Thursday, April 30, 2009

ckparis and rick owens nyc and shark fin booties

hey all, how is your week going? tell me...
here is one last pic of moi in the rick owens nyc store.
i have on my ro moto jacket from fall/winter '08, barbato boots and blank jeans
and guess what i am checking out?
shoes! yeah, big suprise.

and if you all feel the need to splurge on some ro, dial the rick owens nyc store and ask for william. william is the rick owens visual director and fabulous to work with. he even has some south floridian roots.
just tell him ckparis sent you.

when i finally decided to order my booties, i was sitting at a hog dog stand on the boulevard around 79th street back in the 'nana.
anyone know of dogma?
i had a epiphany and called william and told him to send the shark fins.

see you on the astral plane.

p.s. do you think the money we printed in the fourth can be used back on the third?

Monday, April 27, 2009

ckparis and rick owens snakeskin shark fin booties

rick owens store
i asked d. why he did not take any pix of me trying on snakeskin shark fin booties in the store.
d. handed me my blackberry and
a video came on...
another secret shoe surveillance video.
music was what was playing at rick owens nyc store.
and if you can make at the conversation,
yeah, it's bizarre...

p.s. william at ro is sending me the snakeskin shark fin booties. :)

see you on the astral plane
avec my fin booties.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

ckparis, lbd and balmain booties

hello. how are you all doing? tell me.

moi? i have a vintage lbd with mesh panels on the sides avec black lace gloves, helene zubeldia cystal and leather necklace and my balmain black suede fringe booties.
someone is always watching...

have a FABULOUS monday.
i am expecting some nyc packages to arrive this week. be afraid. be very afraid...
(snakeskin fins et et al.)

see you on the astral plane.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

nyc 9:00 am

shoreham hotel
9:00 am

Thursday, April 23, 2009

ckparis and the chauss fast pace nyc shopping guide

got 24 hours to spend in nyc? put on comfortable boots or shoes and don't dawdle, we have got a lot of ground to cover.

moi? paparazzi shot of me mesmorized by the giant red stiletto sculpture in front of bergdorf goodman.

ready? set. go...

the chauss fast pace nyc shopping guide:
ok, first stop up is:
TOPSHOP: broadway and broome. overrated imo. sorry guys. i was dissapointed. clothing is ok and prices are ehhh for what you get.
jewelry was too expensive for mass produced items. $89 was the price of several necklaces i picked up.
i just felt like i was in UK paying dollars. like take the pound price,and double it.
no thanks.
a fellow shopper told me her friend was in the UK this week and told her the kate moss dress listed for $120 plus tax in the nyc store was only $90 US in the UK store after the pound to dollar conversion.
go to UK to shop topshop.
(i am a f21 chick for basic basics. you can't beat a $7.80 t shirt that people repeatedly ask me if it is The Row.)

next up,
PHI: check out this uber chic store on greene street. the place has amazing energy, a fabulous layout and a user friendly staff. margaret and mimi are great. i have only spoken to randy on the phone, but he was extremely helpful the few times we spoke. and the boots.
pix soon...

OPENING CEREMONY: make sure you check out all 3 levels. top floor is opening ceremony's own label, streel level is assorted stuff including alexander wang and bottom level is more designers and the shoe collection.

MADEWELL: on broadway. jeans. ok. yeah.

RICK OWENS: on hudson. ask the SA to turn on the fog machine for you and the clothes, well, this is a MUST stop. surveillance vlog coming soon...

L'ATELIER NYC: right near rick owens, great selection of leather messenger bags from assorted eclectic designers and cutting edge clothes.

JEFFREY'S: w.14th st. fabulous assortment of shoes, shoes, shoes and boots.
yeah, clothes too. high end designers like prada and lanvin, etc.
but the shoe department is the next best thing in nyc to BG's shoes department.

BERGDORF's: a trip to nyc would not be complete without a trip to the 4th floor shoe department if only for a look see... mind boggling collection of everything!
and before you exit the store, take the escalator to the bottom level.
the cosmetics FLOOR! yeah. an entire floor.
skip any brand you have ever heard of and check out the eclectic small brands. i picked up a great lipstick in a fabulous simple, small black case by edward bess. color is called "secret desire". works for me.
(i love dior high shine lipsticks, but can't stand the bling bling plastic huge case.
i stopped buying it because of the crappy oversized container. dior, are you listening?
i really mean this.)

