Thursday, June 17, 2010

ckparis, d & g and balmain on the third

hey all,
welcome to my third dimension world.

i think this pix captures me on the third very well.
d & g black jacket, balamain khaki booties, panerai, susanna galanis necklace,
the usual chauss-elets and intense scorpio 'tude.
can you tell what i am thinking?

have a FABULOUS day on whatever dimension.

see you on the astral plane.


Vertiginoso said...

Mmh so Chère Chauss, I think that this picture (strongly) reflects your "leggylicious Corporate Mistress" (fantastical) side / Soul !!!
Warmly Hope you're Well Dear.

Amicalement, Antoine

chauss said...

h, you are the MOST observant. :))))
you could work at as a crime scene inestigator, you would not miss a drop of blood.
anyway, you know i dont own a "real" camera and still manage to blog bc i like to write.
this pix was taken in a real work environment but someone with a legitimate camera.
so pix is semi-candid.
xo chauss

Anonymous said...

I notice the different camera immediately! The better the picture, the better we get to see all your fabulos stuff! Oh and you hair is sooo nice!

william said...

Ditto on the office vibe, you look like a corporate woman ready to kill in those boots.

PersonalShop said...

I really love your balmain shoes^^
Is it the new autumn/winter 2010 collection?

chauss said...

personal shop,
boots are from balmain spring 2010 runway collection.

Roz said...

Ah, love that photo! Agree with Emmy in that better the pic, better we can see the details!

Love the look, those boots are lush.

GG said...

Lovin' the new hair. the boots are great, I'm in need of a good footwear find soon!!! Accessory of the week is Persona's unique charms. ( Can't get enough! chic pose btw girl xx

Paula P. said...

Hey perfect picture ! Good that you are using higher resulution pics now (at least sometimes..). - PP

Clem said...

I love this executive woman look ! ;) My C. I have so much to tell you .... hahahahahaha your advices were the best :D

Love. C.

Unknown said... loves it GG!!! new pics on here are looking hot!