Friday, October 31, 2008

ckparis and blank nyc, et al.

hello readers. how are you all? and how was your halloween?

moi? i am the ultimate lounge lizard in leather..
i have on my blank nyc jeans with studded back pockets...

fashion is poison studded her own super cool jean shorts,( i bought mine...)

...and my black distressed leather alexander wang vest, favorite kieselstein-cord 'gator belt, and dior moto boots.

have a FABULOUS weekend, i am off to the fourth...

see you on the astral plane.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

ckparis, balenciaga astrogirl boots and rick owens

hey readers. thank you for all the amazing and insightful comments you have been leaving on
i really want my blog to be an interactive kinda place and you all are amazing. really. thank you.
(don't you hate when you go out of your way for someone and they don't even bother to thank you?)
i always try to be helpful and answer all the questions i get off my blog, some from readers i don't even know, and this is just a shout to those who appreciate my help.
you know who you are. :)

moi? purple sprouse cashmere scarf, rick owens jacket, and balenciaga astrogirl boots. givency black distressed leather 'gale aussi.
and who said you can't wear leather and boots down in the banana republic of the southern most portion of the united states?

see you on the astral plane. (and bring your 'tude.)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ckparis and the fourth dimension

hey all, just a quickie to say good morning.
paparazzi shot of moi in dressing room trying on more LBDs...(big suprise)

and if you invest in the stocks or bonds, do NOT open your monthly statement this month. really. just leave in on your desk unopened.
you really will be better off. trust me on this one.
and if you do not have a stock portfolio, consider yourself lucky. you may not have invested anything, but you haven't LOST anything either....

and i know i have a lot of students who read my blog. education is invaluable. so if school sucks now, hang in there. i still have nightmares about not turning in my term papers on time. (really)
so if you think you are studying useless information, i hear you. however, it will make you a more interesting person and you never know when you may pull some of that stuff out of your head and become entertaining at a cocktail party.
chauss october 29, 2008 rules:
1. do NOT open any mail about stock or bond investments.
2. read your irrelevant text books and write your term papers. (think cocktail party conversation)
3. buy dark chocolate, cupcakes or cookies today.
4. offer some sugar to someone else and share a smile. you may just make a new friend...
5. positive energy will come back to you ten fold and negative enery has a nasty way of boomeranging right back to the person throwing it.

got it? i am going to starbucks for a double espresso with a dollop of soy foam. yummmmmmmmmmmy. let's get wired.( i am such the adrenaline junkie..) wanna come?

see you on the astral plane.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ckparis, tina chow crystal et al.

hey readers. how was your weekend?

after a very third dimensional week, i was kinda energy drained. when shopping dosen't motivate me to do stairs, you know i am in need of zzzzzzzzzzzzs.

i did buy a really interesting vintage LBD. it is body con and has a low black mesh back. yes, pix soon.

moi today? basic black stuff (big suprise), alexander wang black distressed leather vest and my magic tina chow crystal on a black suede cord. it can take me to any dimension i want to experience...

sweet dreams you all. tomorrow is gonna be a FANTASTIC day for you. put it out there and let the universe provide.

see you on the astral plane.
xxoo chauss a/k/a astrogirl

Sunday, October 26, 2008

ckparis says je t'aime herve leroux part deux

hey readers, how is your weekend going? get ready...
true blood is on tonight. can you stand the wait?
xax, are you caught up?
may, are you watching it tonight or still in hawaii?
ihaveadog, i'll be looking for that hand coming out of the ground...

dana, at your request, here are some better pix of my original vintage herve leger dress with my christian louboutin mads. my photographer was not in the mood for a photo shoot, but i got a few shots.

antoine and xax, the dress is actually an espresso brown. i don't know if you can tell its a little brown dresss, not a little black dress, but i guess LBD still applies...

the label on this vintage LBD is herve leger, made in france. (not the new made in hong kong version that also has the herve leger label.) the original material is a tighter weave.
herve sold his name to bcbg and now has a couture atelier in the 6th arrondissment in paris.
herve now designs under the name herve l. leroux.
i would love a new herve leroux bandage dress in black...

herve, are you reading this?
thank you for being such a creative genius with material. i will see you in a few months.
however, you can send me a black bandage dress now. my birthday is next month...


