Tuesday, September 30, 2008

hey readers. today is basic black (what else is new?) coupled with balenciaga.

i have on my bal black leather moto booties. i didn't get a pix of my bal spring 03 long shoulder strap , pewter hardware, extemely smooooooooooooooooshy black leather moto first bag in the first 2 pix, so i included it in the next pix avec my beloved bal moto booties. this bag has the BEST leather out of my entire bal collection including my flat brass firsts. really.

i bought a vintage deep cornflower blue crushed velvet jacket with snaps.
yes, blue! i love the combination of black and blue together.
the texture on this jacket is enhanced by silver snaps (instead of buttons).
the crushed velvet is shredded around the edges of the jacket into piece-y fringe like frays which give it just the right amount of distressed rocker chic 'tude.
pix coming soon.

see you on the astral plane.

Monday, September 29, 2008

ckparis and burberry lizard platfoms

good morning readers. how is your monday going?

this is just a quickie to tell you all to have a great week. set it up now, it is just as easy to be positive as it is to be negative. it is amazing how a simple smile to a strange can raise their spirits.
so take a risk today. positive energy always comes back to you tenfold.
however, the universe operates on its own time clock... and negative energy always has a way of boomeranging back to the one spinning it.

don't let anyone else take your power. have confidence in youself. when you do, your aura radiates like a milion watt light bulb.

whatever crap you have to face today, you can handle it. promise. trust in YOURSELF. if you dont believe in you, no one else will.
raise you resonance. when you do, the negative stuff on a lower vibrational level won't be an issue.

btw, thank you all for your comments and thoughts on my blog. it really means a lot to me that you take the time to do so. i have made some amazing cyber friends here.
you all rock!

and to those celebrating tonight, le shana tova.

moi? burberry runway black lizard platforms and vintage levis.

see you on the astral plane.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

ckparis, balenciaga and true blood

hey you all, how is your weekend going? tell me...

true blood is on tonight on hbo. watch it if you dare... i'm obsessed with it. love, sex and immortality. what else could a fourth dimension visitor want?
oh yeah, boots, and shoes and bags...

moi? balenciaga black leather moto booties, bliss lau body chain , et al.

today's shopping conversation:

barneys SA 1: where did you get that alexander wang vest?

ckparis: why?

barneys SA 1: where did you get that vest?

ckparis: why? you can buy one right here....

barneys SA 1: but where did you buy yours?

ckparis to barneys SA 2: why is he asking me that?

barneys SA 2: i don't know... it is strange...

barneys SA 3 to ckparis: hi, i know you.

barneys SA 3 to SA 2: this girl {ckparis} is a fierce fashionista...

barneys SA 3 to ckparis: you were the first one to carry a balenciaga motorcycle bag.

ckparis: yeah, you do know me...

anyone else remember when the bal bags were kept in a secret locked drawer at barneys and you had to know the password language to actually get the SA to sell one to you?
not anymore....
and the original bal moto bags were chevre, not agneau...

see you on the astral plane.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

chauss in the looking glass with ysl tribute toos

hey readers, my cyber friend izzydore asked me what are the third and fourth dimensions i chat about in my blog.

my dear izzydore and any of my other new faithful readers, commenters and lurkers, the third dimension is the world of this earth. it is 3 dimensional and the place where you can find most humans in all aspects of life.

now, when you raise your resonance, and you still live in the third with everyone else, you can experience another dimension in addition to those which you are already familiar with...
welcome to the astral plane, the fourth dimension.

one does not need money or food on the fourth. you create your own reality.
time is like a large loop. the fourth dimension represents time before birth, and also after death, and everything in between. it is populated by angels, spirits, immortal beings and those humans who can transcend the third dimension by astral projection, meditation and dreams.

you need to be careful what you think on the fourth because those thoughts can take form. if you think of a negative person, they may appear.
so, think positive thoughts to create a fun and fabulous reality while you are visitng the fourth dimension.

if you want it cold, let it snow and bundle up in your favorite leather boots, and rick owens or balenciaga winter coat. enjoy a cup of steaming vin chaud (my personal favorite) and some bittersweet chocolate.
and it could still be 85 degrees, and hot and humid in your current third dimension reality.

