Friday, December 26, 2008

ckparis and ysl tribute too black patent booties

chuck bass above

edward cullen above

ckparis above and below

hello readers. what's going on? did you all get good stuff from santa? tell me...
i am such the lounge lizard today.
thoughts of doing stairs... so far, just thoughts... i think i will be like scarlet o'hara today... :)

i saw Twighlight. not even close to True Blood calibre.
and does anyone else think that edward cullen looks like chuck bass?
(watch Gossip Girl instead)
edward pix is from twighlightmovie website.
chuck bass pix is from gossip girl website.
enough said on that subject. is it summer yet?

moi? lounging in another pair of paige premium skinny jeans.
these are destroyed roxbury. add an aa tank and a pair of ysl black patent tribute too booties and i am good to go...

see you on the astral plane.


stilettolover91 said...

u look gorgeous, i luv those ysl booties on u! i didnt see twilight and i'm not really planning dont really see what all this fuss over the movie is.

Anonymous said...

i do agree that they look sooo similar! same attitude too, if you know what i mean. like hot bad guy. haha

(check out my brand new blog. i love yours and would love to know what you think of it:

Fashion Is Poison said...

LOVE those shoes c!

chauss said...

shaq, thanks. watch TB when it returns next summer...

nyy, thanks, will do.

fashion, shoes...ahhhhh....

meliindaa. said...

oooh fantastic shoes
chuckbass <3

Mariana said...

chauss, you might enjoy reading blue bloods by melissa de la's a little cheesy but really amusing? i dont know if that is the right word..
kind of gossip girl meets twilight meets true blood...itsabout a bunch of vampires on the upper east side hahaha.

thank you for the advice...i am in hawk-mode, searching for the perfect heels but i think my feet are calling for some flat boots..maybe..

best, x

Marina said...

I hope, you spend holidays very good!Merry X-mas, dear!!!
I love your shoes, you look hot even as lazy lizard!

Unknown said...

nice look!those
edward is in my mind better looking actually. wish he was actually chuck looking in the movie. though i am not yet watched the movie. i will,though i know it sucks but cos off my addiction i must see it:D

Vertiginoso said...

Mmmmh Mmmmh YES These Boots are really made for you Because it reflect The (BODYlicious) "fetish snake" who slumbers in You !!!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

May Kasahara said...

Now I want another pair of Paiges. I sold all of mine last year (too big yayay)

screw twilight. BILL ftw.

Natalie said...

Wow amazing boots.

And chuck is so hot, even though he reminds me of Scar from the lion king movie.

Anonymous said...

found your blog via tfs as i am a total louboutin/ysl obsessive. i absolutely love your blog, i love your fashion sense and i love your commentary. looks like i'm not alone either :)


you are so sweet

what can I wish you best than happiness, love and health !

have wonderful last 2008 nights !

cheers from paris


Ashleigh said...

they DO look alike and I never even made the connection....and yes, santa brought some good gifts including a Teak stereo system, bunches of clothes, an amazing 500 page cookbook, and booties...and laptop from le Bf

Hope you got all the goodies you wanted ;)

SOS! said...

ooh .. i have those tribute boots but the blue sole calf length version ;)
xx-LJ from SOS!

Rebecca said...

nobody compares to robert pattinson (edward cullen) in looks!
ha ha

i agree with the shoes too, nice photos x

E. said...

chauss, you have the BEST shoes... ysl tribs, louboutin booties... ahhh jealous!

Unknown said...

insanely amazing ...and I adore chuck!

Saree Elias said...

i thought that so much, just that edward is a fke copy of mr bass! love your blog dear!