Saturday, June 13, 2009

ckparis and true blood

can you stand the wait?
tomorrow night.
hbo. 9 pm.
be there....

mayk, are you ready?

any other true blood fans, leave a comment.
see you at merlotte's. :)
laissez les bons temps rouler.


Cruz said...

Aw you look very happy. :) I don't watch true blood, I should probably start haha. And I'm feeling better today thanks. :)

chauss said...

cruz, yes, you should start watching true blood.
and i am totally stoked its coming back,
hence chauss 100000 watt smile (with help of saki inebrieation)

stilettolover91 said...

u look gorgeous in that pic. i never watched true blood either, but maybe i should idk lol

Mona said...

I'm soooo excited for tomorrow night. I have missed Bill ;)

ihaveadognamedkitty said...

I CANNOT WAIT!! Also love your smile? Did any packages come your way yet????

Treasure-X said...

Love true blood!
So excited for tomorrow!

Marina said...

I love when you smiling!Fantastis look! And yes I can't wait for next episode

tdw said...

Thanks for u'r comments :DD

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Vertiginoso said...

Ooooooh YES Your smile is marvelously Radiant Chauss, the sparkling "True Blood effect" (ps: Mmmmh To be honest I have never watched it, BUT your joyfulness is very tempting ) !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

chauss said...

less than 12 hours to go...
can u stand it?
big SMILE, c.

Vera said...

You look so pretty, love your smile! Can't wait for the season premiere, I was so surprised that Suki and Bill were together in real life..

albert said...

love any smile pic of you.

albert said...

just finished watching T B. wow. was that foil in that vamps hair?

chauss said...

albert, his name is eric, sheriff of area 5, and i believe you would be the expert witness about foils.... :)

Kendra Alexandra said...

I always love this site, its a must check daily!

Anonymous said...

Haha I am watching True Blood right now (yes, I am in front of two laptops side by side - don't judge) ... I am obsessed with it!

Your smile is soo pretty!

Liz Lizo said...

I have watchd it 3 times already and have it on DVR. Now my tv lineup is totally feeling complete. Can't wait for the sabbath so I can catch some more True Blood

May Kasahara said...

I haven't watched it yet and it's TUESDAY!
I want to save it for a perfect night with tons of blankets and ideally a thunderstorm outside.

it was good right? right???
it's been way too long.

oh and I love your smile.

Anonymous said...

a close of friend of mine was talking about this show
im not really looking forward to it
let me know how it is

check out my blog @

Mandy and Vawn said...

I love true blood!!!

Anonymous said...

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