Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ckparis and sprouse pareo

hey all, how are you? tell me....

moi? way too third for me today.
so, here i am playing with my lv second season sprouse pareo. this is not the cashmere one, it is made out of the smooooshiest soft cotton and huge to be used as a pareo for resort. it came out the season after the introduction of the original sprouse red, black and gray shawls.
i also have this same lv sprouse pareo in a red/aqua combination.

anyway, "5 hour energy" is an actual product i bought as a starbucks alternative to get that lit, adrenaline rush, whooo-hooo feeling i crave before doing stairs.
138 flights on sunday so i think it may have worked.
the mind is a very powerful thing.
you can talk yourself into just about anything.

so guys, this is gonna be a GREAT week.
do NOT let all the negative people you deal with bring you down.
protect yourself with white light.
if you are feeling anxious, angry or uncomfortable in a situation, draw an outline of imaginary white light around yourself.
you can fill up the entire space around with white light if you feel the need.
you will be amazed at how easy it gets to "tune out" the person or stuff that bothers you.

white light is a universal gift that anyone can use who has positive intentions.
it is just as easy to be positive as it is to be negative.
and i am gonna do some major stuff out of my own personal comfort zone today...
and you can be sure i will use my white light outline technique before i embark on my challenge.
try it.
you might just like it. :)

and did true blood deliver this week or what?

see you on the astral plane.


Vertiginoso said...

Woooow Chère Chauss ( Eeuuhh I am going to try not to falter too much . . .) I really like the so sensual way you play with your pareo . . . a fortiori worn as your exclusive BODY's finery ("Bead of sweat-issime GLAM forecast") !!!
ps: Ooooh YES I will repeat myself BUT you TRULY are dedicated to Paris "Crazy Horse Saloon" !!!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

InnyVinny said...


Need to remember the white light thing...


Those 5-hour energy shots are sold everywhere on campus at my uni. Apparently the flavor is really good, too?

Want to steal that pareo...

chauss said...

something picasso. lol... if you like cherry cough syrup you will love this stuff. very sweet and syrupy to me, but no sugar added.

BB&HH said...

"do NOT let all the negative people you deal with bring you down.
protect yourself with white light."

Oh my god... you wrote it for me right ?


May Kasahara said...

so good this week.
sooooooo good.
I'm falling for Eric.

bryna said...

thanks for the inspiring words!

STARR said...

That pareo is so pretty! I want to try one of those 5hour shots but I don't know if it's worth it..

Thevisionarybutterfly said...

Apparently evil people are on the earth in numbers, I had to put this into major practice last nite after my ears heard unpleasant things I could not allow to enter and take root on my soil.

p.s. I climed 199 stairs to the top of a lighthouse here in Cape May yesterday. I thought of you!
My thighs & calves are still aching.

Cruz said...

Wow that scarf photo is great. Great advice too, this has been a good week. Gotta keep the white light shining. Is that the 5 hour energy I've heard so much about on tv?

chauss said...

butterfly, yay!!!! i guesss i do about 1700 steps per session.........

cruz, i guess so? d. told me about it bc i said i need whoo-hooo energy boost.

The Queen of Hearts said...

Alright so here are my thoughts on last night's episode of True Blood: first of all, I knew that dumb dumb was not only 1. Playing Sam but 2. Working for that demon lady. As soon as I saw the claw mark on her back, I knew it because remember when Sookie was clawed and the old lady doctor said she had only seen something like this one other time and she wasn't even sure if it was the same thing. Not to mention the fact that if the poison wasn't removed you'd die so if the old lady didn't treat her, then who did you know? Next topic, is Sookie a moron? How did she not peace the fu** out of there the moment 1. He said there a vampire downstairs and 2. The moment he said he KNEW she was reading his mind. And this was BEFORE the WWF Wrestler look a like Stone Cold Steve Austin came out and made the comment about her chest. Again, she's a moron and has thus, made the situation more complicated.
And can someone stand up and give three 3 cheers for the mama's boy?? Not only does he PUBICALLY regain his balls by telling his mother what time it is with the phone situation but he also shows that he's still a die hard gentleman by driving probably 10 hours to Texas just so she knew that he wasn't ignoring her calls. I love him and the red headed vamp together (side note, how sick is her pale body??)
What else? Lafayette!!!!! I almost died when he recoiled in the corner to that ex-cop's bullying. What happened!!?? I mean, I know they tortured him but he survived! And he got some of Eric's blood so he was physically healed. I didn't realize he was that messed up. I really hope he gets it together. I think he's going to need to either kill a vampire (Eric) or meet someone (who is gay) to get his mojo back. I also appreciated the weird military dude being there for him.
Okay as for the black dude, maybe he is a real person after all. He's obviously had his memory erased with all of the demon woman's bullsh**. I'm disappointed that when he and Tara came upon the massive orgy, that they allowed themselves to be overcome by her power. I get that she's a monster and clearly worships some demonic force but I want them to hurry up and explain her deal -- and why is she trying to kill Sam? He's a total non-issue. However, I can totally see him surviving and getting back with Tara.
...oh and I'm sooooo not interested in Bill's past with that woman. We get it. He used to be really really bad. I'm over it. New topic.
Jason is a moron.
That preacher's wife is a whore.
And I can't wait to see what hot stinky hick mess is going to pop off next Sunday!

Carole said...

Hi there, lovely Chauss,

I've been meaning to get over to your blog sooner than this, but better late than never, right? I've told you this before -- you have the most STUNNING shoe collection! They are truly to die for. Are you wearing Mad Marys with your gorgeous pareo in this post?

And now, after reading through your very nice blog, I know the secret to those AMAZING legs of yours -- I'll have to try it too!


Clem said...

You look gorgeous plus the pareo is awesome !



Unknown said...

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The Queen of Hearts said...

My response: I think you are absolutely right about the Texan vampire being the fly in the honey. I don't think it is cohort, the Hispanic vampire but rather, she, telling the Texan things in confidence and him using it against her. My friend actually came up with this theory. Let's see what happens on Sunday!!

Anonymous said...

very good!