Monday, March 10, 2008

panerai and chocolate

good evening readers. ok, this post needs to be fun. ok? me with my panerai. me with my panerai and loub thigh highs in the air. me with my panerai and the usual bracelet assortment plus hermes cdc.
i put a red croc band on the panerai when i was in paris. defintely added some je ne sais quoi to an already fabulous watch with an open skeleton back. yeah, i know, pix don't show the back of it or even good details of the front. but you get the drift, right?
hope you all had a better day. it is amazing what an attitude adjuster dark chocolate can be. sorta like a delicious version of the latest mood elevator drug. rorer 714s, according to ancient history and rumor mills, these were the grand daddy of them all... i know i am rambling a bit tonight so kinda indulge me and go with the flow...
what was the highlight of your day? i ordered some stuff from ron herman melrose today. hey, it's the next best thing to being there. dollars and no tax. and do you think we will ever see the euro come close to the dollar in this lifetime? i remember when france adopted the euro, i bought them for 80 cents to the dollar in paris...and the change kiosks thought our new style dollars replaced the old ones. i had a terrible time getting them to take old 20 dollar and 100 dollar bills...(remember the franc could no longer be used as acceptable currency) enough third dimension stuff...

so ground yourself, surround yourself with lots and lots of white light (very protective), take a deep breath or two, and take a journey with me to the astral plane.

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