Sunday, March 30, 2008

ysl tributes part deux

more pix of my black patent ysl platform tributes. a twist on the classic mary jane with enough rocker chic to work for me. do you like them?
hope you all had a good weekend. tomorrow is monday. get ready for a fabulous week. hey, the subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and fantasy. so, think it, believe it and create it.
see you on the astral plane.

ysl tributes and attitude

hello readers. these are the ysl black patent platforms i just got with chauss typical 'tude. do you like them? more pix later. i am gonna go do stairs maintenant and it already freaking 7:30 pm..... matt, you better do them too...

starbucks and panerai

salutations. ok, chauss at starbucks with panerai on sunday morning. i bought the ysl black patent tributes with the high heel today. pix of those later...

divinitus, the starbuck's cup , grande size, is a very dry soy cappuccino. i need to be really lit after my coffee and find too much milk dilutes the caffeine rush.

mj, i will post ro pix when i get me jacket. whenever that might be... tan on vacation? hmmmmmm..... please pm me where you acquired that...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

shadows of the night and ckparis

hey kids, hope you are enjoying the weekend. these pix are low pixel cell phone, but you can get the idea. paige premium denim mini, and marc jacob booties.

matt, i don't have a pomegrante magarita recipe. however, i do have vip status at rosa mexicana. i think i forgot to mention the champagne shooters in between the magaritas last night. no wonder i couldn't find my own blog... anyway, they are building one in LA in the near future.

antoine, je parle francais un peu...since you asked. i am fortunate to have gone to paris many times which seems to be the only place i get to practice my french. it freaks me out when men and women ask me for directions in french when i am in paris. when i start to answer them , they usually say, oh, you are italian and start talking to me in italian ( i dont speak any italian, so it is quite amusing).
have you been to the US?

what are you all doing tonight?
btw, to all you regular comment posters, thank you for being interactive. i want this place to be a positive and amusing distraction from whatever...
and to the regular lurkers, thanks for reading. don't be shy and leave me a note sometime in the not too distant future when the spirit moves you.
see you on the astral plane.

american apparel t and tequila

hey readers. i tried to blog last night post frozen pomegrante margaritas, but it was not to be. i am running out to get a starbucks.... i just did a bottle of green juice and need the serious stuff now.

jillian, get xxs. :)
mj, (not matt) how was the vacation?
matt, i have gotta do lots and lots of stairs this weekend. you too?
divinitus, what is your starbucks drug of choice?
camille, i was thinking you could make a clutch out of some cool material.
antoine, do you want to see another iguana pix? lol
search for chic, a post on grounding is coming soon. a great tool to channel white light.

Friday, March 28, 2008

ckparis and barneys photo shoot

hey guys, what are you all doing? just wanted to drop in and say, have a great weekend! i am off to frozen pomengrante magaritas. yummy. attitude adjustment can takes place in many forms. right now, alcohol awaits.
see you on the astral plane.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

marc jacobs booties and panerai

good evening readers. how was your day? a cute little boutique opened near me this week. i bought a little black cotton button up 3/4 sleeve cardigan. pix of it soon.
i have on my favorite marc jacobs lace up black leather booties, a panerai with a red croc strap, and vintage redline cutoffs.
i just saw scarface on tv tonight. remember that one? is it a full moon tonight? i was sort of riveted to the screen... usually, i find it so cliche cocaine cowboy miami circa 80's.

btw, how is the meditation going? if you are having a tough time getting to your safe place, tell me. i will do a post on how to ground yourself. sorta fun, actually...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ckparis and vintage rick owens, vintage fedora, et al

hey kids, no doubt about it, i want to be in my own world today. i didn't even post the pix with the most chauss attitude from this set. wanna see it?
ok, vintage 2002 rick owens distressed leather jacket, real 1940's vintage fedora, giv 'gale, lv sprouse scarf and marc jacob pom pom black suede booties. i love the fedora bc it used to be black and the black satin ribbon around the hat has faded to an amazing eggplant color...
get to the astral plane maintenant! and please bring dark chocolate and tequila. i will bring the blender, ice and pomegrantes...

