Sunday, December 6, 2009

ckparis, tina chow and enea rainforest garden

hey all, hope you had a great weekend.
down in the'nana, it was art basel weekend.
i discovered another fabulous place in the miami design district, the enea rainforest garden.
and on the same street as christian louboutin, F factory, Y-3, en avance, pacific time and michael's genuine.
the garden is a truly beautiful place.
more pix coming soon...

today's pix are of me in front of the enea rainforest garden during a particularly windy moment.
i have on my balenciaga astro girl boots, tina chow crystal necklace on a black suede cord with tina's name etched on the crystal, and alexander wang coco bag.

so, what did you all do this weekend?

see you on the astral plane.


Alex Dom said...

chic boots!

chauss said...

yes,i have! i was very lucky to get my piece directly from the woman who bought it in maxfield's back in the '80's.
when are you coing to the design distict?
alex, thanks.

Cruz said...

I just got your tweet from Friday yesterday - those boots are my favorite haha! :) That first picture is super glamorous and that necklace is so beautiful!

Isquisofrenia said...

hey girly thank you for your comment
your style is killer

love those pants you wear very good


Mom Fashion World said...

i didn't recognize you here.
it's a stunning photos of you!

Anonymous said...

Hey gorgeous! I just realized I haven't seen your weekenders for a while. I miss them!

albert said...

this is one of the best shots of you! the hair is kinda perfect. i like that lipstick.


albert said...

i forgot to the tina piece.