Friday, August 8, 2008

ckparis and purple streaks

hey readers, how are you all?

this is a low pixell cell phone shot. my photographer was not in the mood for real pix...
i have my high maintenance hair streaked with purple. (albert, bobby did this) perfect for an evening out of frozen pomegranate margaritas.

purple is a color of the moment and also the 6th chakra color representing the third eye and psychic power. (works for me)

and of course, my alexander wang black leather vest. (cost per use goes down each time i wear it)

so, maybe i will figure out how to upload my vlog next week... too frustrating this past week.

have a FABULOUS weekend. no negativity allowed! remember, you can change your outlook in a nyc minute.

see you on the astral plane.


Marina said...

I wanna see more photos with new purple hair!I think that this little detail make your look more punky! Love it!

Couture Carrie said...

Loooooove the purple streak Chauss; I am a blonde too and did a pink streak last summer and had so much fun with it!


camille said...

love the purple streaks! so much 'tude. ;)

i finally have some time this weekend so i'm going through all the blog entries i've missed. i need to catch up!

also, send me an e-mail if you need help w/ the vlog. i've been using google video to upload my vlogs, which can store much larger files than say, youtube or photobucket. can't wait to see it! <3

Anonymous said...

Lovey lovey love your blog! but i am still confused- what do you mean when you say "see you on the astral plane?" :)
p.s. i want your ariella boots! would you consider selling them for free? hehe ;)

chauss said...

thank you all!

marina. the next set of pix show the purple strak too. you etta look a lillte more closely to find it...

cc, yup, fun it is!

camille. i may need your vlog help. i will keep you posed and wil try google uploading this week.

anon, thanks. loub cactus booties are not for sale.
astral plane is a higher dimension which most human beings don't inhabit. most humans are on the third dimension. now, you can get to the astral plane if you evolve through mediation, atunement and raising your resonance. start listening to your inner voice and intuition. you may be suprised by what you learn...keep reading my blog and asking questions, and you may just discover an alternative reality.

Ashley Wilkins said...

I really like the purple. I was going to put purple in my hair, but it would clash with the red.

Ashleigh said...

Yess I LOVE it!! Its a great change for you =) I still need to work on my vid and try to post it...uggh...gotta wait for le Bfs help...I suck at this!

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

The purple streak SO suits you. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

L in progress said...

love the purple streaks... do i see a LV sprouse violet/purple streak combo soon!