Sunday, August 31, 2008

ckparis and bliss lau body chain

hey, good morning readers. what are you doing? tell me...

can you imagine waking up to ankle deep water in your million dollar plus condo? yup, the fire sprinkler head broke off and flooded this condo on the 30th floor and the entire hallway to ankle deep water. and this is not from hurricane gustav... (not my place) and

on the topic of hurricane gustav, please send some positive energy down to our friends in the gulf coast of the U.S. they need it. the pre-hurricane stress is not fun, i have been there. and the potential after effects can be much worse...

so, if you guys need a focus point, light a candle, or even a match, and say a few positive words outloud asking for the safety of the people and environment of the gulf coast of the U.S. they need it.
blow out the candle or match and send your prayers.

and on a different note, i am sitting in...guess? yeah starbucks, again, still...
avec new ckparis green buzz drink with green straw.

i have on my bliss lau body chain under my american apparel (new color!) triblend tank top. i walked into one of the local american apparel stores, and chris the store manager directed me to the new triblend colors...ahhh.

see you on the astral plane.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

ckparis and the bliss lau interview

there is something magical that happens when you put on a Bliss Lau body chain for the very first time. you feel really mysterious and sexy. you want to kick up your stiletto heels and dance around the room. you want to strike a pose. if you are still unsure about this, see my above pictures.

you know the rush you get when you try on your brand new christian louboutins when the red soles are still perfect?
or the rush you feel from the perfect cup of espresso coupled with a piece of dark chocolate?
or the rush you feel when you find the perfect leather jacket in your size and its on sale!?
yeah, that's the feeling.
bliss lau's body chains make you feel good. instant attitude adjustment.
as a reiki master, i can tell you the body chains vibrate at a really nice level.

i was lucky to have bliss lau suggest to me what color body chain and leather
findings i should choose for my first piece. bliss saw some pictures of me and thought that the antique brass chain would go well with my coloring (olive skin/blonde hair) and black findings because of my style( black, leather, yeah).

anyway, bliss was intially kind of skeptical about participating in the fashion blogger world. she read parts of my blog, some of your comments and got a feel for where i was coming from. ckparis style attitude adjustment and then...

the following interview started out about to tell you about bliss lau and about her body chains. in the process, bliss realized that you all would love her new chaussure chains which haven't hit her web site yet.
yes, that is SHOE CHAINS! and you have to wear them on high heels. what more could a girl want?
enjoy the pictures and interview...

ckparis: bliss, your body chains are so versatile. what inspired you to create such a line?

bliss lau: I studied at Parsons the New School for Design and received a bachelors degree in Fashion Design. The program teaches apparel mostly womenswear. I think that knowing how to make clothes and drape (I love to drape!) has definitely contributed to the development of the jewelry collection.

ckparis: how long have you been in business?

bliss lau: I have had the business for about five years now. I started my business at the ripe age of 22, a few minutes before I graduated from Parsons. Bags were my first love then belts and now jewelry. Each additional product was a gradual progression into the next. The belt collection got me back on the model form draping and the jewelry collection developed my love of holsters and alternative products.

ckparis: do you have any specific ideas about how your body chains can be worn?

bliss lau: The body chains should be worn however you feel comfortable, powerful and sexy. Often times clients will show me a new discovery of how to wear the chains I always photograph them and run with it! I like wearing the chains between two layers of clothing or under a t-back dress, shoulder blades are a beautifully forgotten part of the body. The chains are designed to spotlight the best features of our bodies.

ckparis: are you planning on adding new items to you body chain collection?

bliss lau: We have already designed over 30 new styles! The Fall 2008 collection has just hit stores last month. It can be found in Ron Herman on the west coast, Leo in Miami, B Boutique in New York and a variety of stores across the east coast. We will be updating the website to show the Fall 08 collection very soon....

ckparis: what is something you would like to share about yourself that most people don't know?

bliss lau: Something people may not know about me is that I used to live in Hawaii. I was a tandom surfer back then. My surf partner and I loved to paddle out in a storm. I would stand on his shoulders while surfing small waves, and spin on his back. My favorite position was being held in a backbird over his head, nothing beats looking back towards the face of a wave upside-down and backwards!

