Monday, May 5, 2008

another vintage lbd and ckparis

hey readers. thank you for the comments. keep them coming. i want this place to be the blog you click on for a daily smile, giggle, inspiration or just to say hey. i love hearing from you. really.

only positive attitude adjustments allowed here. your choice. raise your resonance and experience the fourth dimension.

ok, i am wearing my VERY favorite lbd. i had to have this dress the moment i stepped into it. ever get that feeling? it has such a fun, party vibe. this vintage lbd had been to some rocking places. i just know. and i looooooooooove the energy it gives off.

yeah, i have rejected a bunch of hot looking vintage clothes bc the energy was off or negative. trust yourself. if an item makes you feel great, go for it. if not, pass it up. there will always be something else you are gonna crave and that will make you insane. wait for those items and feel the rush....................


Fashion Is Poison said...

<3s it. hmm never thought about the negative energy an item can give you...will def keep it in mind.

ps. i emailed you :)

S. said...

The only items that I feel 'the rush' for is high priced items though..hmm..I wonder why. ;)

Vertiginoso said...

And bare-shoulders are virulently Sexy, especially with a BODY like Yours Dear Chauss !!! Subtle, Sculptural "unveiling" . . .

A Bientot, Antoine

Matthew L. Romo said...

<3 !!

You know Simon Doonan of Barneys?? Well in his new book, I heard there is an entire chapter about exorcising spirits from vintage clothing.... worth checking into? hmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

guess my previous comment was lost in cyberspace! haha well anyway.. nice detail... are they sequins or mother of pearl? Yea i so agree with you, I always say, "if it feels right, buy it!"

MARA said...

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camille said...

sorry i haven't commented in while! i've still been reading and enjoying your posts though.

what a gorgeous dress!
& i know what you mean about just knowing something is perfect the moment you try it on. unfortunately, like searchforchic, most of the items i fall in love with are out of my price range... i'm saving up for a big summer splurge though. ;)

Marina said...

In love metallic detail on your dress. This dress looks like it made special for you!!!

Anonymous said...

lbd? huh?

Mark said...

:lightbulb: I think you just explained why I often get depressed in vintage stores! Some sad, bad vibes coming out of some of those clothes.

That lbd looks damn good on you.

I can't wait until tomorrow, because you get more beautiful every day! :D Recognize that paraphrase?

- une mandarine

chauss said...

inspire me, trust your instincts. they will always give you insight.

search, i definiely get that rush from high tickets, but i also get if when i find the perfect white t which is sexy amd smooshy at the same time and the rush i get from eating a piece of bittersweet chocolate while walking outside on the rue st honore looking at shoes in the windows...

antoine, you are always entertaining. keep on posting!

matt, youknow, if it dosen't work, i think you should pick another piece. ok, if it was a house, and you owned it. ok, then let's get ghostbusters. but vintage, hmmmm. sometimes you dont want to let the energy go bc it is fabulous like my lbd or my tina chow necklace she infused energy into.

izzy, they are acually crystally metal things.

camillle, thanks. you are a great addition to my blog. please keep posting and its good to know you are reading...and a s a fellow blogger, youknow we love the comments.

marina, thanks. i think the dress was meant to be mine, chauss-ism 1(a): nothing is a coincidence. nothing.

mark, you absolutely rock on mutltiple dimensions. 3 and 4.

anon, little black dress.

JJ said...

chauss, you are so right about the energy. my mother taught me all about negative/positive energy, when I used to live at home she would take all my recent vintage purchases and wash them, not only for hygienic purposes but to eliminate all the old energy. great minds think alike :)