anyway, if you guys want to chat more about this, leave me a comment.

my blog is a fashion blog for the body.. and for the soul.

i am a reiki master, but also have several traditional higher education degrees which makes the everyday person at least intrigued by what i have to say.
i am happy to help you all play on the fourth. once you have been there, you will understand.
take your time, everyone has their own unique comfort level.
but it is really amazing when you step out of it and try to get to the next level.

ok, enough for now. let me know your thoughts...

moi? chauss in the looking glass. i am already on my way to the fourth with my magic ysl yellow soled platform tribute toos.

matt, astal plane happy hour tomorrow at 700 pm. i will bring tequila. really good stuff.
anyone else interested?

see you on the astral plane.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ckparis, rick owens and peter max

hey readers. what are you up to? tell me...

me? i am wearing another rick owens black blistered lamb jacket from f/w 08 stag collection. it is black with an espresso lining. i wanted this particular ro jacket for a year. the 38s were presold last f/w and i did not like the leather from the ro spring 08 collection. and much better fit this season too.
mark, what do you think?
ihaveadog, see the difference from the other pix?

i also have on my new ysl tribute too platform stilettos.
i got a lot of comments on my ability to walk in these shoes. so, let me introduce you all to

CHAUSS RULES On Wearing High, High, High Heels:

1. practice makes perfect.
2. where there is a will, there is a way!
3. pleasure and pain develop one's character.
4. immediate attitude adjustment!
5. it's kinda like roller blading and ice skating, when you find your balance, it's nirvana.
6. you get to exercise your calves and look great at the same time.
7. avoid cobblestones, if you can.
8. carry medical tape in your bag to prevent blisters on those hot spots.

you all know by now that my taste in shoes and boots is not for the average woman, but then the average woman doesn't hang out on the fourth dimension either...

high, high, high heels just work for me. if you feel good about something, your energy will project that feeling.
always strive to raise your resonance.

if something works for you, go for it.
trust your own judgment.
you can develop your intuition by listening to yourself.

i just know the new drop crotch pants that are the current rage are not going to be found in my wardrobe anytime soon.
but if they work for you, put them with your favorite shoes or boots and strut your stuff.

see you on the astral plane.
and remember, choose the outfit that works for YOU on the third
and on the fourth.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

ckparis and ysl tribute too platforms

hello readers. how is your weekend going? tell me what you are doing.

me? well, more mesmerizing shoes. yeah, i warned you all yesterday...
these are ysl f/w 08-09 platform tribute toos.
6 inch stilettos with an ankle strap. what more can a girl want in a shoe?

antoine, are you looking? (an extra birthday pix present for you)

ihaveadog, per your request, here they are cyber-irl for you to check out.

ok guys, i am in my own mood, so i'm off to hit the stairs. i think its gonna be at least a 184 flight day...(serious attitude adjustment)
matt, are you reading this or did the new smiling skulls take you to the fifth dimension?

mark, i know i still owe you rick owens stag 08 pix, but today it's all about the shoes.

lp, thanks for the dark chocolate tip.

clem, i miss your posts.

mj, here's a shout out to let you know i am thinking about you. check in.

xax, true blood is on hbo tonite! and the rest of you lurkers, check it out...
i actually have people asking me if the VRA is a real bill in front of the Louisiana legislature. (and i'm the one who spends time on the fourth...) lol
bite me please.

see you on the astral plane.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

ckparis and python platform stilettos

good morning readers. it is gonna be a great weekend.
first step, change your attitude. it is just as easy to be positive as it is to be negative. and no crappy energy allowed here, there is enough of that in this universe already.

a gifted psychic friend tells me that i spend more time in the fourth dimension than the third dimension.(i tend to think you all are there too.) it's a very creative place to hang out.