BARNEY's: you gotta go if just to check out the people shopping. 4th floor is home of alaia and spy v. spy. great selection of givenchy bags.

major shout out to mona13 of tfs.
she was my own personal map quest.
i emailed mona13 all day on my blackberry for walking directions. she provided perfect directions from point a to point b to point c all day long. really.
and mona13 is responsible for my trek to off the beaten track, rick owens store.
thank you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ckparis comments kidnapped by spy v. spy

hey all, i have gotten some emails from you saying you can't comment on the spy v. spy post below...

i think the spys kidnapped the commments.
so leave them here.
make it a FABULOUS day. more later on nyc shopping.

ssssssshhhhhh. we are being watched... :)
xxoo chauss

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ckparis, nyc and spy v. spy and/or alaia v. alaia

hey all, did you miss me?
just got back from nyc.
the rain pix was taken this afternoon in nyc.
a good day to say au revoir to nyc...
and a 2.5 hour delay at the airport.
c'est la vie.

lots and lots to share with you all about my brief sojourn. i had a family function to attend in ct and managed to sneak to nyc for a brief interlude before returning to the 'nana.

i will post the chauss nyc fast pace shopping guide including the 411 about topshop. stay tuned....

the top pix was taken in barneys nyc 4th floor. the sign above my secret service detail said "alaia v. alaia". (alaia is sold on that floor.)
i was told it was a play on "spy v. spy". so, i included a spy v. spy video from you tube for your viewing pleasure.
spy v. spy was a black and white cartoon series from the '60s-70's. love the themes in this video. they sorta relate to today's politics on a couple of different levels.

waaaaaaaaaaaaay past my bedtime. so zzzzz out time. much, much more to follow.
rick owens anyone?

don't forget to check out the red dynamite stick the black spy is holding in the pix. apparently, they spend hours on end trying to blow each other up.
i really like the music.

btw, i have on paige premium jeans, barbato boots, balenciaga WE in vert d'eau, and rick owens moto jacket.

see you on the astral plane.


Friday, April 17, 2009

ckparis wants to know, il fait froid?

hey guys, how are you?
pix is from a nyc channel this am taken on a blackberry in the 'nana republic of the southern most portion of the U.S. (gotta love direct tv with local NYC channels when you don't live there)
it's hot and it cold...ok, too kate perry...
what do i pack?
cold stuff?
warm stuff?
nyc people, email me your favorite vintage store. no time for brooklyn, so just manhattan.

make it a FABULOUS weekend.
and do NOT let any negative people bring YOU down.
white light and chocolate go a long way...

see you on the astral plane or...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ckparis visits tear in the third dimension and espirito santo

hey all, how is your week going?

moi? yeah.
i am sooooo on my way to the fourth..............
in this pix, i am sitting in the most surreal restaurant. such a hollywood-like set.
the place is really cute and the chalk board has the same nonexistent specials written on them for months now.
i love to order the nonexistent half roast chicken just to have the perplexed waiter repeatedly tell me he doesnt have it today, (or any day) in his pseudo-european accent.
the food presentation is very artistic, but the food has no taste.
very strange.
the place is like a bit of a tear in the third dimension world, but doesn't quite make it to the fourth.
so the end result is this pretty place which could easily be a movie set scene.

i am playing around with my itsumi bag and have on a smoooshy white t in the restaurant pix.

oh, and for your viewing pleasure, i posted a pix of the espirito santo building on brickell ave.
h, did you see this one when you got lost on brickell?

the 'nana republic is just such a surreal place.
and yes, people really did dump carts of ripe bananas on the steps of city hall during the elian fiasco.

see you on the astral plane.

