Wednesday, May 7, 2008

knights in white satin

good evening readers. i took some liberty with the moody blues song,"nights in white satin" title and made it "knights" instead... doesn't everyone love the idea of a white knight in armour (or white satin) riding his horse to your rescue? ahhhhhhhhhh.

anyway, that brings us back to chicago. this is a pix of excalibur. a night spot, but you get my drift. time travel somewhere else from may 2008 and see where you end up tonight.

i am going to the northwest corner of the astral plane where the knights hang out in rick owens leather as their armour and have motorcycles or enzos as their steeds...and there will always be people like me who enjoy a great rescue from the third dimension crap. wanna come with?

see you on the astral plane. get ready.

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