Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ckparis and chanel lips and hearts

what are you doing?

moi? hanging out in a vintage chanel pareo/scarf covered with pink and red lips, hearts and coco written all over.
my back pack is vintage diesel denim.

have a FABULOUS tuesday.

see you on the astral plane.


Margarita @ WestCoastMama.net said...

That's a Fabulous scarf, so darling. Where did you find it?

chauss said...

fierce or farce told me the chanel scarf is from the chanel
printemps 1995 collection.
i was lucky to find it in a vintage store.

Clem said...

Lovely scarf !!! Hope I could be in the astral plane... :s


Philippe Öhlund said...

Amazing scarf, Chauss! :-)

If I get a dog again, I will name him Chanel, after your scarf. :-)

You look prima!

Have you dragged yourself up the stairs again?

138 flight of stairs, huh?

I thought you were walking 138 steps...

How big is flight 138? :-)

chauss said...

i am not wimpy.
more like 3400 steps.
pix a building with 138 floors.
that's the ticket.

Philippe Öhlund said...

Dear Chauss,

I know you're not wimpy, because that's a restaurant! :-)

If you ever visit Sweden I'll invite you.

But I'm amazed: 3400 steps, 138 floors.

I should need to do that. :-)

I have gained 50 kilos in almost 20 years.

Until I was 33 I ran 10 kilometers at least 3 times a week under 40 minutes.

I loved to run.

Then I got a problem with one of my knees, and after that I never took up running again.

But here in Sweden we have too much snow for running anyway now...

Since my 2nd wife (I'm divorced and she lives in France) is a reptilian, who made my blood coagulate when she was angry, it could anyway be good for my heart.

The father of my ex-wife died at 46 by a heart attack. His wife (my ex-wife's mother) is also reptilian, and not many men live until 50, when married to reptilians.

In old times, 200.000 years ago, in what is today northern France, Belgium, and England, there were plenty of dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs were the favorite food of the reptilians, and that is why you still can find people today in those regions, who are different from us, and who crave food with much blood in it.

If you talk to people in Sweden about reptilians, they will laugh at you and say they don't exist.

And it's true, they never existed in Sweden.

I believe every creature God created is good, though.

And I don't like witch hunting.

But this discovery of mine, has deeply changed my perception of the world.

When her face turned gray, and I heard that clicking sound, and her eyes became cat-like, then I understood how great the tragedy was, which happened in ancient days long long time ago.

Bru said...

Lovely scarf!

Style Odyssey said...

omg, that scarf!! love that. :)))
diane von furstenberg did a lip-printed wrap dress a few seasons back, and i could kick myself for now grabbing it. lip prints are such fun.

Cruz said...

Love that scarf! It has attitude just like you ;-)

tdw said...

Love ur photos and the chanel scarf(l)
I really like ur blog.