moi? i am mesmerized by my la perla black python ankle strap platform stilettos here. i focus on an object and just drift off to another place sometimes.
i am thinking shoes. and boots.
be afraid, be very afraid.
wanna go shoe shopping with me today?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

ckparis and ysl tribute toos

hello readers. what's new?
i have been shopping again, still, whatever...
i think it is a great escape without actually leaving the third dimension.
know what i mean?

f/w stag '08... yeah.
and shoes, boots. lots of look-sees...
some final decisions soon.

today? vintage fedora, wolford, bliss lau, and ysl black patent leather tribute twos.
antoine, you should be happy.

see you on the astral plane.

ckparis and tina chow

hey readers. how are you doing?

me? i am definitely in the cross roads between the third and fourth dimensions today.
i am wearing an americal apparel gray t shirt and my tina chow crystal necklace.
i think the top pix captured my location, somewhere between the third and fourth.
and where are you guys now?

is it a full moon or something?...

and for those in the know... another size 38, black blistered lamb distressed leather,
stag f/w 08.
2b continued...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ckparis and vintage chanel

how is your week going? mine is sorta ...yeah.
attitude adjustment time...

ok, it's gonna be a GREAT day for all of you! got it?

did any of you catch the hbo show, "first blood"? love.

me at my favorite french cafe this side of the pond.
the french cure, and it's only wednesday.
and to think i bought 1 euro for 80 US cents when the french first adopted the euro.
c'est la vie.

and while we are talking about french things, here is a pix of my vintage chanel bag (pre hologram!) it is sorta black patent leather with contrasting bone leather trim. the gold chain is a great pattern that you can double or even tuck in the bag to use clutch style. the inside of the bag is lined in the softest leather. the CCs are embossed in black on black on the front of the bag.

i am going to the fourth maintenant. wanna come?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ckparis and yigal azrouel jacket

hey you all. my new ipod nano is so svelte. it makes my ipod mini look maxi.
and it is HOT pink. like balenciaga magenta '05 neon-ized.

man, i am just over tired. so let me just say good night and sweet dreams so i don't keep rambling on after this description:

my yigal azrouel distressed black leather jacket, really a charcoal color. note the rad elbow pads, et al.

see you on the astral plane.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

ckparis, white t shirt, bliss lau chain.

hey you all. i did 46 flights of stairs acapella.
not fun, my ipod mini is crashing so i went shopping (big suprise) today to buy the new ipod nano that just came out. i need music to run/walk stairs.
so, guys, i am gonna take my new hot pink ipod nano and go back to finish the job, 138 more flights to go...

moi? white t avec my bliss lau body chain on top of my t today.

p.s. today is now september 15, 2008 and the last day to get FREE shipping in US and discounted international shipping on bliss lau stuff.
and bliss lau shoe chains are now up.! check it out now at
bliss lau

see you on the astral plane.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

ckparis, black and bliss lau

hey you all. how is your weekend going? tell me...

moi? i was caught in paparazzi shots while shopping...(again, still, whatever). usual chauss black attire with marc jacob black leather booties.
i have on my bliss lau body chain over my shirt (instead of au naturel)(love the versatility!) in the first pix. you can click on it to see the details.

i have some new pix on d.'s new iphone. need to get them uploaded.
have a FABULOUS day! ok? have you tried the chauss out-of your-comfort-zone exercise? try it today...it may just put a new spin on your day. really.

more later.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

ckparis, givenchy nightingale, et al.

hey you all, what are you doing? remember the third dimension operates in cycles. so, if today was not your best day, tomorrow will be better. really. promise.
put it out to the universe to provide lots of chocolate, cupcakes and white, silver and gold light.

d. went to LA. (fashionispoison and ihaveadog, you know i would have called you.)
chauss went to atlanta. yeah.
but d. did bring me back my most favorite chocolate from krons bev hills. they are called "black k". 90 percent pure bitter dark chocolate. i really think i changed dimensions after eating 2 wafers. not for the faint of heart.
but then you know i am not that kind. lol...
bring it on.
the last time i bought black k myself, the owner tried to talk me out of it. she said about 5 japanese people and i were her only black k regulars. huh?

today's paparazzi pix of me include my givenchy black distressd leather 'gale, favorite marc jacob booties, bliss lau body chain and wolford.

i was wearing this outfit today when i was at NM and approached by one of the store's execs:

NM: excuse me, you shop here often...

ckparis: yes. (1000 watt smile)

NM: i just wanted to tell you that you always dress so fashionable.

ckparis: thank you.

