Friday, August 8, 2008

ckparis and skull bracelet

hey you all, what is going on? tell me...

anyway, this is a pix of a leather and sterling silver skull bracelet hand made by a local artist who also is a professional ballet dancer. the skulls are amazing bc they turn around on the leather bracelet cord.

matt, you need this bracelet. and i miss you!

anyway, it was hard to capture the details of the skulls, but i think you can see them. i am wearing this piece is some pix i posted previously but i think it was hard to see the details.

a. is making a limited amount of these custom made sterling silver skull and black leather bracelets right now. so. if you MUST have one, drop me a pm, email or a comment with your email (which i won't post!) for the particulars. and tell me what country it will be shipped to so i quote you a shipping price.
the ultimate piece of rocker chic!

hey, i will even infuse some positive energy into the bracelet before sending it if you ask me. :)

fasion is poison, yeah, its margarita night, 7:30 pm at rosa's mexicana. be there.
and you other readers, are all invited.


S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

This is a beautiful piece, I'm certain you TOTALLY rock it! And I'm assuming it's very much out of my price range :P

yiqin; said...

Ohmy, I think skulls make beautiful accessories!!! Especially this!

Marina said...

This bracelet is so "yours"!I love it. I think that you should try Loree Rodkin and Delfine Delletre-Fendi jewels!
Great taste!

Matthew L. Romo said...

ck- i love it!!!! I would love one, but my world is unfortunately in pesos now, not dollars. I´ve found SOOOO much great stuff here. My laptop is also broken (my fault entirely- dropped it after a night of far too many argentine cures) so i´ve been a little absent from blogs and TFS. i miss you too!! the RO store is open in nyc, right??? pilgrimage?? :D


wow, impressive!


Try! ;)

Vintage Pattern Vault said...

I'm going to PM you my details at TFS.

Bombchell said...

the skull bracelet is pretty hot. and i like the purple streak =)