Thursday, October 2, 2008

ckparis and the blue velvet jacket at starbucks

hey, readers. what's going on? how's your week?

moi? i am sitting in one of the local starbucks i like to frequent. these red fuzzy chairs make it feel like i am in some vampire after hours bar.
too much True Blood on the brain, peut-etre. lol.

anyway, i really feel like i crossed dimensions in these pix.
somewhere like chauss down the rabbit hole...

i have on the blue crushed and shredded vintage velvet jacket i told you all about avec noir.
notice the cool modern silver snaps and the frayed velvet edges.
it sorta fits in with the red fuzzy chairs in some warped and wonderful way.
krystal, what song should be playing in the background?

hey, i've got a new starbucks drink in the am now.
double shot of espresso with a dollop of soy milk foam in a short cup.
no sugar or fake sugar substitute crap. hard core.
immediate adrenaline rush.
attitude adjustment in a paper cup. yeah.

btw, matt, the sterling silver skull bracelet looks perfect on you. see if my new starbucks drink can give you an energy rush.

and to all my readers who are having a tough time, change your outlook. now.
chaussism rule 12: {ihaveadog, i will leave out the(b)(6) part}
it is just as easy to be positive, as it is to be negative.
so, no anger or depression today. if you keep telling youself, everything is gonna work out,
maybe it just will. what's the downside?
so, make it a great day.

see you on the astral plane.


Marina said...

Blue velvet like David lynch film. You are so damn cool in!

Mimi said...

Awesome bracelets.I like the jacket as well.

Anonymous said...

:) Thanks for keeping me away from b6: Memories! Anyway, the jacket - love it - very Jim Morrison/Balmain runway 09! perfect blend of rock and roll and French! YSL take notice, please!

Ashleigh said...

haha I think I may need to try that new drink of yours :P

Anonymous said...

you look so cool in that jacket. i love it.

and thanks for the "positive talk".... it helped me a bit when I read it today.

wanna trade links? I really like yourr blog.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the advice! i know i can't go wrong with rick owens, i've been eyeing his boots also! so, yes, barneys is getting me very frustrated and their warehouse is an hour away and i just want to go there and pick up my order but they won't let me :( anyways, my ysl tribute toos in gray are from this fabulous boutique in red bank, nj called coco pari. give them a call, i'm sure they will ship it to you. i was in there on tuesday and i def saw them in there.
thanks for alleviating some of my stress !

ps. love your blog & all your ensembles are so ferosh!

Anonymous said...

ty for the chaussism rule, it'll help me while I work on my hw today.


glory said...

i always love your positive words.... and the jacket look luxurious......besos
p.d. i`m a cafeine adict too, i`ll try you drink for sure.

Mimi said...

sure let's link.linked you!

Fashionista Diary said...

really love your style! but how on earth can you afford all these amazing things??? you look fabulous xo

simimoon said...

your velvet jacket, LOVE!

May Kasahara said...

ohhhhh True Blood.

My newest guilty pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Chauss, I love your writing. I was saying that same thing while driving home tonight.

"It's a choice to be positive, so be happy."

However, I don't think I could take on that drink you came up with. No way. LOL.

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

Gorgeous! Your blue velvet jacket is amazing and I am loving you in that chair, it's so Chauss.
I am throwing a lot of positivity at myself right now and it's coming back. Why be sad when you could be spending your time wonderfully and beautifully, right?

Miss V. said...

Your jacket sounds awesome, though I can't really see the details. Hmm Starbucks. I would like a Caramel Macchiato please.

And yes actually I'm having a bad day. I'll keep in mind that being positive is just as easy as being negative. Cheers.

Dana (MODAna) said...

I take my coffee pretty strong too but at starbucks that's nearly impossible
LOVE the 2nd pic, you can be so funny


looking great as ALWAYS! thank you for your perspective tips... you were right...

Clem said...

You look amazing as always dear C. I still don't have internet in my new place but I think it'll come soon. :)