Saturday, October 25, 2008

ckparis says je t'aime herve leroux

hey readers. what are your weekend plans? tell me.

paparazzi shots taken of moi at rosa mexicana.
i kinda like the scratchy low pixel aura...

i have on an original vintage herve leger bandage dress made in france.
(not made in hong kong like the new ones being manufactured by bcbg)
and my christian louboutin mad marys.
what is it about me avec the french?

too inebriated to write much now... :)

see you on the astral plane. (please bring tequila)
chauss a/k/a astrogirl

p.s. herve leroux, you are a creative genuis. can i be your fit model?

Friday, October 24, 2008

ckparis and givenchy nightingale et al.

good morning readers. how are you all?
moi? verrrrrrrrrrry third dimensional week....
just a quickie hello to tell you all to make it GREAT day and have fun.
if you have not done something out of your comfort level, try it today. you might just get to a new level.
positive energy will come back to you ten fold.
and negative energy has this nasty habit of bommeranging right back to the one who throws it.

paparazzi shot of me avec my givenchy 'gale. the smooshy leather just gets better and better with use. i think you can see the ostrich handles in this shot.
and i have on my new balenciaga astroboy boots.
you put them and you are ready to fly...(and have fun)

see you on the astral plane.
xxoo chauss a/k/a astrogirl

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ckparis, balenciaga boots and astroboy

salutations, how are you all doing? tell me. i wannna know.

shaq has featured me avec my shoes again on the blog, hott heels. shaq chose pix of me with my balenciaga black leather motorcycle booties and my ysl 6 inch black patent leather original tributes.
you can check out the pix here.
thanks for the shout out, shaq.

i am having so much fun in my new bal black leather boots. maybe, a cartoon robot type of giddiness?
d. is convinced nicky g. must have watched this cartoon, AstroBoy, for inspiration on designing the bal boots. apparently, AstroBoy is a robot with legs made of rocket engines under his outer boots. check out this 1963 trailer of AstroBoy i found on
what do you all think?

i am mesmerized by the double bootie concept. inside the bal high boot, is a hidden short boot.
d. says nicky g. just followed the female form.
things that make you go hmmmm...

see you on the astral plane.
xxoo chauss a/k/a astrogirl

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ckparis avec balenciaga boots, alexander wang et al

hey readers, how are you? i am in a giddy mood today. SMILE! and if that doesn't work, grab some caffeine and try again. i am flying on a late double espresso topped with soy foam and NO sugar or artifical crappy sweeteners.
pure, unadulterated caffeine JOLT!
man, i love a rush...
i am lucky that i can get off on a $2.00 bar of dark chocolate as well as $$$$$ boots...

which brings us to balenciaga boots!
something about these bal boots make me want to walk around and smile. soooo much fun. soooo much 'tude. yeah.

more bal boot pix to come. have a FANTASTIC day. and remember to do something out of your personal comfort zone today.
you may be really suprised what you get back. :)
positive energy given out by you to others will come back tenfold.

just remember, the universe operates on its own time clock. not a 24/7 third dimension time clock.
be patient.

see you on the astral plane.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

ckparis, bliss lau ornament and true blood

hello, you all. how is the weekend going? tell me...
a shout out thank you to h of candid cool for naming je ne sais quoi blog as the "site of the moment".

moi? a paparazzi shot of my new bliss lau ornament body chain. bliss made this one for me with old nickel chain and white leather findings. i love how it looks like a pair of suspenders from this angle. her stuff is truly addicting... check out bliss lau's jewelry and shoe chain collection here.

i am desperately trying to get motivated to do stairs. i can be such the procrastinator sometimes...
ok, 'tude nike says, "just so it."
see you later...
on the astral plane.