ckparis:can you describe the new love triangle dress chain? (see above picture).

bliss lau: This design is fabulous, It's thin chain with thick chain on the sides, connects in the back with a swivel snap, easy to put on and wear under a tank. It's super sexy sticking out the bottom over jeans.

ckparis: do you have any other pictures of new items i can post that are not yet on your website?

bliss lau: ooooh shoe chains, double d ring connection in the back that is adjustable. Note: must be worn with heels. (see above pictures)

ckparis: shoe chains! what chain are you wearing in the picture of you?

bliss lau: It is the twisted skirt with brass plated old nickel and matte black leather detail.

ckparis: are you doing the leather findings in colors ie. purple?

bliss lau: Yes, I can actually make them in purple. I can make them in black, black patent, white, purple, brown, gold or silver leather.

ckparis: i think my readers will go ca-raazy for the shoe chains! when will they be available?

bliss lau: I am seeking to put them up with in the next two weeks. They can fax their information to 646-649-4663.

bliss lau is also offering FREE US shipping and discounted international shipping to ckparis readers until september 15, 2008 . use coupon code "ckparis" when you order from her website.bliss lau web site
all bliss lau pictures in this thread are credited to photographer, alexo wandael.
a special thanks to mark, "une mandarine" for helping me create jpegs of the bliss lau photographs to post on this blog thread.
all pictures of me in this thread are credited to mr.d.

please leave comments about what you think of this interview style for my blog and let me know what styles and colors you pick.
in the future, i can invite bliss lau back to my blog to chat about her leather bags and belts.


ckparis, tina chow crystal and scorpio eyes

hello readers. what's new? tell me...

ckparis jewelry post week continues with my cherished tina chow crystal necklace. it is signed and strung on a black suede cord. it was originally purchased from maxfield's in the 1980's. i was extremely lucky to acquire it from the original owner who knew it was sold to a girl who used to read about tina chow in her mom's vogue magazines as a little kid.(me)

and my adrenaline junkie nature continues on for the perfect energy rush...

ok guys, listen up: my new favorite starbucks cold drink:
1/2 iced green tea and 1/2 iced passion tea with a shot of matcha green tea powder. sans sweetner (real or faux) over ice in a venti cup with a green straw.
i do love a good energy buzz rush.
try it and let me know what you think.

check out the energy transformation from the top pix to the bottom pix:
pseudo-mellow chauss zoning out in fourth dimension turns into
don't mess with a scorpio back in the third dimension and then...
buzzing energy rushing chauss in last pix.

see you on the astral plane.

p.s. up next, the ckparis interview with Bliss Lau.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ck paris, vintage clips and givenchy

hey you all, how is your week going? tell me....

me? well. it looks like its ckparis jewelry post week. my choice du jour is 3 vintage clips in the most amaaaazing topaz colored glass with rhinestone trim. click on pix to see details. i have on three. can you find them all?

these vintage 1940's clips have really fun energy.(they have definitely been worn to parties.) i felt very sophisticated today and wore my 6 inch ysl tribute.
sorry antoine, i don't think my ysl stilettos show in the pix!

i did wear these clips on this super versatile black wrap thing that i blogged about several threads ago. it has sleeves and the front hangs down longer than the back, very rick owens-y.(it's not) a find from a small local boutique. anyway, i wrapped it around my waist a couple of times and finished it off with the third topaz clip.

these vintage topaz clips made me wanna curl my hair and put on red lipstick... well, in my 4th dimension. back on the third, i coupled it with a wolford skirt and givency distressed leather 'gale. (ckparis style)

stay tuned, i will finish out ckparis jewelry week with my bliss lau interview. xax, you gotta wait for the interview to find out about the new stuff. :)
i already have fashion is poison sworn to secrecy.
i am just waiting for my own piece to arrive.

see you on the astral plane.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ckparis basic stuff and vintage bracelets

hello readers,
hope you are all had a great day.

me? my basic chauss 'celets and one more vintage watch band with 1920's clip...
speaking of jewelry, i am busy working on the upcoming Bliss Lau interview to be published on my blog this week. i am just waiting for one of her body chains to arrive here IRL so i can take a pix of moi avec le tuxedo.