they're back...

once upon a time, someone relocated several iguanas under the brickell key bridge...the iguanas liked their new digs and the population grew to at least 30. they like to hang out in the bush with the red flowers overlooking the bay. they love having the wind and sun in their face.
when the bush is not blooming with red flowers, it is really hard to see these creatures. i have counted 20 in the bush in their hey day. i kinda freaked out...

the iguanas have made friends with the human million dollar condo dwellers who also inhabit the same island.(the humans have to pay major taxes, the iguanas don't) their human neighbors give them cut up fruit and the iguanas can be seen chowing down on the cement sea wall.
anybody remember the movie, gremlins???

Monday, March 24, 2008

chic dr. seuss hat and...

so this older couple was going for an afternoon stroll around the island today. they stopped on this bench to watch the water. the woman had on a pretty sophisticated hat for an island stroll, n'est pas? ahhhhhhhh, just another day in paradise...
next up, the return of the iguanas... be afraid, be very afraid...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

vintage levis, kieselstein-cord part deux

ok, i only did 138 flights of stairs today...better than not at all. what do you think of my redline shorts? very smooshy.
i ordered a new rick owens jacket today online from italy. when i went to credit card checkout, it was only in italian. i kept filling in the boxes wrong and started to translate italian to english with on line help.
bf looked over my shoulder, pressed on this britsh flag icon, voila! the credit card checkout page was now in...english. duh...and how was your day?

vintage levis and marc jacob booties

hi all... its a rainy, dreary day so i took a pix of moi for you with me smiling. i am going to go walk numerous flights of stairs now and come back later...
anyway, a rainy day look of vintage red lines, cut off by me, with real distressing from wear and tear. and marc jacob black booties and my smooshy inside out aa shirt. it has great raglan seams and looks soooo much better this way. hey, i was always told you would get a "suprise" if you wore your underwear inside out. i wonder if it works for t shirts?

and what are you all doing? :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

shelly litvak necklace, ckparis and attitude

hey readers, hope you are all having fun. me? back to attitude. it's my nature. i have on a vintage ivory piece set on a modern black suede cord. oh, this piece has a great story. another time...just wanted to check in with you all.

for anonymous: today's chauss-ism... the subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and fantasy. therefore, don't tell yourself negative thoughts ot talk to others like that about yourself. think positive thoughts and you will raise your resonance to stay above the crappy stuff.
look at youself in the mirror in the am, and say, "today IS gonna be a GOOD day." and you know what? it just might happen... see you on the astal plane.

Friday, March 21, 2008

dior moto boots and ckparis attitude et al

hey readers, hope you are all ready for the weekend. here is a shot of me with my famous attitude, my dior moto boots, and my givenchy 'gale. oh, and i also included a pix of a smiling chauss. hey, what do you think?
if you are having a tough time, try a dark chocolate covered strawberry. it is an absolute attitude adjustment drug. see you on the astral plane.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

louis vuitton sprouse, givency 'gale and friend

hey readers. i thought this pix might make you all smile. my 'gale with the ostrich handles is supporting my louis vuitton sprouse pareo with my surgery bear.
the lv sprouse is made of the most delicious, smooshiest cotton and very rare, this one was truly a limited production. i was told the company only made 100 of these. who really knows?
the bear wanted to say hello. i got him bc he was wearing a robe and i was going to have foot surgery that week. he kept me company while i recovered in bed. and as you can tell from my footwear choices, i can wear whatever kind of shoes i want now. and i do...although whenever i go visit my foot doc, the nurses pass around my platforms or stilettos du jour in amazement. not the usual foot attire for their average patients.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