P.S. true blood is on tonight! get ready...

Friday, October 17, 2008

ckparis, balenciaga boots and the age of innocence

hey readers. it's friday.
matt? magaritas?
oui, une tangerine, you are invited too.
and so are the rest of you regular commenters and lurkers.

anyway, d. took this bumper sticker on car pix yesterday on the third. the date was october 16, 2008 and the car was driving in front of him.
things that make you go hmmmm. krystal, you like the 60's.

me bad, i turned off the last presidential debate two thirds thru the other night to watch the last rerun of true blood.

way too much third dimension today. see you on the astral plane. (i'm already there...)

i dreamed about boots last afraid, be very afraid....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

ckparis, true blood and vintage choker

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hey all, how was your day?
bite me, bill. please. i made it easy for you, exposing my neck with my new vintage crystal choker which already has a burgundy colored cord...

well, back on the third, my day was eventful... i went to the webster and did some look sees on more boots and booties.
( wanna come to shoe rehab with me?)

hey, if instant vintage and matt could both take me up on my sugar and shopping 'tude adjustment, why not me too?
(and i had home made tiramisu for lunch...)
i can hear the stairs calling me, "chauss, get your toosh out here now!"

so, let's all enter a contest for free stuff and get discount coupons too. whoo-hoo.
lensshopper is having a contest for a year's worth of free contact lenses in conjunction with world sight day. contest runs thru the end of october. enter the contest
and you can get contact lens coupons too. such a deal.

see you on the astral plane.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ckparis, louboutin cactus booties and paige premium

hey you all, how's the week going?

moi? louboutin cactus booties and paige premium black jeans. yeah. do you know there are actually three colors of studs on these booties?

the divinitus gave me this beautiful blog award (thank you divinitus!) and told me i can pass it on to seven more. so, the rose goes to:

modern guilt
rantings of a fashion addict
fashion is poison
fashion pariah
fashion chalet and

and the rest of my dear readers all get recognition too bc you all rock!
thanks for being part of my chauss je ne sais quoi.

see you on the astral plane.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ckparis, daftbird and true blood

good evening readers. i so operate on west coast time. how are you all doing?

moi? well, if you look carefully, you can make out my new vintage
(oxymoron or what?) choker.
the coolest thing about it is that the two crystal parts can be worn spread apart or...attached together with a hook and eye like a bra. really.

better close up pix of my neck avec crystal choker will come later in the week
when True Blood is back on. can you stand the anticipation?
is bill hot or what?

oh yeah, i am striking a pose with my grey daftbird smooshy t shirt..
have fun tomorrow, give it your best shot. make it a SUPERB day. ok?
and if that requires eating a chocolate cupcake with delicious icing and sprinkles or making a frivolous credit card purchase, do it.
sugar and shopping are excellent 'tude adjustment drugs.

and who ever invented sunglasses, thank you.
i so like to zone out to the fourth when no one around you

see you on the astral plane.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

ckparis and louboutin cactus booties

hello readers. how is the weekend going for you?
true blood is on tonight...can you handle the wait?

moi? paparazzi caught shots in the elevator.i have on paige premium distressed jeans, american apparel gray shirt and my louboutin cactus booties.
avec kieselstein-cord 'gator belt.

i found a really interesting vintage necklace yesterday on a burgundy silk double cord which is from hamburg, germany. i will post pix of that soon.

what have you all been doing? tell me.
make it a FABULOUS day! i am already looking for dark chocolate (post magic chauss green juice and pre starbucks)...hmmm, it might be a cupcake day too.
i guess that means lots and lots of stairs too...

see you on the astral plane.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

ckparis and louboutin thigh highs

hello readers. how are you doing?

me? back on the fouth...elizabeth and james dress, christian louboutin black suede thigh high boots and my vintage pearl and heart necklace. i doubled the chain with this outfit.

sweet dreams you all.

