Monday, March 30, 2009

ckparis, balmain booties and the astral plane

hey all, how was your monday?
what is it with the third dimension and mondays?
do NOT let other people pull you down or drain your positive energy.
protect yourself and don't buy into someone else's crap.

easy protection tip:
surround yourself with white light at the first feeling of insecurity, anger, or negativity.
it's easy. just draw an imaginary white outline around yourself and keep adding layers of white light around it as you need it. it is ok to fill up the entire room.
when you practice this, you will be able to just think white light and it will have the same effect.

moi? balmain black suede booties, et al.

the third can be a tough place to be these days. hang in there.
and then there is the fourth...

see you on the astral plane.


Chantelle said...

your balmain booties rock!
I'm surrounding myself with good vibes right now to get me through the next two weeks of school, which are filled with assignments, essays, and exams before final testing starts.

ihaveadog said...

it's like you wrote that comment just for me. Thank you for the good words, and love those balmains!


I love your boots soooo much!

La C.


What is the astral plane, I gotta ask, I always see you referring to that??

And the photos were in Ft. Myers. :]

Maybe one day he can take of us in Miami??



Chauss, what a cool concept, thanks for being nice and explaining it for me :] again!

i know I'll be down in so. Miami this upcoming weekend, but not sure if there will be enough time? Only for one day.. we'll see.

Cruz said...

My monday was fine. :) I find myself surrounding myself in white, must be working cos life's great! And killer boots, killer ensemble really. Love the vest too.

Alice X said...

omg balmain booties~!!

Alice X said...

i actually have the same question, i've heard other people talk about astral projection and you referred to astral planes. appreciate it if you explain it:)

Clem said...

Chauss guess what ? Astral plane was with me today ! I got my workplacement today ! I had an appointment in a showroom and... Here I am I'll work for Pinel&Pinel an amazing designer !

Today was a perfect day ... xcept that now I'm jealous of those amazing Balmain bootie !!! You're so lucky my C.


Jane said...

swoooon. i looove these shoes

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... said...

love the vest!

-karl lagerfeld quotes
overpriced balenciaga and balmain
Christian Lacroix for gola

Anonymous said...

great! i have the same chaussletts. they are sacri tabu!!! malikascouturepage

Malika's Couture Page said...

love the whole outfit. legs look great from stairs. i have the same chaussletts. they are sacri tabu.

Malika's Couture Page said...

love the 'fit. i have the same chaussletts. they are sacri tabu.

STARR said...

Your boots are gorgeous. I'm going to have to think positive like you for this new term.

kaitlyn said...

i love the vest!

albert said...

what a great message for protection from energy vampires. after i dress, i step into the WHITE. i like the layers idea. we can also send the WHITE to any one. sending you some right now.

What is Reality Anyway? said...

i am feeling extra stress fromt he 3rd plane, and i need all the help and suggestions i can get--thank you for the white light idea, all i do is think white light around me? email me soon x

ps--i didnt buy anything, it was all like CRAZY expansive at Zoe's.

Chekka Cuomova said...

wow wow wow super hot balmain booties!! I envy you ;D

May Kasahara said...

*hugs* this is a hot photo.

Anonymous said...

are those your pictures?

chauss said...

anon, thanks for the 411. yes. check the thread.