Thursday, October 16, 2008

ckparis, true blood and vintage choker

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hey all, how was your day?
bite me, bill. please. i made it easy for you, exposing my neck with my new vintage crystal choker which already has a burgundy colored cord...

well, back on the third, my day was eventful... i went to the webster and did some look sees on more boots and booties.
( wanna come to shoe rehab with me?)

hey, if instant vintage and matt could both take me up on my sugar and shopping 'tude adjustment, why not me too?
(and i had home made tiramisu for lunch...)
i can hear the stairs calling me, "chauss, get your toosh out here now!"

so, let's all enter a contest for free stuff and get discount coupons too. whoo-hoo.
lensshopper is having a contest for a year's worth of free contact lenses in conjunction with world sight day. contest runs thru the end of october. enter the contest
and you can get contact lens coupons too. such a deal.

see you on the astral plane.


Anonymous said...


That choker! Very inviting indeed. And I wish I had tiramisu right now. That would be sweet. Really sweet.

Fashion Is Poison said...

looove the choker!! sparkles...hmm!

can't wait to see the boots!!! i tried on your YSLs, they are KILLER. i got some Alejandro something shoes. i don't even know the designer's name but they are gorgeous!

Matthew L. Romo said...

so I discovered about 2 weeks ago that they make a dark chocolate version of the peanut m&ms now.... total ´tude adjustment at 79 cents a pack. ok, so maybe it´s not as good as homemade tiramisu or a new RO, but they can really turn the day around.... particularly the green ones.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE your blog makes me happy! x adorefaith

Anonymous said...

homemade tiramisu sounds so good right now ! ahh and omg i have to thank you for your advice about the rick owens jackets, i just got them and i absolutely ADORE them. theyre so much better than i expected. <3 you chauss!

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

LOVE the new choker Chauss, so divine on you.
I need to get myself onto that astral plane today, the world is stressing me out. Some shopping for lunch perhaps? See you there...



choker is absolute
really lovin' your blog
hearts chauss

Marina said...

I want to see your boots!Like your necklace, especially the colour of cord!

Couture Carrie said...

Shoe rehab sounds like a good idea :)

Great choker!


Anonymous said...

Love the means business, no?

Dana (MODAna) said...

my cursed perfect eyesight.
hot choker!!

Anonymous said...

Choker is divine, I mean perfect for a night at out with Bill at Fangtasia!!!

May Kasahara said...

a choker inspired by BILL and true blood.

my heart overflows with love for you right now. bite me please ♥