Bliss has shared some brand new pix of some brand new amaaaaaazing items she will be producing. i promise you will all be suprised and thrilled. really.(fashion is poison is sworn to secrecy!)

these new items are not on Bliss Lau's website just yet, but will be very soon. a special ckparis discount coupon code to use is also in the works.

see you on the astral plane.

on another note, thanks to this ca-raazy fashion blogger world (with a mixture of fourth dimension positive energy guidance), i have made some real friends. you guys know who you are. just wanted to shout it out.

matt, albert just got his sterling silver and leather skull bracelet today, but we didn't have my photographer around. it looks perfect.

albert, we need a pix of that skull bracelet on your wrist to show matt. i think it is in his future too. sterling silver and leather skull bracelet

Sunday, August 24, 2008

ckparis and james bond

hey readers, how was your weekend?

well, i tried to get a good pix of james bond, me and my outfit du jour. it seems the better shot is of the james bond villain, me and my louboutin cactus booties.
c'est la vie...

oh yeah, i also have on my alexander wang black leather vest (of course), dark blue mini and american apparel tank. note the sides of my retro super future shades, black handles with white front.

i went shoe/boot shopping today to a "look see" only. be afraid, be very afraid...

see you on the astral plane.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

ckparis, gianni barbato and shadows

hello readers, just a quickie to make sure you are all having a mah-velous weekend. so if not, start now.
and if that means staying on line all day checking out all the new fall stuff, go for it.
do what YOU want to to do today, for at least a few hours, ok?

moi, in the paparazzi shadows, i got caught window shopping in my gianni barbato distressed leather butterfly boots, denim mini and american vintage tank (really nice smooshy feel).
oh yeah, avec givency black distresses leather 'gale.

more later.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

ckparis, pink! et al.

hey you all, what are you doing?

i think my dell laptop video cam just does not want to sync when i upload video and audio. video appears first going very fast, and the the audio comes on later with a frozen pix. suggestions?

ok, attitude adjustment NOW for you and for me... (sigh)
what's a girl to do? i know, go shopping.
i used to say it was cheaper than being in long term therapy, but not anymore...
camille, thanks for you offer of help. i think it is the matter of getting the right combination of settings which i can't seem to be able to create.

so guys, at your request, another 1000 watt smiling chauss pix taken after i finished my starbucks. (i am such the adrenaline junkie.)
and pink, yeah....

my ckparis interview with the very cool designer Bliss Lau is coming along and will be posted here next week with pix. her body chains really rock.

remember to smile or say hello to that stranger today and change someone else's crappy mood in a nyc minute. it works. try it...

see you on the astral plane.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ckparis and blank nyc et al

hey readers, thanks for all the well wishes on my recent hurricane watch. lots of rain and wind, but not a 'cane here. ('canes are not fun.)

anyway, as promised, moi in my dark blue blank nyc skinnies. click the pix to a see the details on the back pockets, distressed studs, what more could a girl want?

oh yeah, blank nyc jeans are coupled with my alexander wang black leather vest. and fashion is poison, good details of the back zipper on vest for you!

and my dior black leather moto boots avec my givenchy black leather 'gale.

i love playing at the nars counter, don't you?

oh, stay tuned readers... i will feature my interview with bliss lau about her fabulous body chains here soon.

see you on the astral plane.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

ckparis, balenciaga and american apparel

hey readers, what's going on?

me? i realized i had a ceiling flood and a very small electrical fire in my place in the same about energy shifts. and a full moon.
oh yeah, let's not forget a hurricane watch.
a hurricane and the prehurricane hype/fear is just really heard to describe. not fun.

so, i figured another smiling chauss picture was in order for today's post. american apparel gray t, shredded denim mini skirt and my balenciaga moto booties. yeah.

i bought a pair of Blank NYC denim skinnies in a really interesting wash, deep bluish on the outside, royal blue on inside with snippets of royal blue peaking here and there and if you flip the cuffs. material blend is sorta like rich and skinny jeans, but a tighter, lower rise. oh, and studded back pockets that remind me of those ca-raaazy priced hysteric glamour jeans i love. pix soon.

btw, any "cowboy mouth" fans? born and bred in new orleans and frequent new orleans jazz fest headliners...

