Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ugo cacciatori and the scorpion

hi readers. how are you all doing tonight? i am gonna be a bit chatty this evening because i had starbucks this am and seattle's best after lunch, and no french cure...anyway, i am wearing ugo cacciatori's scorpion necklace. i saw it in paris and just had to have it. you know what i mean? ugo designed the piece originally for his son. steve tyler has been photographed wearing it. and i think matt, you can rock it, too!
anyway, i get approached by a lot of people telling me they like my necklace. question two is invariably, are you a scorpio? uh, that would be a yes. and my question to them is, are you? and usually, the answer is yes. hmmmm. btw, ugo, did NOT do a zodiac series. just this scorpion on a leather cord. perfect. and the tail is sharp and it moves....
you all know the scorpion and frog fable? if so, stop reading now and good night. and for those curious readers,
the scorpion needed a lift across the lake and asked frog for the favor. frog said if he did that scorpion would sting him and he would die. scorpion replied that he would not sting frog because then they would both die because scorpion could not swim. so frog said ok, and half way across the lake, scorpion stings frog. frog asked scorpion why he did that because now they would both die. scorpion replied, i could not help it. it is my nature.
it is my nature. why did i buy those loubs when my credit cards were screaming? it is my nature.
why did i spend another three hours surfing on the computer when i should have been doing work? it is my nature.
ok, let's hear yours. i know you've got one. and you don't have to be a scorpio to understand the story.
hurts so good. see you on the astral plane. and no stinging allowed. ;)


Matthew L. Romo said...

chauss, i LOVE that necklace... you really have a great collection where everything has a story behind it- like your crystal necklace you posted a while back.

I can just imagine myself wearing that scorpion with my new RO, and AA t-shirt.... and just the right amount of attitude ;)


Great post. I had some wine last night, insead of doing work... :)

Anonymous said...

Great!! You explain perfectly the story of this jewel!! Fabio from Ugo Cacciatori showroom in Milan