Saturday, May 31, 2008

python platform pin up shoes and ckparis

hey readers. ok, my first official python reveal is my la perla black python platform pin up shoes. i know, la perla? uhhh, don't they make high end lingerie? yeah, and it seems that they have very limited collection of fabulous shoes.

i saw these in the window and i flipped. my local la perla store only got one pair in. huh? the SA had the very last pair in my size in the company sent to my local store. i was half hoping they were not going to fit bc they were not on sale.

one week later i slipped my feet in, and that was it. total attitude adjustment. and after i tell you about my other python purchase, you will understand why my third dimension credit cards need to remain on the astral plane for a while....

tell me about your shopping indiscretions. i need to be in shoe rehab.

Friday, May 30, 2008

ckparis a/k/a chauss by clem

hey all. i am frozen pomegrante margarita-ed out so i will try to link clem's blog here. clem is a very talented artist blogger from paris.
note the mj booties, bal bubblegum WE, starbucks, dior shades, gucci plus grand bag, chauss hair and fedora!
merci beaucoup clem. you are a star! i am linking you so be prepared to be discovered by my very cool cyber friends.clem

Thursday, May 29, 2008

black python platform ankle strap shoes

hey readers, i am sooo in trouble. does it ever end for us? i developed a coup de coeur for black python... (i haven't even disclosed my first black python find to most of you...yet.)
ok, black platforms, ankle straps, black python... i have attitude adjustment. and i haven't even bought them...yet.
antoine, you will like these chaussures.

see you on the astral plane tonight. and bring credit cards!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ckparis, givency 'gale and balenciaga cactus booties

hello! what are you all doing?
ok, this is an interactive post for you all.

matt, any more chauss-out-of comfort-zone actions? i love that you did the shopping bag thing too in a different time and place. you know how i feel, collective consciousness and universe's nonthird dimensional time clock...

jamiefish, how did your chauss-out-of-comfort-zone stuff turn out yesterday?

divinitus and search for chic, white pullover on other post is aa.

mj, shout out for you!

marina, glad you like reading my blog. really. :)

camille, any new plans for the clutch/skirt designs?

n-k, trust in youself. YOU have all the answers, just a little difficult to find until you start to believe in yourself.

jj, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. hysteria...................

and you regular lurkers, post a comment. would love to hear from you.

gotta run, coffeeeeeeee maintenant! make it a fabulous day, whatever it takes... put on a tiara or not... buy those shoes that you are lusting over which are on s-a-l-e... (vogued out?)

Monday, May 26, 2008

ckparis and a plus grand gucci bag

good evening readers. i am having way too much fun with my new gucci bag. i am such the little kid. i love that i can have such a good time with a paper bag.

my fellow reiki master friends always roll their eyes at the commotion i bring with my guides. lots of childlike energy...."oh, just ignore that whooshing wind under the table. it is caused by ck's guides...a bunch of children who like to play games..."

lol. let someone else bring the third dimension stuff to our healing sessions. i bring light and laughter...wanna come play on the astral plane?

hot dogs, handbags, ckparis and gucci

ok, check out this pix. the gucci SA is in the back laughing at the size of this bag i am carrying. hey, i told her it was hip hop music weekend on the beach, and i got alot of 360 degree stares and appreciative comments walking around with it. totally fun.
uh, what's in it? hmmmmmm. well, that's another topic...
i just felt so tom hanks-esque like he was in the movie, BIG, with the huge shopping bag...
make it a great day! tell me what's up.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

ckparis and frozen margaritas

hey all, what is it about tequila??? i swear the stuff is time released... the buzz that keeps on going with no hangover. you gotta love cactus. i stared at my computer last night and couldn't even type when i got home.
i spent today shopping the presales. lots of research right now, no purchases. and how about you? how are you spending the weekend?

if you haven't tried the chauss out-of-your-comfort-zone experiment, go for it! as long as your intentions are positive, you can only raise your resonance and maybe have some fun in the process.
see you on the astral plane.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

ckparis blogs in dior moto boots

hey readers. ok, here is a pix of moi in paige jeans and dior motorcycle boots in front of a laptop. i seem to spend alot of time in front of laptops. get my drift?

ooooh, i did something today out of my comfort range! i strongly suggest and encourage you all to do the same. it felt great. it was actually kinda fun bc i got just a bit nervous right before i did it.
it doesn't matter what you do, just do something that you really want to do and don't feel completely comfortable doing. trust in positive energy! i did it bc i knew it was the right thing to do.
just like negative energy has a way of boomerang-ing right back at the person who throws it out, positive actions done with positive energy will come right back atcha too.
just remember, the universe does not operate on the same time clock as the third dimension...

see you on the astral plane and bring your favorite mood enhancers. give the out-of-my-comfort-zone thing a try. i haven't stopped smiling since....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

hermes cdc reveal

hey readers. some of you know me soo well! yes, it was a hermes orange bag with a gold and black cdc bracelet which i wanted. (i have a palladium and ebene one.) i love this new one. thank you sooo much, d!

