Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ckparis and smoking hot weather

hey all.
'nana is now operating at summer levels..
see dashboard pix of my car today. 100 degrees F.
yeah, car was sitting in the sun...

moi? vintage hat avec vintage rhinestone pin, random smooshy soft white t shirt, itsumi bag and my favorite marc jacobs black leather booties.
i wear my boots no matter what season it is. :)

i bought several floral dresses to play around with.
not working for me. they are all going back.
d. did capture a candid of me trying one on in the store bc he said it was the only time he was gonna see me dressed like that.
ok, i tried.
i am just a body con kind of chick with a strong sense of self.
scorpio or what?

i just decided on what to wear to a cocktail party for tomorrow.
a vintage stretch velvet lbd with black lace avec my
balmain black suede booties.
(my personal comfort zone)

always wear what makes YOU feel good.
if you feel good, your energy will be reflected in your aura and
you WILL look good.
trust yourself.
you always have the answers, you just may have to really look hard to find them.
ask the universe for some assistance, you never know what your guides may provide...

see you in the astral plane.


Cruz said...

I love what you did with the pin and your hat! I think it's great you wear your boots in the hot weather, you don't let the weather stop you from doing your thing. ;-) Andd good advice as usual :)

Unknown said...

Love the outfit xoxox

Hannah Schulman said...

you look cool!

s o h o said...

boots no matter what season ! would love a picture of those balmain beauties ! : )

Marina said...

I love how you wearing hats!Only you could do it so well!
Today was a big day to increase level of good emotions. all week was in 3dimension. But I understand that I can make make my mood better and do it.

Thank you, Chauss!

cyd said...

good advice.
couldn't picture you in florals.......loving the boots, stay cool!

albert said...

thank you for reminding me to ask for what i want....there was a time when i did not even know. how was the universe going to provide when i did not know what i wanted. ask most people what they want, most times they will just pause.

Posh said...

Great outfit!!