Saturday, March 29, 2008

american apparel t and tequila

hey readers. i tried to blog last night post frozen pomegrante margaritas, but it was not to be. i am running out to get a starbucks.... i just did a bottle of green juice and need the serious stuff now.

jillian, get xxs. :)
mj, (not matt) how was the vacation?
matt, i have gotta do lots and lots of stairs this weekend. you too?
divinitus, what is your starbucks drug of choice?
camille, i was thinking you could make a clutch out of some cool material.
antoine, do you want to see another iguana pix? lol
search for chic, a post on grounding is coming soon. a great tool to channel white light.


Matthew L. Romo said...

haha the stairs are calling my name!! !! i've been partaking in far too many attitude-adjusters these last few days. cinnamon ice cream, scotch with ginger ale, etc etc. Do you have a recipe for pomegranate margaritas???

Vertiginoso said...

ps: Eeeuuuhhh . . . Actually not Especially, Dear Chauss . . .

Cordially, Antoine

chauss said...

matt, i did 138 flights today. and you?

antoine, ok, no more iguana pix for today...i will post some chauss pix for you instead.


salut! answering starbucks question: i take plain latte, and at home i keep whole bean 'breakfast blend' (very mild). how about you? ^-^

Anonymous said...


I tried commenting last night, but the astral lane was not cooperating. MY trip was OK, the person I was with was a little bit of a downer as it turns out, but I am tan and refreshed regardless :). Thanks for asking!

I am itching for a new RO leather, and dying to see pics of the one you recently ordered!!


camille said...

that margarita looks awfully delicious. :)
ooh, i will have to be on the lookout for some cool material to make a clutch out of. the thought never entered my mind, thanks!