Monday, April 13, 2009

ckparis, aurelie bidermann and the alchemist

hello. how are you all doing? tell me.

major shout out to my amaaazing internet friends. you guys are the BEST! and you all know who you are. big thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog as well as to email me stuff you want to chat about or just to give me the 411.
merci beaucoup.
i hope i can meet some more of you irl instead of just on the net and the astral plane.
nothing is a concidence. nothing. so if you are reading this...
positive energy comes back to you tenfold and negative energy has a nasty wasy of boomeranging right back to the person throwing it.

back on the third, i went to The Alchemist on MB today. fabulous vibe and great staff.
super cute SA tara hooked me up with french designer, aurelie bidermann's, red enamel/mother of pearl
necklace/bracelet on a stretchy black neoprene-y cord. see pix.
totally fun. don't you love pieces that you can wear multiple ways?

i resisted buying some perfect basics pieces of clothing at The Alchemist bc i am going to nyc for a couple of days and need dollars for damages.

what are your favorite vintage places to shop in nyc?

i also have on my kieselstein-cord 'gator belt avec my favorite marc jacob booties.

see you on the astral plane.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

ckparis and diy chauss color meditation

ok guys, by popular request, here is the chauss diy color meditation. i will have to do a vlog post one of these days with my personal spin on it, but give it a shot.

this post id dedicated with love to alicia of instant vintage, and krystal of whatisrealityanyway (both persistently reminded me to do this post) and all of my dedicated readers who are looking for a road map to the fourth dimension or just a moment of stress relief.

A. There are seven main chakras in the body and each chakra has a color. (the specific meaning of the colors can be discussd in a future post if you want.) today, we are focusing on the colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (purple) and violet (or white). got that?

B. get comfy.

C. imagine tiny branches that are growing out of the bottom of your feet thru the floor, thu the ground, all the way to the center of the earth. as the branches grow, they thicken and thicken into tree trunks attaching yourself to the earth.
ok guys, you have just grounded yourself and ready to begin.

D. imagine the color red washing all over you from your toes to the top of your head. slowly let the color rise out of your body and then swirl it around in circles around your body.

E. repeat D. with the color orange, then with yellow, then with green, then with blue, then with purple and then with violet or white.

F. after pulling all the colors thru your body, you will have an aura around your entire body with each color as another layer.

G. swirl all the colors around the outline of your body and just be.

H. congratulatons, you have just protected yourself and experienced a peaceful tranquility, even if it was just for a few moments. once you recognize the feeling of well being, you will be able to get there quicker and maintain it for longer periods of time.
you can print out this chauss diy how to color meditate and pull it out when you need to relax.

moi? when i am about to totally lose it, i can just say the seven colors slowly in my mind with my eyes closed, and i am there...
welcome to the fourth.
yes, it does take practice and a willing suspension of disbelief.
it is up to you.
i can just guide you with techniques to get there.

please ask me questions if you guys get stuck or don't understand a step.

see you on the astral plane.

p.s. back on the third, i will have to take pix of my new super cute, cheap and chic purchase du jour for my next post...:)))))

Thursday, April 9, 2009

ckparis, blank jeans, thomas wylde and full moon

hello all. thanks so much for letting me know you are all still out there in blogger reading world.
i love hearing from you. really.

full moon.
just another excuse for 'nana republic land to go ca-raaazy.

weirdest thing?
a guy flossing his teeth while driving his car. true. i tried to snap a pix with my blackberry, but i messed it up.
(this tops the usual bevy of women in the am putting on mascara, eye liner etc. while operating a motor vehicle.)
ahhhh, just another day in paradise...

moi? hanging out in bleached blank jeans, black dior boots and my first season thomas wylde jacket. can you make out the silver studs?
it is also lined with black and white skulls in paula's original pattern.
i got this jacket in paris while they were unpacking the boxes. l'eclaireur.
beaucoup bucks.
irony? it's made in LA.
i did get my vat back... lol.
thomas wylde first season leather is fabulous. :)

h, i am loving this weather. come meet me for coffee at pasion cafe in the gables.
people don't even think it was strange that i had on a leather jacket and boots today. (those two items are year round staples for me even though i spend a lot of time in the tropics.)

so, what are your full moon symptoms?
i am buzzing.
kinda like a low frequency vibration.

make it a FABULOUS friday.

see you on the astral plane.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ckparis and vintage levis

hello all, how's the week going for you?

ok, interesting phenomenon to share with you... my stats show my blog hits are up, but you guys have been really quiet this week...
what's up?
check in and leave me a comment.
let me know what kind of stuff you want to see here.
i like hearing from you all. really.

moi? on the floor in my favorite marc jacobs booties, vintage naturally distressed 501 levis which i cut off into long shorts, a smooshy american apparel long sleeve t shirt avec a signature chauss 100,000 watt smile.

see you on the astral plane.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

ckparis, hot pink and the astral plane

hey all. how was your weekend? tell me...

i think i forgot how brutal 'nana rerublic humidity can be. we have had an unusual run of lower humidity weather for the past month. (easy to get used to)
anyway, i almost passed out today in the car. really. (no, i wasn't driving)
my ease at transferring dimensions has now taken a true physical component.
not feeling well? no problem, just
physically leave the third thru a syncopal episode.
i am such the drama queen...

