Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ckparis and shadows in the night

hey readers, how are you? today was just really too third dimensional for me.(a/c leaks, missing ceiling tiles, paying bills..) so, i am heading off to the fourth early tonight.
wanna come with? let's go now...yeah. now.

oh, moi? louboutin cactus booties, alexander wang leather vest and low pixel cell phone pix. (and if you wanna see any of the stuff in detail, flip back a post or two or three..)

btw, i am really happy to hear that some of you have been raising your resonance. keep it up! you know who you all are. ;)

and to those of you who have approached me privately, thanks for your trust.
this stuff works. really.
don't buy into someone else's negativity. it will just boomerang right back at the sender. (gotta love karma!)
trust in the universe.

change the way you look at things.
try to make someone else's day a bit more positive. it is amazing what a simple smile can do for someone. try it.

the unconditional positive energy you share will return tenfold to you in time. lots of white light and some gold light too for those who know how to use it. ;)

see you on the astral plane.


Chantelle said...

Haha, I loved this. I totally missed reading your posts while I was in France. Good to be back, can't wait to see more of your delicious designer get-ups.

Fashion Is Poison said...

this is one of the most inspiring posts i've read from you. my fav to date. it's nice to read a short paragraph every day that reminds you of positive energy and positive thoughts. very much needed! today i had to backup calls for another paralegal regarding housing issues. people were crying to me on the phone about being evicted and having $0 to move to a new home. suddenly my problems were no problems at all. unfortunately there wasn't much i could do for those callers other than...well, help answer their summons and complaints.

Anonymous said...

i am definitely going to keep on radiating the positivity. =)

Anonymous said...

damn girl you're so inspirational, you're really helping me out considering things a different way, well less negatively which i tend to be too often... i have been mourning all day about bad stuff , & it is so great to get back home & read positive things, really, thank you gorgeous!

chauss said...

hey guys, i am sooo happy you all stopped to comment. i've got so many lurkers and although google says they are out there, i get a lot of positive reinforcement from your comments!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

I'm positive all the way ... :D P.S. looking wonderful, as always. I love the vest

Unknown said...

you are so right. even a smile for someone will safe someones day..i know that from myself..
i am happy now.. thank god all the misery is gone..of course the shitty days come time to time, but lesser and lesser..this rain sucks. but what can u do. just but umbrella.