Monday, February 8, 2010

ckparis and vintage giorgio lucky charms

salutations people. what's going on?

moi? hanging out in a vintage dress from the original giorgio of beverly hills formerly located at the corner of rodeo drive and dayton way.
the one with the yellow and white striped awnings.

anyway, i call it my lucky charms dress.
the back and shoulder pieces are made of multicolored beads strung on wire.
the woman who originally owned the dress said her father had bought it for her years ago and it was too pretty to stay packed up in a box anymore...
lucky charms. :)
love the energy.

see you on the astral plane.


Hal E. Liebling said...

so lovely! the detail on the back is gorgeous, you have to post a close-up. xo

Roz said...

Loving that look, Chauss! That dress looks great on you, it's a kinda girly and dainty look, but edgy too in black with the boots. I love your hair up in a ponytail too.

apparellel said...

wow! such great memories of giorgio and the yellow and white stripes. awww...i miss it! that dress is gorgeous!


Vertiginoso said...

I really like the way these back details seem as much "next to your bare skin / à fleur de peau" paintings, so full of Sensuality . . .
ps: AND I (as always so shyly) have to say that it would be a Great Pleasure to see a Chauss' picture . . . in the style of my last "stilettostetico-esque" post Dear !!!
J'espère que tu vas Bien.

à Bientôt, Antoine

Philippe Öhlund said...

You look very smart as always Chauss! :-)

You have a wonderful view from there also.

Maybe you saw Obama, when he was out on the beach and ran into John McCain looking for coins with a metal detector?

Pret a Porter P said...

It's fabulous on you!!!!
Stunning view too!

Style Odyssey said...

very pretty! edgy and femme- i like.

i used to wear that intense giorgio perfume...waaaay back in the 80s when it was everywhere.

the sweeping view in your pics is stunning...i miss south FL right now, as i'm back home on this sleepy little island, way too soon. i wasn't finished with miami, lol!! still bummed i had to miss your friend's krelwear event. well, another time...i do try to get up there every few months.

Fashion By He said...

that dress is amazing, love the back, very sexy

link exchange?


Hal E. Liebling said...

lol how did i just figure out the photos could get bigger? the detailing on the back is just beautiful. really a standout piece.

Cruz said...

That dress is so chic! The back detailing is so cool. The view from your balcony is amazing O__O

InnyVinny said...

Sexy back!!!

The dress is beautiful.

Vera said...

Oh honey, I just wish I had that view out of my balcony. All I see is snow.. and the occasional squirrel. You look gorgeous, LOVE that dress, the back detail is amazing.

Bru said...

So gorgeous! I love when the piece comes with a history!


Emily said...

stunning outfit!! the setting is gorgeous, as well. and no, i don't know where i'm going to college yet :( i'll find out at the end of march. it's definitely nervewracking!! hahaha thanks so much for asking, though!!


Anonymous said...

You look sooo cute!!! And the view is pretty amazing too! I'm jealous (but in a good way)!

cyd said...

adore this dress.

sguthrie said...

oh my god i would kill for that dress! but you look great in it. sooo jealous!

Orlando personal injury lawyer said...

The back detail is amazing. I've always been a sucker for awesome backs on tees.

May Kasahara said...

so lovely.
and damn girl with a back like that - I'd be going backless all day no matter what the season.

albert said... the dress and how it looks on you, the pony tail, the view, all of it!