278 flights of stairs, double espresso and can of red bull...
a recipe for a pass out cocktail?
i am such the adrenaline junkie, but i think my 32 oz. precoffee chauss magic green juice has to be supplemented by extra h20 on extreme stair days.

moi? pix of me avec a PINK smooshy f21 $12.80 long sleeve t.
like i said, i was feeling crappy this am, so i broke out this hot pink t to try to look perky.
the color of this t is the same as the sprouse hot pink rose scarf i have been playing with for weeks at the lv store.
i am not usually a pink chick, but i love the fact i can get the same pink high from a $12 t as i get from a $900 scarf.
my hair in the pix is post 278 flights and sans a brush.
gotta love sundays....

in the top pix, i have on my vintage resin cameo on a ribbon cord i got in a vintage store in the french quarter on new orleans pre-hurricane katrina.
i have some great vintage jewelry finds from NOLA shopping.
my friends would go off to the jazz fest grounds to get inebriated , listen to fabulous music and get baked in the sun.
with my propensity for heat stroke and passing out, i would opt out to wonder the streets of the french quarter by myself and drink cafe du monde and disover the best place for muffalettas was the central grocery.

anyway, this post is rambling a bit because i am still somewhere between the third and fourth.

ok, i gotta post my chauss DIY color mediation for krystal soon. you will all like it! :)
and a shout out to ihaveadog who has had a difficult three weeks.
the universe will provide...

see you on the astral plane.

Friday, April 3, 2009

ckparis and your happy place

hey all, make it a FABULOUS weekend.
d. took this pix tonight on the avenue of brickell in the 'nana republic of the southern most portion of the U.S.

the pix ad was on the side of a public phone booth. hey, if bugs bunny is going to get to his happy place by drinking a chocolate shake, we should all be able to get there too.
n'est pas?

allons-y maintenant. :)

see you on the astral plane.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

chauss in the looking glass

hey all, i perviously posted this thread about six months ago when my friend izzydore asked me to explain the fourth dimension. however, when fashion chalet asked me what the astral plane was this week, i thought it would be a good idea to republish the chauss explantion of the fourth dimension.
ready guys? let's go...

the third dimension is the world of this earth. it is 3 dimensional and the place where you can find most humans in all aspects of life.

now, when you raise your resonance, and you still live in the third with everyone else, you can experience another dimension in addition to those which you are already familiar with...
welcome to the astral plane, the fourth dimension.

one does not need money or food on the fourth. you create your own reality.
time is like a large loop. the fourth dimension represents time before birth, and also after death, and everything in between. it is populated by angels, spirits, immortal beings and those humans who can transcend the third dimension by astral projection, meditation and dreams.

you need to be careful what you think on the fourth because those thoughts can take form. if you think of a negative person, they may appear.
so, think positive thoughts to create a fun and fabulous reality while you are visitng the fourth dimension.

if you want it cold, let it snow and bundle up in your favorite leather boots, and rick owens or balenciaga winter coat. enjoy a cup of steaming vin chaud (my personal favorite) and some bittersweet chocolate.
and it could still be 85 degrees, and hot and humid in your current third dimension reality.

anyway, if you guys want to chat more about this, leave me a comment.

my blog is a fashion blog for the body.. and for the soul.

i am a reiki master, but also have several traditional higher education degrees which makes the everyday person at least intrigued by what i have to say.
i am happy to help you all play on the fourth. once you have been there, you will understand.
take your time, everyone has their own unique comfort level.
but it is really amazing when you step out of it and try to get to the next level.

ok, enough for now. let me know your thoughts...

moi? chauss in the looking glass. i am already on my way to the fourth with my magic ysl yellow soled platform tribute toos.

see you on the astral plane.