Monday, April 13, 2009

ckparis, aurelie bidermann and the alchemist

hello. how are you all doing? tell me.

major shout out to my amaaazing internet friends. you guys are the BEST! and you all know who you are. big thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog as well as to email me stuff you want to chat about or just to give me the 411.
merci beaucoup.
i hope i can meet some more of you irl instead of just on the net and the astral plane.
nothing is a concidence. nothing. so if you are reading this...
positive energy comes back to you tenfold and negative energy has a nasty wasy of boomeranging right back to the person throwing it.

back on the third, i went to The Alchemist on MB today. fabulous vibe and great staff.
super cute SA tara hooked me up with french designer, aurelie bidermann's, red enamel/mother of pearl
necklace/bracelet on a stretchy black neoprene-y cord. see pix.
totally fun. don't you love pieces that you can wear multiple ways?

i resisted buying some perfect basics pieces of clothing at The Alchemist bc i am going to nyc for a couple of days and need dollars for damages.

what are your favorite vintage places to shop in nyc?

i also have on my kieselstein-cord 'gator belt avec my favorite marc jacob booties.

see you on the astral plane.


InnyVinny said...

Very cute indeed!

I didn't get to go vintage hunting in NY, but I'm sure Pam of Market Publique knows of some really great places. =)

Pret a Porter P said...

i know the store you're talking about. very cool. they carry natali brilli too.

dior homme nyc all the way, i will be planning all future trips to nyc (if they ever happen) based on walking distance to DH.
enjoy NY!!!

Cruz said...

Hey Chauss I'm doin great. You're very welcome for the comments and stuff, I love sayin hey and seein what stylish business you're up to. :) Great belt bucket and boots, also your bracelets are awesome. Have fun in NY, I'd suggest some shops but I've never been myself!

chauss said...

alicia, thanks. :

h, yes, i saw some bags by her at the alchemist. :)

cruz, you are the best . i love to hear what you think. :)

Clem said...

Oh I love your bracelets ! You know I'm wearing everyday the red one you gave me for my B-Day... And Even if I don't wear it (because of scarf) I always keep the C necklace in my bag.. As a treasure :)



very true to size :)
thanks, and comfortable too!


Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

I lovee all your bracelets, totally gorgeous.

sophie said...

I love all your pictures they're gorgeous. You have a really lovely blog keep it up. and have a fabulous time in NYC, I am so jealous.


... said...

great outfit, as always!

-Chloe for Opening Ceremony
-Pirates of the Caribbean 4?!

Delikate Rayne said...

Love how you put all those bracelets together...that heart one is too cute.

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