Sunday, September 7, 2008

ckparis and givenchy nightingale et al

hello readers. how is your weekend going? tell me.

me? just got off a plane from a quick jaunt to atlanta... did you miss me?
yeah, back to hurricane hysteria.
send lots of positive energy down to the tropics please.

more later.


cass said...

your so effortlessly fabulous
its sickening <3.
love the blog.

MEMEME said...

hello hottie!!..:)

Unknown said...

did stallone live then in philadelphia or witch city? i got interested, seems that u have like been always in the right places :)
i answered also you in my blog.

well, my weeken, i spend it shopping, first like i even couldnt afford, but it was hm so cheap stuff but lovely stuff. and NAPPING wich ruined my yesterdays plan, i will stop takin naps, after naping i always feel like i had drank one vodka bottle all by my self. so really relaxed weekend. i am looking forward next week cos sunit is coming if he gets his passport in time <3

Richel said...

sadly, I'm still in high school. apparently this year is supposed to be THE year for college preparedness. hopefully i can step up to the plate!

you're amazing, did I tell you that?
that cupcake mantra was fantastically helpful. i actually even went to karas cupcakes and bought a couple neon pink cupcakes! imagining them gave me a crazy craving!

MEMEME said...

you don't want to go there...!!!'s boring !!...LOL.....where is your next trip?...

chauss said...

cass, thank you!

moni, back atcha!

nita, sly had an estate in coconut grove on the same block where madonnad had an estate too. both have moved! sly used to walk aroung the grove and jennifer slavin, his wife, went to the same hairdresser i did. she was really snooty to everyone, i have the same necklace she does, (i havent posted it... very cool heavy silver) and she would chat with me.

btw, i did live in philadelphia for a bit, and one of the things you have to do if you are an original rocky fan is to get trashed and then run up the steps of the philadelphia art museum (like he did in movie) and "do a

richel, i am soo glad! i am such the "think out of the box" chick.
but, education is very important, so like nike says, just do it! i can give you pointers along the way.
trust me, i have taken numerous exams and prep programs, psats, sats, lsats and mres. etc........... blech :)

Vertiginoso said...

Chauss is Back, and It is a "GLAMRock-issime" Pleasure !!!
ps: I 'm sure you'll love my last (and "Fetish-issime") post !!!!
I frankly hope that everything goes Well : So YES, a lot of positive energy for you across the Ocean !!!

A Bientôt, Antoine

Anastacia said...

Wondered where you were. What was in Atlanta?
Sending good thoughts...NOW!

cass said...

i will be stopping by, VERY often. I've added you to my faves to insure I make daily visits. :)

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Hope you had an awesome trip...and you look awesome as always. P.S. that second photo is wicked :)

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

you look amazingly fabulous! hope everything is going well, best wishes with the hurricane!

Anonymous said...

fave bag ever!

Unknown said...

yeah, my ex did that!! he really did that couple a weeks ago when he was in philadelphia! and hi isnt even as much rocky fan that i am :) he even had grey hoodie:D