Wednesday, October 8, 2008

hey all.

me? back to the third dimension... caught in a paparazzi shot. basics, vintage heart and pearls.

and how is your day?

12 comments: said...

fabulous! today is a great day for me :] idk why, but who cares why, as long as it's great!

i knew it'd be better by visiting you! guess what, i might be throwing a halloween party with jack ;)

glory said...

hi i`m making a post about the ysl booties and i want to show onw of you photos, i hope you don`t mind....let me know, saludos

Anonymous said...

hey chauss! I have a question- where did u get your rick Owens jscket? I can only find it on

chauss said...

fashion, i may have to fly in this party...:)

glory, yes, you can use my pix. :)
please link them back to my blog.

rani, the black one is from luisa.

Laurel said...

Today has been pretty okay, other than being a touch late for class this a.m., but other than that - it was good!

I was with a friend at coffee today talking about your amazing baby bootie Trib's - I can't stop thinking about how gorgeous they are, especially on you!

I hope you had a phenom day, lovely!

Fashion Is Poison said...


Clem said...

OH! Beautiful as expected ! Today's nice I made a proto in some plastic (polypropylene) and My teacher told me : Hum.. Nice work !

Great to hear it

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

Your necklace is beautiful! As are you.

My day is good - I feel tired and a bit in pain (bump on the head, ouch!) but accomplished and ready to take life on, which is always a great feeling. How is your day gorgeous Chauss?

Dana (MODAna) said...

awesome, actually
the fast was way easier than any time in the past

May Kasahara said...

You look lovely as always.

I love your energy and attitude. Reading your blog refreshes me.

Vintage Lollipops said...

Paparazzi shot... lol, good to know your version is tactful without the um... Peek-a-Britney!

You look lovely as always.

chauss said...

laurel, thanks. :)

clem, miss you!!! what kind of proto type did you make?

fashion, hmmmmmm!!!!!

s, oh no... no concussion i hope??? feel better soon. lots of white light. xx c.

may, thank you soooo much. come visit anytime!

bella, thanks, i aspire to the victoria beckham paparazzi awareness school of thought, i never leave the house without lace panties :)