Saturday, March 1, 2008

the devil wears prada...rick owens and louboutin

hope you are all doing your weekend thing. i am wearing my vintage 2002 rick owens classic moto jacket and loub cactus booties. and of course, chatting with miranda priestley. what are you doing?


Anonymous said...

Great look.

But those boots are not Balenciaga, they are CL, non?

chauss said...

yes, they are louboutins. thanks for the edit. i will post pix of my bal moto booties another time.;)

Endymion said...

doing: sitting in low end plaid flannel pj's thinking about high end lullabies
You have a very entertaining blog.
You might enjoy this guy's blog:
Or, you might not.

chauss said...

endymion, thanks for stopping by. sweet dreams.