"hurricane party, starting to blow...."( bring on those cookies dipped in scotch.)

see you on the astral plane.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

louboutin studded ariellas

hey all, shaq has done another post featuring me on her blog. thanks, shaq! you can check it out here: chauss in loub cactus booties at shaq's blog

Friday, August 15, 2008

ckparis and dior and balenciaga et al

hey readers, get ready for a GREAT weekend. whatever it is you do, do something YOU really want to do. if it's going out to dinner with friends or shopping up a storm on line in bed while you are alone at home, just do it.

me? i am wearing a distressed brown leather jacket i bought in paris after i saw it hanging in the window of the christian dior store on avenue montaigne. i paired it with my LV sprouse brown leopard scarf and my balenciaga moto booties. ( do i support french design houses or what?)
add a shredded denim mini skirt and i am good to go. so, let's go...

see you on the astral plane.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

see you on the astral plane

hey you all, i am just so over this video upload thing. weeks later, and still same issues...compressed video, sound bites after the video, yadda, yadda....

time to get back to serious blogging, like shoes. and shoes. oh, did i say shoes?

i just got this pix sent to me and thought i would share it with you. frozen pomegranate magaritas, and it's only thursday.....
more later....

see you on the astral plane. bring tequila. now, please.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ckparis and rick owens

hey readers, how are you?

if any of you are video upload experts, listen up.
i have a couple of small vlogs i made with my laptop webcam. the pix and sound run fine on the laptop. however, when i try to upload to blogger, youtube or google, the vlog sound does not play correctly.
the video portion is substantially shortened and sound comes later...
i am frustrated, so any pointers would be appreciated.(i started this project before clem went on vacation and she's back...)
soooo third dimension.

on another note, me and rick owens black blistered lamb jacket.

see you on the astral plane.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

ckparis and marc jacob booties et al

hey all, hope you are having a fun filled weekend.

i went shopping today and bought this black (big suprise) shawl sweater wrap thing. i think i will be able to wear it a million ways. pix soon.

so, here i am in my favorite marc jacob booties, denim shorts, white t and vest (still). look closely for the purple streak, i think it goes well with my panerai lavender croc watch band.

more margaritas at 7:30 pm if you are interested...

Friday, August 8, 2008

ckparis and purple streaks

hey readers, how are you all?

this is a low pixell cell phone shot. my photographer was not in the mood for real pix...
i have my high maintenance hair streaked with purple. (albert, bobby did this) perfect for an evening out of frozen pomegranate margaritas.

purple is a color of the moment and also the 6th chakra color representing the third eye and psychic power. (works for me)

and of course, my alexander wang black leather vest. (cost per use goes down each time i wear it)

so, maybe i will figure out how to upload my vlog next week... too frustrating this past week.

have a FABULOUS weekend. no negativity allowed! remember, you can change your outlook in a nyc minute.

see you on the astral plane.

ckparis and skull bracelet

hey you all, what is going on? tell me...

anyway, this is a pix of a leather and sterling silver skull bracelet hand made by a local artist who also is a professional ballet dancer. the skulls are amazing bc they turn around on the leather bracelet cord.

matt, you need this bracelet. and i miss you!

anyway, it was hard to capture the details of the skulls, but i think you can see them. i am wearing this piece is some pix i posted previously but i think it was hard to see the details.

a. is making a limited amount of these custom made sterling silver skull and black leather bracelets right now. so. if you MUST have one, drop me a pm, email or a comment with your email (which i won't post!) for the particulars. and tell me what country it will be shipped to so i quote you a shipping price.
the ultimate piece of rocker chic!

