Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ckparis and miami design district

hey all, how is your week going? tell me...

moi? hanging out in the miami design district with my new girlfriend.
a brief, fleeting opportunity currently exists to wear some heavy stuff.
hey, it was in the 50's here. :)
i have on my vintage-y gucci tom ford black shearling jacket. i was able to buy it for an incredible deal on a very hot and humid 85 degree day...
perfect for driving my mini with the top down at night.

paige premium jeans, enza costa smooshy oversized t shirt, louboutin otk monicas and gucci first season hysteria python hobo.

ok, changing gears on you now.
stop reading now if you are just interested in the pix.
this is a really hard time of year for some people.
recognize it.
accept it.
do something out of your personal comfort zone for someone else.
it dosen't have to be major.
it is amazing what a smile and positive word or two can do.
try it.

see you on the astral plane.


TINA said...

oh my god your outfit is to DIE FOR.
Especially your jacket and boots - GORGEOUSSS.
Happy Holidays!

May Kasahara said...

love that you said that.
every year I give some money to the shelter where I adopted my cats from. they are no kill so the costs are high esp after the holidays when unwanted pet "gifts" are given to shelters.

gahhh. makes me sad just thinking about it

on a lighter note, I must see more of this shearling jacket . . . .

Anonymous said...

Ok, you look amazing! And you're sooo inspiring! In many ways! Happy Holidays Sexy Lady!!!

Pret a Porter P said...

i heard such a perfect quote last wk, of course i forgot exactly how it went. it was along the lines of be thankful for your blessings, so that you can be a blessing onto other people.

of course you know i go CRAZY CRAZY for those boots!! and i like the lace gloves too. i wish i had the guts!

Clem said...

Merry X-mas my lovely C. <3

InnyVinny said...

LOOOOVE the jacket. And a deal on an 85-degree day is always a good one.

And the last part is too true. I spent the holiday in a fairly destitute area and it was truly humbling to see.

Hope you're well, c.

Anonymous said...

Those boots are pure sex! There is no other way to describe them. You look great and it is all so simple and effortless. I love it.