american apparel pink and ckparis

hey readers, i want you all to zone out and have very sweet dreams tonight... this pix is low pixel cellphone stuff but captured my attitude and mood so i thought i would share with you all. and i have on my cdc and pink and brown.
please feel free to leave me some bed time comments...i really need the zzzzzzzzs. gotta run, the astral plane awaits.
remember today's chauss-ism, "nothing is a coincidence, nothing." you all are reading this now, right?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

paige premium skyline drives and attitude

hey readers, this is going to be an inspirational post. so, grab a piece of chocolate or a cookie and keep reading. the energy is gonna change. and several of you have told me it is a bad week, and last week was a bad week. ok, i hear you all. it is going to get better. we are in a wacky cycle. uh, just read the newspaper or don' won't make you feel any better.
so, you all know the willing suspension of disbelief? that's how we are gonna play it today. there is no stress here. go ahead, try it... only good things happen in this post. your chakras are open and ready to receive. mentally clear your mind of the negative clutter. how? ok, stop reading now if you are not ready...

picture youself in an outdoor place of nature that you like. it can be the beach, the mountains or a forest. it is your choice. smell the air around you, hear the sounds, feel the terrain of the place you have chosen. this is your safe spot. you can stay here or come back to it any time you want. this is the place you are going to start your meditation. just relax and enjoy your surroundings. feel it. really feel it. whenever the third dimension day gets too much for you, come here . it is your place and you can bring whatever you want with you. you know, chocolate has NO calories or fat grams when eaten in your safe place. and you can change your outfit a dozen times or more until it is perfect.
if mental visualiztion is hard for you, lie down, shut the lights and close your eyes. it gets easier with practice. really.
i like to go into a forest with cool, dry air and the scent of pines. some people like the beach with the smell and sound of salt water. any place in the outdoors works. take the sense of tranquility with you when you leave. sometimes it might stay with you the whole day. other times, only a minute or two until you answer your cell phone or walk in the door to work...
anyway, you know where your place is now. and you can invite whomever you want at anytime. sweet dreams. see you on the astral plane.

Monday, March 17, 2008

balenciaga moto booties

hi readers. by popular request, here is a pix of my bal moto booties. i couldn't get a decent pix with me in them to show the details, so here they are sans chauss.
i really laugh when people think these booties are radical. i don't know what they would do if they saw my loub collection...cactus booties, thigh highs, and mohair platforms to name a few....hmm, i don't think i posted a pix of my loub mohair yoyo zeppas here yet. very french.
kids, this is still a tough week. better than last week. we are making progress... what do you all think?

dior cannage on ckparis et al

hey readers. how are you all doing? tell meeee... really, what are you up to? loub cactus booties and dior cannage shades. paige premium skyline drives.
don't you all love sunglasses? you can disappear into your own world and if you're really good at it, no one will even notice you checked out of the third dimension crap for a while.
hey, if you are just too down to even shop, try exercise. i walked up 184 flights of stairs today. yeah, i usually do that kind of stuff. the beauty is you can combine meditation with that type of exercise to get the endorphins flowing. it helped me today and the energy is starting to improve...see you on the astral plane.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

the perfect white t and perfect white light

salutations readers. it is always great to have fresh white t shirts on hand. it can be an immediate attitude adjuster. it can morph your outfit into whatever you want it to be. if you feel great, you will project great energy. even for those who don't see auras, they will be able to feel that je ne sais quoi you project. someone else can have the same clothes on as you, but without the energy, it may appear borrrrring.
which brings us to white light, by popular request...white light is perfect energy. it is very protective energy. get into the habit of surrounding yourself with white light whenever you feel insecure, afraid, unhappy or have low self esteem. the easiest way is to mentally draw white light around the outline of your body. you can proceed to fill the entire room up with white light. before i go to sleep, i like to put white light around my bed. i don't like bad dreams...
white light contains all the colors of the rainbow and each color has different meanings and uses. more on that another time.
so, hope to see you on the astral plane.