NM: you have such a great sense of style!

ckparis: thanks.

ckparis thinking: (hmmmm, material for my blog)

anyway, wear what you feel comfortable with. when you feel good about yourself, your aura grows and you radiate energy. always strive to raise your resonance.

if you put on your favorite outfit or shoes, you may find that your crappy mood is gone in a nyc minute. really. try it. (fanny, that's you too!)
there is NO WAY i am ever going to have a bad day in my ysl 6 inch tributes. it just won't happen.
empower youself and don't forget to laugh today.

enough said...

see you on the astral plane.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ckparis, bliss lau, zzzzzzzzzz

hey you all. what are you doing?
i really need to catch up on sleep. i know i am up too late when my european readers start commenting and i am still blogging...

at least i still have my sense of humor.
which brings us to this pix of moi...

vintage destroyed black fedora (my favorite), vintage chauss 'celets. panerai, and bliss lau body chain.

anybody catch the new hbo series, "true blood"?
i think i am already addicted. why are emotionally distraught vampires so sexy?

see you on the astral plane.
and bring red wine and straws... ;)

P.S.BLISS LAU is offering you all FREE US shipping and discounted international shipping on her body chains until september 15. use coupon code "ckparis" when you purchase.
and read my article/interview on bliss lau here and then go to buy her stuff at bliss lau .

Sunday, September 7, 2008

ckparis and givenchy nightingale et al

hello readers. how is your weekend going? tell me.

me? just got off a plane from a quick jaunt to atlanta... did you miss me?
yeah, back to hurricane hysteria.
send lots of positive energy down to the tropics please.

more later.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

ckparis a/k/a chauss shout out to clem

ssssssssssshhhhhhh! hey readers,let's all head over to clem's blog and leave her a birthday wish. and if you don't know her, say chauss at ckparis sent you over!
clem is a french blogger friend of mine who turns 19 on september 5 and may not have internet service now because she just got a new place for school.

but when clem logs on, i am sure she will be suprised and delighted with a comment from you! (if you don't speak french, clem has to approve the message before she posts it, so if you see a yellow box with french writing after you send message, you did it right!)

so all you ckparis blog regulars and lurkers (my stats show you are out there!), leave clem a shout out.

happy birthday, clem! may all your dreams come true. :)

p.s. here is a sketch clem drew of me. notice her attention to detail. clem got my balenciaga bubblegum pink '05 WE, marc jacob booties, gucci glasses, american apparel scarf and my starbucks.

see you on the astral plane.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ckparis and bliss lau body chain

hey readers, what's going on? tell me.

i stay up waaay too late and wonder why i don't want to get out of bed in the am. green juice, coffee, yeah...bring it on.

moi? ssshhhhhh...paparazzi closeup while i was getting dressed. bliss lau body chains are really addicting...can't you tell?

do something today a little bit out of your own comfort zone. you decide, just give it a shot. your resonance and self esteem will rise. make it a GREAT day.

see you on the astral plane.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ckparis and vintage fiorucci

hey you all.
you know the vintage disco song that says, "he's the greatest dancer....halston, gucci, fiorucci..."?
well, this cropped t shirt is vintage 1980's fiorucci. it was originally purchased at the nyc fiorucci store from a SA on rollerskates. perfect story. cool t.
"healthy swimmer" is written across the back.

oh yeah, ysl tributes in pix too. happy, antoine?

and welcome back, matt! i missed your comments. check in and tell me your 3 best south american fashion finds.
and you still need that sterling silver skull bracelet. right, albert?

fashion is poison, i await your telephone call when you get your new body chain to walk you thru how-do-i-figure-out-how-to-wear my bliss lau body chain?

any of you gossip girl fans? i love that show. new season started last night.(i went to school with kids like that.)

see you on the astral plane.