21 leggings and my burberry prorsum biker boots.

make it a FABULOUS week.

see you on the astral plane.

Friday, September 25, 2009

ckparis and vintage levis jacket

hey all, just a quickie to see how you all are doing...

moi? cell phone pix caught on the run in louboutin cactus booties, krelwear black knit skirt and vintage levis jacket. the jacket collar is totally shredded.

h, i know you will have some witty comment about the guy standing behind me.

see you on the astral plane.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ckparis and louboutin cactus booties

hey all, how is your week going?
my blackberry track ball was getting temperamental and warranty time is rapidly concluding...
so without my knowledge, the repair center did not just replace the track ball, they replaced the blackberry bold device.
8 calls to att and finally blackberry direct, and 3 days later, it is almost back to normal.
electronic issues with the planets???

anyway, moi chilling (in 90 degree plus humidity) in american apparel crop top and a catsuit i cut off to capri length avec my christian louboutin cactus booties.
there are actually four different colors of studs on the loub booties.
i don't just say i mix high and low stuff, i do it. :)

and to be totally non sequitor,
tip for visualizing white light as requested by spoiled:
pix yourself writing on a black board with white chalk.
can you see it?
now, pix yourself drawing an outline around your silhouette with the same white chalk.
keep expanding the white chalk around you and imagine it radiating out like sun rays.
voila, white light protection.

see you on the astral plane.

Friday, September 18, 2009

ckparis and what is the astral plane?

shana tova.
by popular request, i am reposting my chauss explanation of the astral plane.
i have a lot of new readers who ask me thru emails and comments to expain exactly what is this magical place i refer to in my blog.
enjoy the explanation and let me know your thoughts...

faithful readers, commenters and lurkers, the third dimension is the world of this earth. it is 3 dimensional and the place where you can find most humans in all aspects of life.

now, when you raise your resonance, and you still live in the third with everyone else, you can experience another dimension in addition to those which you are already familiar with...
welcome to the astral plane, the fourth dimension.

one does not need money or food on the fourth. you create your own reality.
time is like a large loop. the fourth dimension represents time before birth, and also after death, and everything in between. it is populated by angels, spirits, immortal beings and those humans who can transcend the third dimension by astral projection, meditation and dreams.

you need to be careful what you think on the fourth because those thoughts can take form. if you think of a negative person, they may appear.
so, think positive thoughts to create a fun and fabulous reality while you are visitng the fourth dimension.

if you want it cold, let it snow and bundle up in your favorite leather boots, and rick owens or balenciaga winter coat. enjoy a cup of steaming vin chaud (my personal favorite) and some bittersweet chocolate.
and it could still be 85 degrees, and hot and humid in your current third dimension reality.

my blog is a fashion blog for the body... and for the soul.

i am a reiki master, but also have several traditional higher education degrees which makes the everyday person at least intrigued by what i have to say.
i am happy to help you all play on the fourth. once you have been there, you will understand.
take your time, everyone has their own unique comfort level.
but it is really amazing when you step out of it and try to get to the next level.

see you on the astral plane.
xo chauss

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ckparis, krelwear couture and burberry biker boots part deux

hey all, such a third dimension week for me...
and you?

i know i am like an alien in my choices of exercise, but after you run/walk 138 flights of stairs, you really feel mentally better (for at least a few hours).
but hey, i like dark chocolate, really thin crust pizza and wearing skinny jeans.
so for me, it's just a given.

remember, the mind is a very powerful thing.
set yourself up to accomplish whatever it is you need/want to do, and
positive energy will go a long way towards making it happen.
negative energy will just make you feel crappy.

so, protect yourself with white light from the bad stuff and
change your attitude.
chauss-ism no. 3:
it is just as easy to be positive as it is to be negative.
(there are enough miserable people out there already.)

see you on the astral plane.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

ckparis, burberry prorsum booties and krelwear

hey all. how was your weekend? tell me...

did true blood deliver or what?
the maryann/sam thing was perfect.

moi? hanging out in my new burberry prorsum black leather booties avec a krelwear custom couture black knit shredded sweater and krel-2-go custom hair band.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

ckparis and burberry prorsum boots et al

hey all. what have you been doing?
very third dimension week for me.
and i need to get my photographer to take some pix...

in the mean time, as i was packing for the weekend, i realized i own alot of black boots (big suprise).
bottom pix is a small sample of my collection.
(really too scary to take a pix of all of them at the same time)
hey, this is a reality pix, not a posed pix, so mess included, but this is how i pack for the weekend.
you all know the importance of foot wear that makes you smile. :)
can you identify the boots in the pix? lol

will post pix of burberry prorsum booties in action soon.
make it a FABULOUS weekend.

see you on the astral plane.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ckparis and tea at soyka's

hey all, what are you all doing? tell me...

moi? hanging out in one of my favorite places to drink tea in the 'nana.
the joint is called soyka's and the room i'm sitting in has a huge skylight for a roof. you really feel like you are sitting outside.
the best tomatoes and the best gazpacho soup down here.

i have on a krelwear black knit halter and couple of chauss-celets i made with krel knitted fabric scraps.

i have true blood withdrawal... no new episode last week. :(
can you stand the wait?

the boot shopping continues...

see you on the astral plane.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

ckparis as la femme nikita and revolution in iceland

hey all, how are you? tell me...

moi, dressed in combat gear, krelwear style...
i have on a krelwear protoype unisex black knit hoodie with super long sleeves and huge hood. smoooooshy soft.
i coupled it with basic black cat suit i cropped myself and my favorite marc jacob booties.
ok, i'm dressed la femme nikita style and am ready for combat.

pour quoi?
well, it's revolution time in iceland.
it's supposed to be official iceland fashion week, but i just got the 411 from an inside source that it's actually the designers' coup d'etat !

apparently due to some unscrupulous behavior, the 17 featured designers have revolted and will be appearing at the Nasa night club in Reykjavik
instead of the alleged scheduled event in the middle of nowhere.
(hey, what do you expect when your head liner show is scheduled on a full moon?)

stay tuned for details.
actually, a night club venue would work well to premier krelwear's new s/s 2010 DiscGlo line.

see you on the astral plane.

xxoo chauss

Thursday, September 3, 2009

ckparis at krelwear sudio avec karelle and herman

bon soir mes amis.
what are you all doing? tell me...

moi? pix in the krelwear studio avec le chien, herman, and karelle.
herman is the official krelwear little buddy.
herman goes on road trips with krel-2-to-go and hangs out in the half packed suitcases at the krelwear studio.

the top pix is moi with my signature chauss 'tude.
check out karelle watching me pose in her creations.
i have on a krel quickie couture black knit mini skirt, krel custom purple knit bra top and a krel unisex black knit top.

krel v.i.p., daria, was the photographer. (daria is also herman's mommy.)

see you on the astral plane.