Monday, May 19, 2008

what comes in an orange bag?

and while we are on the topic of color energy, d. sent me this pix of an orange bag sitting in a car. hmmmmm. anyone wanna venture a guess where the bag is from or what's inside?
stay tuned....

full moon and color energy

hey readers. glad to hear my mini color meditation is working for some of you!
camille, yes, it is normal to visualize some colors easier than others. why? sometimes blocked chakras, and personally, i cant think of many indigo items to drench myself in.
i actually take some creative liberties when i teach a full blown beginner color meditation class.
indigo becomes purple.(barney the dinosaur, the color of royalty and the color of grape jelly, get it? thought so...)
violet becomes white (marshmallows, snow, chalk, easy...)
hey, it all works... the pont is to relax, lower your anxiety and create a clear mind to focus...

see you on the astral plane.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

ckparis and burberry lizard platfoms

hey you all. hope the weekend is going good. anything interesting to report?
i have on my burberry platform black lizard sandals which are not walking shoes. lol. you will notice the yellow shopping bag with my marc jacobs boots on the right. i threw them in the car today as insurance in case i needed to switch shoes. i didn't.(hooray.)

anyway, camille, and anyone else who needs a quickie to calm jitters, read on: easy 2 minute mini-meditation to calm nerves:
you all know now that the 7 major chakras have corresponding colors, right?
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple.
so, visualize drenching your entire body in each color one at a time. you can picture red and then become red. or, you can picture holding a crayon on your body and coloring in your entire outline.
repeat this with orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. just close your eyes and image each color drenching your entire being in sequence. this mini-meditation forces you to visualize color drenching and will automatically calm your nerves in a flash bc you are focusing on a completely different topic than the one you are nervous about.
me? when i am ready to flip out, i close my eyes and just say each color in sequence 3 or 4 times. my body automatically visualizes the color i have just thought about and relaxes.
and if you can't see colors with your eyes closed, don't worry, it will happen eventually with practice. i promise.

Friday, May 16, 2008

ckparis, wolford and american vintage

hey all, it's friday.....get ready for full moon stuff. i feel it coming... i am being a total lounge lizard (sorry antoine) in this pix. prada platform black satin t straps, woldford and a couple of super smmoooshy american vintage cotton t shirts. delicious feel.
what are you all doing this weekend? i just had a dark chocolate covered strawberry and some hazelnut coffee. i can feel the endorphins kicking in...
more later, alligators and readers...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

balenciaga first and vintage lucky charms dress

hey readers, how are you doing? oooooo, full moon alert, if you think it's ca-raaaazzzy now, give it another few day until the full moon...

man, negative energy can be sooo draining. another visualization technique for my buddies: picture a large vacuum in your head and vacuum away all the negative crap around you. as you vacuum the junk away, picture white light filling up your newly cleaned space. ahhhhhhhh, soooo much better. and if a certain someone(s) is bothering you, just picture that person(s) on a cloud, a large cloud floating far, far got it.

and on another note, i am wearing a very vintage lucky charms dress originally from giorgio's beverly hills. the lucky charms are beaded pieces on wire. a real find. the owner of the store told me a woman brought it in and told her that her father had bought her the dress about 20 years ago. she thought it was too pretty to sit in a box and wanted to sell it. the owner of the store i went to had kept it in a box in the back and had not let anyone try it on for fear of breaking the pieces. she took a liking to me and thought i would fit into her precious dress and allowed me to try it on. it was perfect. i had to have it. don't you love when you find the perfect thing you were NOT looking for?

sweet dreams to all my cyber friends. thank you for sharing your thoughts on my blog. i want this to be a place to make you all feel comfortable and hopefully raise your resonance a notch or two higher. the higher level you vibrate on, the less likely the third dimension crap will effect you. get above it. you can do it. really. the fourth dimension is such a fun place. let's go now!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

see you on the astral plane

good morning readers. it's gonna be a great day.
don't give your power to someone else. it never ceases to amaze me how some people start the day with negativity. don't buy into their crap. stay positive and focused.
i was trying to motivate someone yesterday and was amazed with the amount of road blocks i kept getting bc of someone's negative spin .
concentrate on the positive. if you get lost, stop for a moment. take a couple of deep breaths, and use a visualization tool to regroup (ie. grounding or a flood of white light)
you are in control. now, where's the coffee?