Friday, March 14, 2008

ckparis, guns and roses and airport security

hey guys, how are you all doing? ok, the energy is finally shifting, we will feel it by the middle of next week. so, hang in there and do what you can to get through the crap. my favorite personal energy band aid fix is shopping...
this is my custom made guns and roses belt. (for obvious reasons) i have a file with homeland security because of this belt. stop here if you dont care...otherwise....
i wore this belt to MIA international and took it off when i went through security. i asked security if it was ok, response was , "sure, no problem."
flash forward five days later... LAX airport, took off my belt, put it in security bin... LAX security calls the LA police, i get detained for??? a belt that looks like a gun. btw, it has a flat back... anyway, i just want my belt back, i dont want it confiscated which is what they were sorta planning...
i manage to convince them to let me go back through security to check it . i give it to a woman who knows me at the first class desk, and get this, instead of taking my money and fedexing to me, she offers to walk it on the plane for me... she does. (such an angel) i have my belt. see pix.
and about 4 weeks later, i get a letter from homeland security telling me they are not pressing charges. things that make you go hmmmmm.
hey, the last time i wore my k-cord alligator belt to the airport, the security guard asked me "for the alligator's phone number". like i said, things that make you go hmmmmm.
and i will tell you about my DEA dog encounter another time involving another accessory.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

rich and skinny jeans rock

hey readers, good morning. we are all gonna have a great day, ok? the collective consciousness is a very powerful thing.
oh, and so is the effect of starbucks when you have not had one for a couple of days. if you skip for a few days, its like rediscovering something. the morning rush is turned up to the 2nd or 3rd power all over again..
i have on rich and skinny jeans with my loub cactus booties. attitude is everything. feel it and you will project it.
color meditation tonight, ok?
uh, that is after shopping...hey, its cheaper than therapy. well, maybe not... :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

tina chow and hermes wednesday mix

hellooooooooooooooo readers. what are you all doing tonight? come on, tell me.... i am wearing my precious tina chow crystal today. it is on a black suede cord. i also have on my hermes ebene cdc bracelet with the usual chauss assortment. more later.

Monday, March 10, 2008

panerai and chocolate

good evening readers. ok, this post needs to be fun. ok? me with my panerai. me with my panerai and loub thigh highs in the air. me with my panerai and the usual bracelet assortment plus hermes cdc.
i put a red croc band on the panerai when i was in paris. defintely added some je ne sais quoi to an already fabulous watch with an open skeleton back. yeah, i know, pix don't show the back of it or even good details of the front. but you get the drift, right?
hope you all had a better day. it is amazing what an attitude adjuster dark chocolate can be. sorta like a delicious version of the latest mood elevator drug. rorer 714s, according to ancient history and rumor mills, these were the grand daddy of them all... i know i am rambling a bit tonight so kinda indulge me and go with the flow...
what was the highlight of your day? i ordered some stuff from ron herman melrose today. hey, it's the next best thing to being there. dollars and no tax. and do you think we will ever see the euro come close to the dollar in this lifetime? i remember when france adopted the euro, i bought them for 80 cents to the dollar in paris...and the change kiosks thought our new style dollars replaced the old ones. i had a terrible time getting them to take old 20 dollar and 100 dollar bills...(remember the franc could no longer be used as acceptable currency) enough third dimension stuff...

so ground yourself, surround yourself with lots and lots of white light (very protective), take a deep breath or two, and take a journey with me to the astral plane.

dior sunglasses and contemplation

hey guys, i am still trying to figure out the energy going on....hmmm. oh, and a closeup of my loub black suede thigh highs. sweet dreams.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

louboutin thigh highs, vintage chanel , starbucks, et al

salutations boys and girls. if i didn't know better, i would have sworn it was a full moon this weekend. i checked three different moon cycle charts. paranoid, peut-etre?
anyway, i have on my loub black suede thigh highs, navy blue mini, k-cord 'gator, and the bag i am carrying is actually a vintage black chanel patent. it has a gold chain you can wear long, short or in the bag as a clutch. i gotta take some pix of it. it is pre-hologram chanel. that holgram stuff started in the late 80's. i really like black and navy together. chanel had their rodeo window done in black and blue last month. i loved the colors together. oh, and you can see the telltale starbucks in the background of my pix...
i tried to download a bunch of pix to post for you. my photobucket decided it had too many images, although i have plenty of frustrating, like i said, full moon? nah, some other planetary interference... any of you have any ideas? please share, i would love to hear your theories on why the energy was wacky this weekend...
see you on the astral plane.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

