Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ckparis, segafredo and burberry biker boots

hey all, how is your week going?
mine? ooooh, way too third...

anyway, caffeine is still my drug of choice. add a chocolate syrup happy face to the top of a soy milk cappuccino and i'm good to go.
i am hanging out at a segafredo's in the 'nana and being a lounge lizard avec my burberry biker boots.

if you need a quickie to calm jitters, read on:

easy 2 minute mini-meditation to calm nerves:
you all know now that the 7 major chakras have corresponding colors, right?
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple.

so, visualize drenching your entire body in each color one at a time. you can picture red and then become red. or, you can picture holding a crayon on your body and coloring in your entire outline.

repeat this with orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple.
just close your eyes and image each color drenching your entire being in sequence. this mini-meditation forces you to visualize color drenching and will automatically calm your nerves in a flash bc you are focusing on a completely different topic than the one you are nervous about.

me? when i am ready to flip out, i close my eyes and just say each color in sequence 3 or 4 times. my body automatically visualizes the color i have just thought about and relaxes.

and if you can't see colors with your eyes closed, don't worry, it will happen eventually with practice.
i promise.

see you on the astral plane.


Cruz said...

A soy milk cappuccino sounds so good haha. You look great!

InnyVinny said...

Gorgeous and helpful as always. =D

Killer boots, chauss.

cyd said...

oooh i love this.

also, about to try the colors right now. very stressed and anxious

xx cyd

ELLE said...

I am SO jealous you have the Burbs boots!

Anonymous said...

Looking good, Chauss.

Clem said...

Hey dear C. I'm think I'll have internet connexion soon, some friend took it and we'll share it :) Maybe more post :)

See you on the astral plane :)

What is Reality Anyway? said...

jealous of those boots girl!!!! xoxo

Allegra said...

daaaamn! I loooove this boots!

tdw said...

Hey you !
News on :
-Betty and Alix the two web-figure of Chanel
- Olivia.A one of two creators of Daily-Women :)

Come on.
See ya, xx

Pennerad said...

aaahh, those boots are so fantastic. lovely. and insightful. thanks for sharing!

albert said...

wow! great meditation exercise, yea thanks. i wonder how many people you will help with that simple tip. it covers alot. visualizing those colors makes it pretty powerful. like you said, practice and not to judge ones meditation. but we know, sometimes i say i want out of the 3rd but i won't want to do this or any excs. i just want to suffer a little, not for long!

Anonymous said...