Sunday, March 23, 2008

vintage levis and marc jacob booties

hi all... its a rainy, dreary day so i took a pix of moi for you with me smiling. i am going to go walk numerous flights of stairs now and come back later...
anyway, a rainy day look of vintage red lines, cut off by me, with real distressing from wear and tear. and marc jacob black booties and my smooshy inside out aa shirt. it has great raglan seams and looks soooo much better this way. hey, i was always told you would get a "suprise" if you wore your underwear inside out. i wonder if it works for t shirts?

and what are you all doing? :)


Anonymous said...

haha i love how you still wear sunglasses even tho its rainy ! and you're indoors!! :D this is what attitude must be like :p and i'm shocked seeing you with denim shorts! i mean i def like the all-black thing on you (actually i like it so much that i can't wear black anymore:p) but you look so fresh with this outfit! (killer shoes btw) love ya! xoxo elly :)

chauss said...

elly, thanks, i do love my sunglasses and attitude. ;)