Thursday, March 20, 2008

louis vuitton sprouse, givency 'gale and friend

hey readers. i thought this pix might make you all smile. my 'gale with the ostrich handles is supporting my louis vuitton sprouse pareo with my surgery bear.
the lv sprouse is made of the most delicious, smooshiest cotton and very rare, this one was truly a limited production. i was told the company only made 100 of these. who really knows?
the bear wanted to say hello. i got him bc he was wearing a robe and i was going to have foot surgery that week. he kept me company while i recovered in bed. and as you can tell from my footwear choices, i can wear whatever kind of shoes i want now. and i do...although whenever i go visit my foot doc, the nurses pass around my platforms or stilettos du jour in amazement. not the usual foot attire for their average patients.


Matthew L. Romo said...

the colors on that scarf are just perfect :) you've got a great collection of scarves, but i think you def should be rocking a mcqueen ;)

chauss said...

matt, thanks. i have it in red and aqua combo as well. as for mcqueen, i had several and sold them all... maybe in future. i will keep it in mind when new collection comes out.:)