Monday, May 12, 2008

ckparis, vintage lbd and il fait chaud!

helloooo readers. albert showed me a book today about the universal truths. and you know what guys? i have been sharing those principles with you in my blog. if you just look at the pix, that's fine. but you may want to read my blog once in a while. positive energy will get you everywhere! you just gotta remember that the universe does not operate on the same third dimension time clock that you are used to...
anyway, the dashboard degrees pix here shows it was 95 f degrees today. hello!
ahhh, just another day in paradise....

and me? another lbd and a cool breeze just do if for me.
see you on the astral plane. (it's a fourth dimension place.) bring your most positive thoughts and creative ideas bc what you think here is what you actually create...

thoughts of violet...the 7th and very powerful chakra. are you ready?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

paige premiums, dior boots and shades et al

hey, what are you all up to? i can't believe i slept through the entire is funny how your body will shut down when you need to rest. lack of sleep plus airplane trips can lower your resistance. i think my sense of humor is returning.
i have on paige premium distressed demim, dior moto boots and shades. yeah, it is 95 f degrees today.
see you on the astral plane.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

ckparis and louboutin vamps

ok, at the request of antoine, i posted of pix of moi avec les chaussures de christian louboutin SANS platforms, avec stilettos, bien sur.
antoine wanted to know if i wore any stiletto sandals without platforms. here you go... loub vamps.
now, true story on how ckparis met mr. loub. listen up shoe fans:

one day while walking on the streets of paris,(ahhh, c'est la vie) monsieur louboutin was spotted by d. who insisted that i go talk to him. mr. loub was engaged in a cell phone conversation which he ended when i approached him. we chatted for a few minutes and i told him i planned on wearing a pair of his stiletto sandals with black velvet ankle straps and crystal heels to the louis verdad spring fashion in LA the following week. he looked at me and said ,"vamp".
i did not really understand the full meaning of his comment until d. found the loub shoe box and handed it to me. and you all can guess what the style name on the box was, right? vamp.

and i am still buying his shoes, not just because they rock, but bc mr. loub actually listens to his customers.

Friday, May 9, 2008

louboutin mads

hey readers. my chaussures du jour are the loub mads. gotta love a stiletto with...studs and an ankle strap.
hey, i put them on for a hour or two and then went back home to rest.what's up with you all?
see you on the astral plane.

ckparis and burberry platforms

hey readers. i had fever of 101.5 f yesterday. uhhh, sorry antoine ,divintus and search for chic, i dont know c degrees translation, but not fun.
here is a quick paparazzi shot of me in my b. prorsum platforms. i wore them yesterday on my one hour, leave the house, trip. no, i didn't drive...
a charming elderly woman told me i deserved the purple heart for walking in them, and i responded that walking in them was "challenging". you know the saying, if you can walk a mile in high heels, you will have beautiful legs.

more when i feel better... hey , somtimes just putting on fabulous heels helps. today, well.... maybe later...............

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

ckparis and helene zubeldia crystal necklace

hey readers .hope you had a fun filled day. this is low pixel snapshot of me wearing, big suprise, black! and a helen zubeldia crystal necklace on a silvery leather cord.
those paparazzis get you everytime....

knights in white satin

good evening readers. i took some liberty with the moody blues song,"nights in white satin" title and made it "knights" instead... doesn't everyone love the idea of a white knight in armour (or white satin) riding his horse to your rescue? ahhhhhhhhhh.

anyway, that brings us back to chicago. this is a pix of excalibur. a night spot, but you get my drift. time travel somewhere else from may 2008 and see where you end up tonight.

i am going to the northwest corner of the astral plane where the knights hang out in rick owens leather as their armour and have motorcycles or enzos as their steeds...and there will always be people like me who enjoy a great rescue from the third dimension crap. wanna come with?

see you on the astral plane. get ready.

Monday, May 5, 2008

another vintage lbd and ckparis

hey readers. thank you for the comments. keep them coming. i want this place to be the blog you click on for a daily smile, giggle, inspiration or just to say hey. i love hearing from you. really.

only positive attitude adjustments allowed here. your choice. raise your resonance and experience the fourth dimension.

ok, i am wearing my VERY favorite lbd. i had to have this dress the moment i stepped into it. ever get that feeling? it has such a fun, party vibe. this vintage lbd had been to some rocking places. i just know. and i looooooooooove the energy it gives off.

yeah, i have rejected a bunch of hot looking vintage clothes bc the energy was off or negative. trust yourself. if an item makes you feel great, go for it. if not, pass it up. there will always be something else you are gonna crave and that will make you insane. wait for those items and feel the rush....................

good morning starshine

starbucks...maintenant!!!!!!!!!!!!(si vous plait) au suis fatigue. divinitus, are you in?

bon matin antoine!

maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt, i got a ro creatch s/s
08 long,(tres long), black skinny tank. i wore it as a dress with mad loubs.

search for chic, i think you would like it...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

balenciaga '05 bubblegum pink WE and me

bal '05 b-gum pink WE, dior moto boots, paige premium blue heights, marc jacobs black leather booties, and sprouse scarf in chicago.
see you on the astral plane.

ckparis does chicago with dior boots et al

hello readers. did you miss me? those in the know, know i was in al capone's next of the woods. the temperature went from 78 degrees to 44 degrees from one day to the next. hello. what is a girl to wear??? so confusing... i am in my hotel room in these pix . and i got a suprise paprazzi visit so i have lots of pix to post for you guys. btw, i have on my new helene zubeldia cystal necklace on a leather cord ( i love this designer!) you can wrap it different ways.
tell me what you all have been up to. much more to show... and tell.

p.s. hint, hint, rick owens!