Thursday, September 11, 2008

ckparis, givenchy nightingale, et al.

hey you all, what are you doing? remember the third dimension operates in cycles. so, if today was not your best day, tomorrow will be better. really. promise.
put it out to the universe to provide lots of chocolate, cupcakes and white, silver and gold light.

d. went to LA. (fashionispoison and ihaveadog, you know i would have called you.)
chauss went to atlanta. yeah.
but d. did bring me back my most favorite chocolate from krons bev hills. they are called "black k". 90 percent pure bitter dark chocolate. i really think i changed dimensions after eating 2 wafers. not for the faint of heart.
but then you know i am not that kind. lol...
bring it on.
the last time i bought black k myself, the owner tried to talk me out of it. she said about 5 japanese people and i were her only black k regulars. huh?

today's paparazzi pix of me include my givenchy black distressd leather 'gale, favorite marc jacob booties, bliss lau body chain and wolford.

i was wearing this outfit today when i was at NM and approached by one of the store's execs:

NM: excuse me, you shop here often...

ckparis: yes. (1000 watt smile)

NM: i just wanted to tell you that you always dress so fashionable.

ckparis: thank you.

NM: you have such a great sense of style!

ckparis: thanks.

ckparis thinking: (hmmmm, material for my blog)

anyway, wear what you feel comfortable with. when you feel good about yourself, your aura grows and you radiate energy. always strive to raise your resonance.

if you put on your favorite outfit or shoes, you may find that your crappy mood is gone in a nyc minute. really. try it. (fanny, that's you too!)
there is NO WAY i am ever going to have a bad day in my ysl 6 inch tributes. it just won't happen.
empower youself and don't forget to laugh today.

enough said...

see you on the astral plane.


Fashion Is Poison said...

i swear. you ALWAYS post these very inspirational things on the exact day that i need to hear it. really. today was ROUGH! but i'm ready for a wonderful tomorrow :]


Izzy said...

you are such an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip ma chère, workin' on it! & for the bliss lau thing, i'm waiting for the shoe chains to arrive to make my order, they sound so hot...

Ashleigh said...

yep, when Im having a crappy day....I try not to let my outfit show it...always makes me feel a wee little better...=)

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

I love reading your stories, and you of course are looking so amazing and inspirational.


Thank you<3

I love those boots!!

Marina said...

I love to read every your word!Reading your blog bring me pleasure and delight!Thank you, Chauss!

MEMEME said...

love you miss inspirational...:)

♥ Marta ♥ said...

It's always comforting to know that tomorrow is a new day and will probably be better... as for you missy, you look stunning as always and those shoes, wow :)

Anastacia said...

Somewhat unsurprised by NM's glowing compliment. Those boots are really something!!!! You look great as always, love the action shot.

Mark said...

you look great as usual. love the NM interview and the black k info.

- une mandarine

Unknown said...

Im loving these shots of you haha they look so paparazzi!

Anonymous said...

Hey chauss - Have you ever tried the Michel Cluizel Noir Infini 99% chocolate? Très intense. Comme toi... ;-) - LP