Saturday, March 6, 2010

ckparis in SOBE shadows

hey all, how are you?
tell me...

moi? hanging out on south beach in my thomas wylde first season black distressed leather motorcycle jacket lined with paula's tete de mort print.
i paired it with distressed brown leather embroidered butterfly boots by gianni barbato.

just had a epiphany that i got both items in paris, at different times, from my very favorite store, l'eclaireur.
the one with no sign that you have to buzz to get in.
i need a paris quickie maintenant.

i am off to run/walk 138 flights of high rise stairs bc i need a major 'tude adjustment.
much cheaper than long term therapy and healthier than prozac, xanax or whatever the
Rx mood elevator drug du jour.

have a FABULOUS day.

i am gonna check out shoes today, lots of shoes, bc that too is mood elevator, although not
a cheap one.
be afraid, be very afraid...
miu miu satin platforms with daisies, prehistoric birds,
purple velvet platforms,
who needs sugar plums when those can dance in your head.

see you on the astral plane.


ihaveadog said...

Good luck finding those shoes. Where are all the shoes? Stores are scared to order b/c they have to mark down. You look amazing as usual love the boots!! XOXOXOOXOXOOX

Marina said...

Dear Chauss!Youy look so good as always!I dream about Miu Miu silk platforms with birds or naked ladies too!the most interesting shoes of spring-summer season


Philippe Öhlund said...

Chauss, it looks really nice where you live - not only your butterfly boots! :-)

It is so green and the landscape lies bare.

We have so much snow and ice here...

But in an hour I'll watch "Anonymous Rex" on television! :-)

Pret a Porter P said...

I like the medieval-esque bottom of that jacket. I've hard about that shop in paris, and yes the infamous buzz to get in too. very intimidating i can imagine!


It figures!

The year I finally move out of Florida (I've lived there all my life) is when the cold finally stays.. ack! So many jackets and sweaters I never had the chance to wear there. ENJOY IT CHAUSS. <3


Philippe Öhlund said...

Unfortunately I didn't see "Anonymous Rex" on television.

I fell asleep before the show started...zzz

Chauss, have a wonderful day! :-)

Vera said...

You look beautiful, honey!! I need to find a flight a stairs to run up as well haha. xo

eur-o said...

I am lusting over that jacket! As always, head over heels in love with your outfit. :)