Saturday, August 2, 2008

ck paris and dolce and gabbana et al

hey all, what's going on? just a quick hello today.

guess where i am? again... starbucks, of course.

moi? basic black, of course.
with dolce and gabbanna shades.

see you on the astral plane.


lara said...

I would love to have a starbucks here :) !!

Vertiginoso said...

Chère Chauss, You really exudes Serenity (with a capital letter) behind your "Shades Oversize" !!!

A Bientôt, Antoine

chauss said...

lara, thanks for stopping by. yeah, starbucks is le must.

antoine, i think i look serene bc i need to drink my cafe. however, maybe its just alll my raising resonance ... :)

MEMEME said...

ya link is on my page already...:)....where are you going today?...more shopping?

Mimi said...

Oh...why don't we have starbucks here?I love their iced lattes :(
Your avatar is great!

TINA said...

I absolutely love the sunglasses!

Fashion Is Poison said...

fabulous sunglasses c

no starbucks for me but i'm having a smoothie ;) it's TOO hot in CA today.

Ashleigh said...

mmmm Vanilla lattes...those are my fave