see you on the astral plane.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

hey all.

me? back to the third dimension... caught in a paparazzi shot. basics, vintage heart and pearls.

and how is your day?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ckparis, ysl tribute toos and american apparel

good morning readers. ok, serious attitude adjustment... it's gonna be a playful day. just let it happen.

hey, i had a piece of 82 percent dark chocolate this am BEFORE my magic chauss green juice and before starbucks...
yeah, i am doing just fine. chocolate is such a fabulous 'tude adjuster. try it.
and then you add my chauss starbucks new favorite drink: double espresso with a dollop of soy foam in a short paper cup and get ready to fly.
(i am such the adrenaline junky...)

anyway, you get to see the stripes today. i am wearing an american apparel striped bra under a aa white t shirt avec a shredded denim mini and ysl tribute too booties.
yeah. let's have fun today.

i know it's only a tuesday, but i am feeling kinda mischievous... :)
wanna go play?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

ckparis and ysl tribute too booties on any given sunday

hey readers. how was your weekend? on any given sunday....
love that line, every week every one has a new chance at winning.
so, set yourself up for a great week. ok?

moi? lots and lots of stairs....i like to blast my tunes and dance in the stair wells. yeah, not for the faint of heart.
ok, so 192 flights (46 story high rise 4x) today and 138 flights yesterday.
does a body good. i like to eat dark chocolate.
matt? are you reading this...

i have on my ysl tribute too booties (can you see how mezmerized i am by them?)
(it is so easy for me to zone out to the fourth...)
and some american apparel stuff. i will post better pix of aa items soon. can you see my stripes?

did you all catch True Blood tonight?
and for those west coasters and xax et al in europe i will stfu now....
i just hope mr. bill is on episode 6 etc... right xax?

see you on the astral plane.

p.s. clem, miss you and looking forward to you being back on line regularly.

Friday, October 3, 2008

ckparis, alaia and givenchy 'gale

hello readers. it's friday. get ready for the weekend.

me? paparazzi shot avec marc jacob pom pom platform booties, black and blue, and givenchy distressed black patent leather 'gale.

thank you for all your amazing comments both on and off my blog.
you guys seriously rock.
let's all go out for frozen pomegrante margaritas and cupcakes.

for all of you who have spread positive energy to others, the universe will provide. (and not always when or in the ways you expect...)
and to those who are stuck in a negative downward spiral, it is not too late to change. trust in the universe.

i was with someone today who was having a challenging time, and i invited them to step through my special energy vortex...and you know what?
i got them to laugh.
'tude adjustment in progress...
everyone develops at their own individual pace.

see you on the astral plane.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

ckparis and the blue velvet jacket at starbucks

hey, readers. what's going on? how's your week?

moi? i am sitting in one of the local starbucks i like to frequent. these red fuzzy chairs make it feel like i am in some vampire after hours bar.
too much True Blood on the brain, peut-etre. lol.

anyway, i really feel like i crossed dimensions in these pix.
somewhere like chauss down the rabbit hole...

i have on the blue crushed and shredded vintage velvet jacket i told you all about avec noir.
notice the cool modern silver snaps and the frayed velvet edges.
it sorta fits in with the red fuzzy chairs in some warped and wonderful way.
krystal, what song should be playing in the background?

hey, i've got a new starbucks drink in the am now.
double shot of espresso with a dollop of soy milk foam in a short cup.
no sugar or fake sugar substitute crap. hard core.
immediate adrenaline rush.
attitude adjustment in a paper cup. yeah.

btw, matt, the sterling silver skull bracelet looks perfect on you. see if my new starbucks drink can give you an energy rush.

and to all my readers who are having a tough time, change your outlook. now.
chaussism rule 12: {ihaveadog, i will leave out the(b)(6) part}
it is just as easy to be positive, as it is to be negative.
so, no anger or depression today. if you keep telling youself, everything is gonna work out,
maybe it just will. what's the downside?
so, make it a great day.

see you on the astral plane.