givenchy nightingale with ostrich handles

hey readers, hope you are making it a great weekend. this pix is just reallllly low on pixels, cell phone stuff...i have got to get a camera....anyway, this is my new givenchy maxi 'gale with distressed black leather and black ostrich handles. yummy. so, what are you all doing?
i will get some more detailed pix up soon. see you on the astral plane.
p.s. bring whatever you need to get through the night.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

tina chow, pink chemise and coffee

salutations readers. i am wearing my mystical tina chow crystal necklace. and drinking an espresso at my favorite french cafe this side of the pond, again... i hope you all have a great day, i am concentrating on raising my resonance. the higher your vibrational level, the less the crappy, negative stuff can effect you. lots of white light, chauss

vintage chanel and ckparis

this vintage chanel scarf/pareo is sooooo fun. and to quote miranda priestley, "that's all".

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ugo cacciatori and the scorpion

hi readers. how are you all doing tonight? i am gonna be a bit chatty this evening because i had starbucks this am and seattle's best after lunch, and no french cure...anyway, i am wearing ugo cacciatori's scorpion necklace. i saw it in paris and just had to have it. you know what i mean? ugo designed the piece originally for his son. steve tyler has been photographed wearing it. and i think matt, you can rock it, too!
anyway, i get approached by a lot of people telling me they like my necklace. question two is invariably, are you a scorpio? uh, that would be a yes. and my question to them is, are you? and usually, the answer is yes. hmmmm. btw, ugo, did NOT do a zodiac series. just this scorpion on a leather cord. perfect. and the tail is sharp and it moves....
you all know the scorpion and frog fable? if so, stop reading now and good night. and for those curious readers,
the scorpion needed a lift across the lake and asked frog for the favor. frog said if he did that scorpion would sting him and he would die. scorpion replied that he would not sting frog because then they would both die because scorpion could not swim. so frog said ok, and half way across the lake, scorpion stings frog. frog asked scorpion why he did that because now they would both die. scorpion replied, i could not help it. it is my nature.
it is my nature. why did i buy those loubs when my credit cards were screaming? it is my nature.
why did i spend another three hours surfing on the computer when i should have been doing work? it is my nature.
ok, let's hear yours. i know you've got one. and you don't have to be a scorpio to understand the story.
hurts so good. see you on the astral plane. and no stinging allowed. ;)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

dior and the french cure

hi people. nice to chat with you again. i am wearing dior cannage black shades at my favorite little french cafe this side of the pond. bruno brought me "the french cure". he started it one day when i was a little blue, and he's been keeping the tradition up every time i walk in the place. not a bad way to have a tuesday lunch. and then indulge in tarte tatin avec un espresso. bonne nuit...

Monday, March 3, 2008

dolce gabbana and the astral plane

these are dolce and gabbana shades. isn't nice to just go into your own private world for a while? i can drift to the fourth dimension before i can even finish saying, see you on the astral plane...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

ckparis does louis vuitton sprouse scarf with ashley and mk olsen

well, it's paris fashion week and the olsens have finally been photographed with the LV cashmere sprouse scarf. this scarf sold out months ago. it is really fun. i posted a couple of pix of me with mine messing around with it and with starbucks. oh, and if you missed out , and want one, send me a comment with your email. i won't publish it if you ask me not too. i have got an extra one for sale...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

the devil wears prada...rick owens and louboutin

hope you are all doing your weekend thing. i am wearing my vintage 2002 rick owens classic moto jacket and loub cactus booties. and of course, chatting with miranda priestley. what are you doing?