Sunday, October 13, 2013

ckparis and the 2square chronicles part 4

 hey all, how are you all? below is the next installment of the continuing 2square chronicles as 2square's foreign correspondent while the boys are winding thru their current European street art tour.
above top picture is from Prague, their current location at time of this entry, and the rest are from Poland. 

Q  ckparis: If you could have dinner with one person in this universe, who would that be and where would it happen?
A  Jeremiah: Andre 3000, it's time I meet this guy. 
A  Justin:  This is a tough question. I think my answer would change depending on the day. Today I'm in Prague and I look out and see a castle off in a distance with a beautiful sunset. I would love for my mom or dad to see this. It would blow their minds. 
Q  ckparis: Describe yourself in 3 words:
A  Justin: determined, capable, authentic
A  Jeremiah: curious, adventurous, passionate

Q ckparis: Jeremiah, what is the most memorable moment you have of being an uncle? 
A: There are so many best moments. Just being around them. They are so full of wonder. The hardest thing about traveling is not being able to see them. Family in general.
I love their energy.

Q ckparis: Justin, How did you discover you could paint with your left hand?
A: I had a landscaping company for a number of years in my 20's. I try to work my body equally through the day. After I started throwing a brush around with both hands juggling, but not. Then something made me start, I can't put my finger on it. Now Lefty paints, writes, and does his own sketch books.

Q ckparis: What was the last dream you had that you remember?
A Jeremiah: I remember a few nights ago I dreamed somebody was breaking into the van while I was sleeping. That dream sucked!
A Justin: I dreamt I was alone with a lover I hadn't seen in awhile, the moment was beautiful.

Q ckparis:  What city has been the most surprising for you on this current European street art tour and why?
A Jeremiah: Poland. I had never been there. So to experience the culture was an experience. The walls of the buildings were a dream canvas.
A: Justin: I think every city is a surprise. I never know what to expect and people always surprise you.
Q ckparis:   Any recent epiphanies?  
A Jeremiah: when you fall off a ladder from high up, it's best to roll out of that fall.
A Justin: I'm seeing a new side of people now that the cameras are following us.

Q ckparis:   What is the biggest misconception people have about you?
A Jeremiah: Do people even know me?
A Justin:  everything......