Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ckparis basic stuff and vintage bracelets

hello readers,
hope you are all had a great day.

me? my basic chauss 'celets and one more vintage watch band with 1920's clip...
speaking of jewelry, i am busy working on the upcoming Bliss Lau interview to be published on my blog this week. i am just waiting for one of her body chains to arrive here IRL so i can take a pix of moi avec le tuxedo.

Bliss has shared some brand new pix of some brand new amaaaaaazing items she will be producing. i promise you will all be suprised and thrilled. really.(fashion is poison is sworn to secrecy!)

these new items are not on Bliss Lau's website just yet, but will be very soon. a special ckparis discount coupon code to use is also in the works.

see you on the astral plane.

on another note, thanks to this ca-raazy fashion blogger world (with a mixture of fourth dimension positive energy guidance), i have made some real friends. you guys know who you are. just wanted to shout it out.

matt, albert just got his sterling silver and leather skull bracelet today, but we didn't have my photographer around. it looks perfect.

albert, we need a pix of that skull bracelet on your wrist to show matt. i think it is in his future too. sterling silver and leather skull bracelet


natalia said...

those a nice, i would wear them absolutely!

Fruchtzwerg said...

Oh I'm excitin for your Bliss review and what new items you gonna show us.

♥ Marta ♥ said...

O la la....You have a very exquisite taste in jewelry ( I've noticed in number of posts) and I am totally psyched for the interview and the photos ... can't wait. P.S. Have an awesome day :D

Clem said...

I wishI had them, you know how much i luv bracelets... to resume what happened with the guys is that one excellent friend of mine wants to go out with me (but I've got my BF) and I slept with another guy ( but didn't do anything I've got my BF ;D ) I think that when you read it I look like a slut but I'm not ! ^^

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

Gorgeous 'celets Chauss!
Looking forward to the Bliss Lau interview.

Fashion Is Poison said...

aaaamazing jewelry.

hm and this is the 1st and only blog i will be visiting today during office hours (lol) gotta keep it positive.

Anastacia said...

Can't wait for the interview and especially for the new bits she is producing, are they more body chains or is she diversifying to other chains?

Anonymous said...

i love a good arm full of jewelery

do you have aim?

chlozzard said...

i adore your braclets! :)