hey, i will even infuse some positive energy into the bracelet before sending it if you ask me. :)

fasion is poison, yeah, its margarita night, 7:30 pm at rosa's mexicana. be there.
and you other readers, are all invited.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

ckparis and dolce gabbana shades

salutations readers.

i just love being in my own world. a gifted intuitive person i know once told me that i spend more time on the fourth dimension than on the third. (tell me something i don't know.) and that i just asssume everyone else is on my resonance level. wrong. well, one can dream...

anyway, the shades, the shades. i adore sunglasses. they block out all the crappy third dimension stuff for me and it is so fun to secretly zone out and not have any one notice.

remember, if you are anxious, stressed or depressed, you can CHANGE that in a NYC minute. red light, green light, one, two, three...

picture your favorite color, (more about that another time)
and surround yourself with it, let it cover you from head to toe
and then pull it out very slowly starting with your feet and up over your head,
swirl that color around you, outlining your body.

now, outline that color with another layer of protective white light and
you are good to go conquer whatever the third has in store for you today.
promise. :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ckparis and ysl tributes at hottheels

hey readers, shaq has featured me and my ysl tributes in her blog. go check it out. thanks shaq.
you all can check out my ysl tributes pix together here. ckparis and ysl at shaq

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ckparis and shadows in the night

hey readers, how are you? today was just really too third dimensional for me.(a/c leaks, missing ceiling tiles, paying bills..) so, i am heading off to the fourth early tonight.
wanna come with? let's go now...yeah. now.

oh, moi? louboutin cactus booties, alexander wang leather vest and low pixel cell phone pix. (and if you wanna see any of the stuff in detail, flip back a post or two or three..)

btw, i am really happy to hear that some of you have been raising your resonance. keep it up! you know who you all are. ;)

and to those of you who have approached me privately, thanks for your trust.
this stuff works. really.
don't buy into someone else's negativity. it will just boomerang right back at the sender. (gotta love karma!)
trust in the universe.

change the way you look at things.
try to make someone else's day a bit more positive. it is amazing what a simple smile can do for someone. try it.

the unconditional positive energy you share will return tenfold to you in time. lots of white light and some gold light too for those who know how to use it. ;)

see you on the astral plane.

Monday, August 4, 2008

ckparis and louboutin cactus booties

good evening readers, if you are long time reader, you will recognize these pix of me and my christian louboutin cactus booties. i posted them on this blog back in january. these are pix from one of my very first posts when i was still a baby blogger.

and if you have not seen these pix before, voila! moi et my louboutin cactus booties. i paired them with rich and skinny jeans and an american apparel white t.

i have a leak in my a/c and no one who works in the building seems too concerned that it is raining in one of my bathrooms. (gotta love the 'nana republic 'tude..)
a portion of the ceiling has now fallen...c'est la vie.

anyway, i finally got someone to take me seriously and he's coming to fix it very early tomorrow morning.
hence, you all get oldies but goodies pix tonight.

see you on the astral plane!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

ckparis and vintage chanel bag et al

hey readers, thought i would brighten your day or night with my 1000 watt smile.

yeah, miss 'tude can also smile big time. go figure...

i have on my christian louboutin cactus booties worn with a black t shirt and navy blue denim mini skirt for a change of pace.

my bag is a vintage chanel, pre-hologram! i will have to take some better pix of the bag.
my belt is also vintage from the double r store in nolita before they closed.

what ever you do, make it fabulous today. ok?

see you on the astral plane.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

ck paris and dolce and gabbana et al

hey all, what's going on? just a quick hello today.

guess where i am? again... starbucks, of course.

moi? basic black, of course.
with dolce and gabbanna shades.

see you on the astral plane.

Friday, August 1, 2008

ckparis, vintage levis and louboutins

helloooo, how are you all?

me? i am inebriated. frozen pomegrante margaritas. yeah.
what is your poison?

outfit du jour? louboutin mads, vintage destroyed levis, vintage destroyed belt, balenciaga black 03 first and distressed black leather alexander wang vest(still).
low pixel cell phone pix, but you can get the drift.

just wanted to tell you all to have an AMAAAZING weekend.

see you on the asral plane.